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The Millionaires Club

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Crenshaw United Methodist

3740 Don Felipe Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90008

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The Millionaire Money Plan:

The Automatic Financial Plan uses a three step process to take you from stuck and stressed about money to clear and in control of your financial world.

Since success leaves clues we might as well listen to those who have gone before us and copy what they do. When you finish your Automatic Financial Plan you will instantly be practicing those habits without even thinking about it.

The result for most people is that the financial life is ignored and we put it off to the side hoping everything will work itself out. But we all know that isn’t a great plan. That’s why I created the Automatic Financial Plan to remove all of the unnecessary tedious parts of money management so that you could focus on the key habits and wins that are needed to take control of your money.

Once we have the plan in place, it will take minimal work to keep our money machine running smoothly with minimal maintenance.

The way this is going to work is to prepare yourself to invest your time now to create a plan that will run itself that will save you hours every month in the future. You will then have the confidence that you’re making the right decisions and being wise with your money. So you will have the time to do what you enjoy with your free time rather than managing your money. Let’s take a look at the big picture view so we know what to expect moving forward.

Step One: Find Your Why
Step Two: Discover Where You Are
Step Three: Plan For How You Are Going to Get There

The Six Core Principles Are:

  1. Believe In God
  2. Know Where Your Money Goes
  3. Pay Yourself First
  4. Build A Buffer Plan For The Future
  5. Use Credit Wisely
  6. Protect What Matters Most

I believe knowing these six things are the foundation to finally feeling confident with your money. If we can remember these we’ll have a greater chance of success moving forward. So now that we know them, where do we start?

The most important step and also the most difficult to do.


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We believe people are the creators of change. We believe we are more powerful united as a community than when acting alone. That’s why we bring community members together to build leadership, launch action campaigns, and create a unified voice for South L.A. Together we are transforming our schools, strengthening families and building a thriving community.

Change cannot happen with closed mouths, idle hands, still feet, and empty pockets...

Call Us Today For A Free Consultation!

The Millionaires Club :: (323) 481-0720

Lord, I give you all that I am, All that I hold. I ask for your guidance as I build and shape this business. I trust that you will bless the work of my hands. I pray that you would cover this enterprise and cover my investments. I believe in your leadership that you will guide me and advise me. Come and envision me. May this venture be full of integrity, generosity, fruitfulness and provision. I give you all that I am, And all that I hold, My Lord, Amen.

So we created our ideal business network :: The Journey hand-picks leading entrepreneurs that share our values and then we facilitate impactful conversations to help our businesses grow. And all of this makes the entrepreneurial journey more enjoyable; because we’re in it together.

To grow you need to be surrounding yourself with likeminded, supportive entrepreneurs. Thats where The Journey comes in! Its Done-For-You Networking with leading entrepreneurs. We find leading entrepreneurs, vet them and bring them together online & offline: primarily through unique adventure trips...

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Crenshaw United Methodist

3740 Don Felipe Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90008

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