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The Life Song

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1, place André Malraux

78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye


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A NEW METHOD to fluidify & cleanse the body as well as increase consciousness to realize our unique life mission.

This method builds on THREE ACTIVE PRINCIPLES:

  1. 1. the vibratory nature of the universe
  2. 2. the body’s instinct of conservation
  3. 3. the body's capacity of self-regeneration.

We just need to trust this & release mental control.

Mind & Body

Due to the fact that these two elements are inseparable, “The Life Song” sessions are about meditation as well as a physical work on fluidity to both liberate toxins and make regeneration possible. They are also a vibrational, energetic work on crystallized cellular memories.

The tools I employ

Preparing the body for the optimal reception of the essential element of the session: the sound I create improvising guided by intuition and channeling .

  1. Breath work - Oxygenation is one of the fundamental tools to relax and regenerate

  2. Tai Ji of the glands - These parts of our body are rarely considered, although the hormones they produce regulate our whole metabolism.

  3. The Sound - based on the studies of resonance of theTraditional Chinese Medicine : Improvised sounds of the present moment, according to the principles of resonance of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Live Cello & Voice: more than 45 years of experience of classical, experimental and improvisational cello, plus voice formed by the Roy Hart Theater and in self-study of harmonics and other “special” sounds, intuition and loving intention.

The combination of these elements and the rare richness of the cello’s vibrant and harmonic sounds –similar to Tibetan singing bowls – in fusion with an alternating very low or very high and crystal voice makes the particularity and unity of this method.

The Benefits

The transformational process of sound opens the path to our best realization and happiness offering:

  • deep relaxation,
  • new fluidity,
  • dissolution of tensions and blocages
  • awakened energy,
  • increased consciousness of body and mind
  • joy of life

It dissolves stress and negative, blocking memories, even those we can’t name, thanks to our capacity of self-regeneration and the primal sound sensitivity.

In fact, as science confirms, sound is omnipresent in the universe, necessary to maintain the structure, create, transform and fluidify matter and energy. It is one of the most powerful agents of fluidification, the first condition of

The Cello

The cello, a new instrument in this field, is made of wood, the element related to springtime and transformation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The cello’s frequencies are much like those of amniotic liquid, the first element we contact during our genesis. By these two facts, first, the cello is a very effective therapeutic instrument, because the body can perfectly receive it’s sound. There is a recognition of something ancient and familiar with an intimate feeling. It reconnects to the memory of our life mission which is clearly revealed during our prenatal life. And then, due to the material, it increases our capacity of transformation and the awareness of our potentials.

“You have the transforming sound”, Kar Fung Wu, professor of Traditional Chinese Medecine and energetic martial arts

“You are a goldsmith of sound”, Muriel Hermès, personal development

“The work and the immense presence of this “cello shaman” restores the person profoundly”, Christelle Willemez, lecturer, cellular memory therapist

"I feel my whole body vibrating, dissolving blocages", Christian Pagès, coach, PNL Master, founder of Ecole Supérieure du Spectacle

"Words can not describe it, it is to be experienced live. The curious will not be disappointed!"

30€ per session, 2h
95€ p/month Unlimited access to this and other Infinity workshops & classes

:: Private Sessions also available

:: This event is included in the Infinity Club Membership

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1, place André Malraux

78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye


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