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The Roxy Hotel

2 6th Avenue

New York, NY 10013

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  • Eric Franchi, MathCapital

  • Bobby Figueroa,

  • Jeff White, Gravy Analytics

  • Nick Jordan,

  • Shilp Agarwal, Blutag

  • Hussein Fazal, SnapTravel

  • Parul Singh, Founders Collective

  • Sapna Shah, Red Giraffe Advisors

  • DJ Davids, Perksy

  • Matt Hornbuckle, Stantt

  • Dr. Ana Andjelic, Brand Strategy Executive | Sociology Ph.D.

As people become more and more impatient the world speeds up.

The old paradigm of ads driving consideration has collapsed as ads are now retail. Now we discover new products and decide to purchase them in the time it takes to swipe up.

We live in a world where the medium has become a storefront (e.g. Instagram) and the ad units have become point of sale (e.g shoppable social ads). As a result the purchase journey, which used to take months, has become incredibly shortened.

In fact the idea of serendipitous discovery is dead. We may think we are stumbling upon a new brand on Instagram, but there was a very calculated reason why we saw (i.e stumbled upon) the brand.

And the decision by the brand to show us the ad was probably made within the last moments based on the actions we took in the last day.

In this new world data reigns supreme. Whoever has the best data, can do the best job at targeting prospects and customers.

In this world, where media is real estate and ads are POS, the job of the media planner has changed from someone who recommends which media channels to use, to someone who plans and uses data.

The important metrics are no longer reach and frequency; now conversion and basket size are key. CAC & LTV is more important than CPM

The purchase journey, which always had an element of serendipity, usually at the journey’s beginning, has actually become very planned and managed by sophisticated brands. We no longer discover brands, brands discover us.

The new DTC brands pride themselves on knowing their customers really well - and using that knowledge to find others like them. The sllos of acquisition and retention are merging. 3rd party data is becoming scarce and 1st party data is becoming ever more valuable. And the ‘old’ brands’ are scrambling to catch up.

While this world feels exciting and efficient (in addition to being effective), it’s also under immense pressure from privacy watchdogs and people selling bad data.

Which companies are investing in targeting opportunities and which companies are helping marketers connect with buyers through data management innovations? Which brands have leveraged the shortened purchase journey best?

Come to The Media Kitchen’s 12 Annual Venture Capital Conference to find out.

We hope to see you there!

Date and Time


The Roxy Hotel

2 6th Avenue

New York, NY 10013

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