The Mental Wellness Ladder - Bottom Rung

The Mental Wellness Ladder - Bottom Rung

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The Mental Wellness Ladder is a month-long program built for you! Our health needs to be our top priority these days and now is the time!

About this event

Too many of us are suffering from mental illness of some kind today.

Anxiety and depression are the number one reason why people are seeking medical treatment due to their environment at home or at work.

Antidepressants are dispersed to 1 in 10 Americans 12 years of age or older.

Though these drugs do provide some relief, the actual root cause(s) of the behavior is still present.

We can't think of just our brains when it comes to our Mental Wellness anymore!

Science has proven that our gut, heart, and brain are all connected.

95% of serotonin is actually released from the GUT, not the brain!

Yet we continue to only treat the symptoms with prescription medicines.

You know the saying "Things won't get better until YOU get better".

It seems hopeless sometimes, doesn't it?

You wake up in the morning "OK today is going to be a good day" determined

Then something unexpected happens and you're in a tailspin, knocked off your sail.

There are pressures all around us from Covid and politics to kids in school, and juggling a full-time job and a family. We won't even mention the economy.

The Mental Wellness Movement is a collaboration where you will experience a wealth of knowledge and a community of people who want to learn how to feel their very best in body, mind, and soul.

The Mental Wellness Ladder is a holistic approach to feeling more energized, less stressed, reducing anxiety, while lifting others up,in this great time of need.

Join us today because Your Mental Wellness Matters

What you will get when you join the Mental Wellness Ladder:

  • Live weekly group coaching to work on you!
  • Together we design out a plan for your mental wellness
  • You will have support and accountability for those not so easy days
  • As well as a Facebook Group to build friendships and comradery
  • 24/7 Messenger Chat for support

This is an amazing way to stay healthy, happy, joyful, and successful - Now is the time!