The Madness From The Sea (Planned Parenthood Benefit)
The Madness From The Sea (Planned Parenthood Benefit)

The Madness From The Sea (Planned Parenthood Benefit)

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526 Yale Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

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*** 100% of proceeds for these four dates will be donated to Planned Parenthood ***

*** Our goal is to raise $1300 for the month of December ***
*** Battle the loathesome Cthulhu while helping to support and protect Reproductive Rights! ***


In 1926, a being of unimaginable power tore open the fabric of reality and entered our world. In the decades that followed, its foul worshippers besieged the minds of all living things, rendering insanity upon even the strongest-willed among us. Years-long floods and earthquakes wracked the globe, and those cities not burned to ash ultimately found themselves miles underwater. Humanity - now reduced to only a handful of survivors - never stood a chance. If only we had listened to those who tried to warn us...

"The Madness From The Sea" is an adventure puzzle room where your team must use your wits and ingenuity to stave off the impending awakening of Cthulhu. You'll start off in the ruins of Miskatonic University, visit the Silver Twilight Lodge, and finally travel back to R'lyeh, the resting place of the Ancient One himself. This room is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the "Arkham Horror" universe published by Fantasy Flight Games.

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Q: How are the donations going to work? I mean, you are a total stranger - how do I know you aren't going to just pocket all this $$$ and flee the country?

A: I'll make make the donation in real-time, at the start of the event, with everyone present.

Q: So this puzzle room is Lovecraft-themed? Does that mean it's going to be scary?

A: No. There are no monsters jumping out of boxes, or anything like that. There is some atmospheric text, but there is nothing that should spook anyone over the age of 6.

Q: How many people can be on a team?

A: The maximum team size is 8 people.

Q: How long does the game take to play?

A: 150 minutes at the longest, but probably less:

  • Briefing - 10 minutes
  • Game - 120 minutes
  • Walkthrough - 20 minutes

Q: How is the game structured?

A: Like so:

  • Your team will have 120 minutes to solve 15 Mysteries.
  • Each mystery grants your team an incantation that will allow you access to additional mysteries, as well as other areas of the room
  • If your team solves all 15 mysteries within the alloted time, you win!
  • On the other hand, if time runs out before your team has solved all 15 mysteries, Cthulhu awakens and your team loses.

Q: When should I arrive?

A: We recommend arriving around 10 minutes before your assigned start time (and be sure to leave ample time for travel and parking). Arrivals over 10 minutes late will NOT be allowed to participate. Please meet outside of the building and someone will come to fetch your team at the starting time.

Q: Is there anything I need to bring?

A: YES. You can and should bring your laptop/smartphone/tablet device with internet connectivity. Some of the puzzles will be difficult/impossible to solve without using the internet. Outlets for charging will be available, and you will probably want to bring your charger along.

Q: this in your apartment? Isn't that kind of weird?

A: Yes it is. And yes, it is.

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Date and Time


526 Yale Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

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