The Joyful Business Incubator: How to Do Less and Accomplish More
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The Joyful Business Incubator: How to Do Less and Accomplish More

The Joyful Business Incubator: How to Do Less and Accomplish More

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Welcome to "The Joyful Business Incubator: How to Do Less and Accomplish More."

In this program you will learn to return to YOU, which means better health and fitness and a happier balance between work and life.

We will focus on mindfulness exercises and processes that will help to ground you, relax you, and bring you back to your center. As you do this, you will have a greater sense of clarity, confidence, and courage in yourself, more creativity in your business, and more energy throughout the day so you can sustainably move forward and achieve your goals and dreams.

Do you ever feel like you have this BIG vision, BIG dreams, but fear it's silly to think so big? Do you secretly believe that it is unlikely your dreams and mission could ever really happen? Or maybe you KNOW anything is possible, but for some reason you get caught up in un-resourceful patterns and habits that derail your plans and vision?

I am here to tell you that you CAN have everything you are inspired to work so hard for, and MORE. You just have to be willing to take 100% responsibility for being the CREATOR and the mover and shaker that will GROW through everything it takes to get there.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes, to grow yourself, know yourself, and absolutely adore yourself through this journey?

Being an entrepreneur is a hero's journey. Are you aware of that? It's an adventure in re-connecting to your Soul Self. It's a journey of strengthening your mind and body until you become your extraordinary self, creating the extraordinary life and business you know deep inside you are meant to have.

Your business is here to GROW YOU. It will ask you to learn things, heal things, overcome things, forgive things, try things that scare you, and ultimately it will ask you to PLAY this game of life full out.

Growing your business is not just about numbers, clients, and progress. It's about relationships, health and well-being, communication, compassion, creativity, forgiveness, healing, contribution, and resilience.

Having a business and a life that we LOVE, with optimal health to enjoy it with, takes courage, confidence, clarity, and creativity.

EVERYONE is capable of having a business and a life they love. But only some of us make that choice and decide to walk that path. Are you ready to walk this path with me? Because I am PUMPED to walk it with you.

When we are starting out in business, and when we are super passionate about what we do, it is easy to fall into the trap of working ALL the time. It's easy to loose that work-life balance. We may neglect our health, or loved ones, and all too often we stop making time for the things that deeply nourish us mind, body, and soul.

I am here to help you create a business and a life that you LOVE. That means you will transform your stressed self into your best self.

Your best self is rested, peaceful, joyful, creative, healthy, and centered. So that's what we are going to talk about.

I will run this group for 6 months so you will have a proper and effective amount of time for quality coaching, clearing, activating, and support.

This is a POWERFUL opportunity to to reconnect to yourself, and to return to the highest vibration of JOY within you. When we are connected to ourselves, we are connected to the intuitive knowing that guides us from where we are to where we want to be.

This adventure will feed your mind, body, and soul with rejuvenation and inspiration.

This group is designed to help you create the life, the health, and the business you want, whilst keeping a good healthy balance of all things you love. We want you working smarter, not harder, doing less, and accomplishing more!

We will work on mindset, mindfulness, perception, and procedures. We will address work/life balance, health and well-being, self-care, your marketing messaging, your vision, and how to use mindfulness to move forward in your business and life.

We will tackle how to keep going when your gremlins and fearful thoughts start to take over, how to clear them away once and for all, so you can continue to reach greater levels of joy, success, and abundance. We are going to ignite the MAGIC within you, and that magic will touch the lives of everyone you know.

I am opening it up for 8 women minimum, 15 maximum. So best to sign up sooner than later!

If you register before Wednesday, 7th of September at midnight, you can use the discount code: 'iamjoyful' to receive $50 off.

We will begin Friday September 23rd, from 10-11:30am, and we will meet via ZOOM or conference call every other week. This means we will have two 90 minute calls per month, for 6 months.

Once we secure our group, I will set up an optional orientation ZOOM call, for all of us to have together before we begin our first call, just to make sure everyone is clear about how to use zoom, and also just to say HI!! :-)

Calls will also be recorded in case you miss one. You will have unlimited support in our FB group where I will be there to answer questions, help coach you through things, and post resources for creativity, growth, and inspiration. You will also be able to email me at any time throughout our 6 month adventure, for additional sharing and support.

I am also going to offer you a 30 minute one-on-one clarity coaching session to be schedule with me within the first 2 months of our program.

After each call I will post follow-up notes on the FB group, and email you a recording of the call. I will also give you a TASK to be working with each week and will encourage feedback and sharing on the forum and/or via email.

Please email me at with any questions. If you'd like to set up a 30 minute "Get to know you + q&A" call with me before you decide to register for this adventure with us, I am more than happy to do that. Just be sure to get in touch with me asap, as this group closes when we cap out at 15 women!

Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me here. It takes courage to invest in ourselves and our businesses, and I acknowledge you for being so devoted to your mission and vision. I look forward to meeting the radical, magical you as you return to your center and create your extraordinary life!

Please go to the top of this page to choose your payment option and secure your spot. And hopefully, get that $50 discount!!

Thank you!!!



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