The Make It Happen Real Estate Investing Retreat

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Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

3900 Northwest 21st Street

Miami, FL 33142

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Dear real estate investor,

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone who is looking to build a successful real estate investing business. You want to get out there and "make it happen," don’t you? Build a multiple 6-figure real estate business and live the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

This Weekend is All About Taking Action!

Over the course of 3 intense days, we are going to dive into real estate investing in a strategic way and teach students everything they need to know on how to build what we call a “predictable and duplicatable” real estate investing business.

New or Experienced Investors are Both Welcome!

You went into business because you wanted to make a difference in the world. And you wanted the freedom to do what you love and create a lifestyle you love. But despite the fact that you have tremendous gifts and talents to offer, you don’t have enough money coming into your business. It’s frustrating, because when you take an honest look inside, you don’t know what you should do next to get your business on the right track.

Are any of these true about your business and your lifestyle?
  • You work much harder than you want to, and you still earn a lot less than you’re worth?
  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, because your real estate investing business is in the same place or not really taking off?
  • You feel exhausted and frustrated by your business – and don’t know how to “fix” it?
  • You lack a clear focused plan that you could put into action and shift your business into a whole new level of income and freedom?
  • You know that with the right guidance, you could achieve great things in your business?
If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, then you’re in the right place and I invite you to join me for…

Why You Should Attend This Retreat

7 Reasons why this retreat will transform your REI business

We will create together your real estate investing action plan. We’ll show you how to create a “work less, make more” business model tailored to you – whether you’re starting out or wanting to go to 6-figures and beyond.
A 90-day blueprint and start-up plan, step by step to your first deal in 30-90 days

Introduction to the best real estate investing strategies in today's market and understanding the differences so you can choose the path that best fits you.
Specialty Guest Speakers will be presenting.

Time management, consistency and focus. How to build a sustainable business and automate every part of your real estate business so you can truly live your financial freedom.

Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and Buy and Hold. In-depth training of all the components to each strategy.
Breakout Sessions with successful investors for hands on training.

Understanding creative financing strategies and how to structure all kind of deals. No credit or your money required.
Breakout Sessions with successful investors for hands on training.
Private Lenders & Financing Providers (line of credit, etc.) will be presenting.

What is the area of real estate investing that is a struggle for you? Finding properties? Negotiating? Cold calling? Crafting a winning direct marketing piece? We will address each area of real estate investing with hands on training and breakout workshops.
Breakout Sessions with successful investors for hands on training.

Asset protection, Tax strategy & IRA investing. We are going to have a few sessions where you will learn how to protect and reduce your risks on all your current and future investments. How to structure a deal correctly so it has a positive outcome on how much you pay in taxes. How to use IRA investing to reduce tax liability and leverage investments.
Specialty Guest Speakers will be presenting.

4 Reasons why Laura's "Make It Happen" REI Retreat is the single most important event you’ll attend all year…

Think about what adding $100,000 or more to your business would do for you.

I’ll teach you the concrete steps I’ve taken to build my business – and I’ll even hand it to you as a plan for you to take home, so you can model my success and create your own bigger business!

1. You Get My Blueprint For Adding $100k or More To Your Income

2. You Will Leave The Event Transformed Into A Different Person
You’ll get the ultimate Big Shift… we’re talking about putting an end to you playing small in any way. Never again will you feel like you don’t deserve wealth. Never again will you be stopped by not knowing “how” to create huge success.

As you may have already discovered, your business can only grow as fast on the outside as you expand on the inside. At this event you’ll experience the kind of life-altering shifts to limiting beliefs and mindset stretching that will allow you to play an even bigger game.

3, You Will Create Connections That Will Stay With You Forever
I’ll tell you one of my biggest secrets behind my rapid business growth… It’s the business relationships you create.

Only at the Make It Happen Retreat will you find so many high energy and aspirational investors driven to create change in their business and in life… So seize this opportunity to connect with and learn from investors who are on a path to creating fulfilling 6-figure businesses (or who are already bringing in 6- to 7-figure incomes).

And all it takes is just one new connection you meet at the Make It Happen Retreat to help you rapidly grow your investing business and receive a key insight or moment of inspiration that is a game changer for your business. One of these connections can rapidly pay you back for your trip to the Make It Happen Retreat multiple times over.
If you’re authentic and serious about your desire to grow and expand, this is the kind of community and environment that can change your life!

4. You Will Have Loads of Fun!
Our Make It Happen Retreat and Conferences alumni have called this the most transformational experience they’ve had in years, both for their business and their inner growth.
But they tell us something else, and this is just as important.

They tell us it’s the most fun they’ve had in years.

How much fun? Well, between our evening cocktail hour that kicks off the event… hanging out with the other high-energy business owners… and the surprise entertainment we have in store for you… I think fun is about to have a new definition.

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Date and Time


Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

3900 Northwest 21st Street

Miami, FL 33142

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