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The Journey Home - 4 Week Eye Gazing Series

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Loft and Earth

70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Sydney, NSW 2022


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⇝ Are you looking to experience true intimacy and meaningful connection?

~ Are you excited to learn how to experience flow states with others?

⇝ Are you looking to amplify your intuitive abilities?

⇝ Are you excited to step fully into the fullest expression of who you truly are?

⇝ Most importantly, are you ready to come home to yourself?

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“The Journey Home” is a 4-week Eye Gazing series designed to deeply immerse you into the art of human connection through practices that will stimulate your senses and enhance your ability to connect meaningfully and authentically with others.

We will be navigating through varying exercises that will assist you with

~ Amplifying your connection to your heart.

~ Knowing how to read subtle energy.

~ Deciphering messages and learning to trust insight that comes through non-verbally.

~ Embodying your most authentic self.

~ Getting in touch with your innate creative potential.

~ Strengthening your connection to your intuition

~ Stimulating and working with your imagination.

~ Heightening your senses within your mind and body.

~ The ability to create a healthy rapport with anyone anywhere.

During this journey you will be fully supported and guided in a safe environment by likeminded people who share the same intention to feel seen, heard, valued and understood.

☫ WHY?

A recent 80 year Harvard Study suggested the longevity of our lives is based on the quality of human connection we experience.

This Series is designed to give you the practise and tools to experience meaningful connection with anyone in your life.

The better we understand ourselves, the better we are able to connect with and understand others.

When we eye gaze, we are connecting beyond the physical characteristics that conventionally separate us, so that we are able to connect to the true reality of what we are experiencing moment to moment.

This a very satisfying and meaningful way to live as it can set the course for a whole new view towards how we relate to ourselves, our loved ones and our friends.


1. Your relationships and ability to connect with friends, family or intimate partners meaningfully.

2. The level of intimacy you are able to experience with others.

3. Your level of confidence when communicating with others.

4. Your level of comfort within yourself.

5. Your intuition and ability to respond from your heart space when feeling challenged.

6. Your capacity to feel empathy and compassion for others.

7. The ability for you to express yourself freely

8. Your ability to tap into your innate creativity

8. Your ability to create safe energetic boundaries.



1. A guided meditation to get your relaxed, energised and feeling connected to your heart.

2. Ingesting cacao, a powerful superfood that contains plenty of antioxidants, is heart opening, elevates your mood, enhances meditation and increases mental clarity. (Supported by Sacred Taste)

3. Awakening the senses with Moringa Oil infused with Blue lotus to relax you, lift your mood and calm the central nervous system so that your energy is flowing freely throughout your body. (Supported by Ritual Oils)

4. A variation of eye gazing exercises which also involve light physical movement to tap into the inner workings of our bodies and open our hearts.



⇝ 6:45-7:00PM // OPENING CIRCLE //






**We will be experiencing varying exercises each week.

** Schedule remains the same for the next 3 weeks minus the Series introduction.

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- GENERAL ADMISSION: $479 per participant.

- EARLY BIRD (BRING A FRIEND) (10%) discount. $879 for 2 tickets. (Limited tickets available)

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

☫ DATE SCHEDULE - Every Tuesday for 3 weeks.

~ WEEK 1 – 11th of July – 6:30pm-10:00pm

~ WEEK 2 – 18th of July – 6:30pm-10:00pm

~ WEEK 3 – 24th of July – 6:30pm-10:00pm

~ WEEK 4 - 1st of August – 6:30pm-10:00pm

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Loft and Earth - A large beautiful, peaceful and open room with an uplifting energy in the heart of Bondi junction.

ADDRESS: 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction,


Free parking available on Bronte road after 6pm
(3 min walk from Bondi Junction Station and Bus Terminal)


✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

- Filtered water and bathroom facilities available.
- Cushions provided.


- A notepad and pen.
- A bottle of water

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The Human Connection Movement is a social movement that is dissolving barriers between people and bridging the hearts and minds of the collective by facilitating world-class human connection experiences.

THCM has achieved international recognition having been cited as leading a “global revolution" by several reputable media sources.

Featured in Psychology Today, VICELAND, ABC Catalyst, SBS and The Guardian and ABC TV Prime Time News, we are honoured to host this upcoming world-class series.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


Igor Kreyman

Igor is a film actor, speaker, social change agent and Founder of The Human Connection Movement; a global movement that is dissolving barriers between people and connecting humanity.

Over the last 3 year he has facilitated hundreds of eye gazing workshops and has worked with thousands of participants across Australia and the rest of the world.

Igor has appeared on Psychology Today, VICELAND, ABC Catalyst and German Psychology Magazine; “Emotion”, The Guardian, News.com.au, Daily Mail Australia, News Corp – Body and Soul Magazine, ABC – Triple J Hack, SBS, ABC TV Prime Time News, ABC Radio with Chris Taylor, Sverige Radio Sweden, PlayGround, NZ Herald, The Brisbane Times, The Times of India and assisted SBS with casting of their TV documentary series “Look Me In The Eye”.

Amy Pareezer

Amy is passionate about breaking through the barriers that bind us to our created identities and reaching through to the core purpose that intrinsically drives us all to be here and connected to one another.

After spending over a year delivering earthquake relief projects within isolated villages and assisting the establishment of Earth Bag construction within Nepal, Amy started the social enterprise Amisiyah in her quest to continue supporting sustainable relief projects while promoting ethical trade in Nepal.

Amy’s involvement in The Human Connection movement has brought balance to the masculine and feminine energy, assisting to guide the future vision for this movement with the integration of holding space with love for the participants. She continues on this journey with Igor to facilitate growth for all engaged in reaching our highest potential together.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


"I've had some of the most heart provoking, heart opening experiences that i could ever possibly imagine in that room, i feel like the art of eye gazing is like seeing yourself and allowing yourself to be seen and I'm so grateful of being intuitively guided to be here." - Amy

"For me eye gazing is one of the most powerful practises you can do to explore what it means to be vulnerable, to see kindness in others, and to really explore what it means to love and be loved." - Marni

These workshops have really showed me a level of connection with another human being that i don't think i've ever experienced before, it's so powerful, so meaningful and so beautiful. - Dulesh

"Each time I leave with something new that i didn't have before, it just feels like an endless world of where you can continuously draw wisdom. Wisdom you always had in you but which you may never have noticed or been able to articulate, so for me it's a massive learning experience, it's absolutely transformation, probably one of the most transformational experiences I've had in my life" - Trang

"I had really profound experiences with the space that Igor held and even i cant quite vocalise and articulate the depth and breadth of those experience however i know they were truth." - Peter

"This unconditional love and kindness that i was able to experience for another human that was a stranger, really showed me the power of Eye Gazing and what The Human Connection Movement is actually invoking, which is the connection between humanity that is so often blocked because we spend so much of our time focusing on stimulations and distractions." Daisy

"This experience has really allowed me to be myself, to in some ways find myself. I feel like a lot of the emotional walls that were up, are now gone. These workshops have really allowed me to open my heart and to see others opening their hearts as well, and to share the journey home, together. Matt

"As someone who has struggled in the past with social anxiety that bordered on phobia, initiating and maintaining eye contact was always a struggle for me, and a challenge I ultimately wanted to face. The Human Connection Movement eye gazing workshops have provided a safe, welcoming and loving space for me to overcome that struggle and to experience true connection, without words, judgement or expectation. Immediately through eye gazing the facade of what human connection "could be" or "should be" is removed, and what remains is two humans having a silent conversation and truly connecting. It is almost indescribable, and definitely something that needs to be personally experienced."
- Matt

“Last night Igor held a powerful healing space for all of us that attended his eye gazing workshop. Through the various eye gazing exercises we practised, these prompted many of us to release emotion held within the body and subconscious, allowing us to experience profound energetic shifts. As well as holding a safe and beautiful healing space, throughout the workshop Igor shared many insight and sacred wisdom reminding us of the importance of always returning into our heart space, Higher Self and in turn, being able to connect more deeply with our inner guidance system, compass and intuition. Not only did the eye gazing exercises provide opportunities for us to meditate together, meet soul brothers and sisters, experience deep healing and warm our hearts with love and rejuvenation, Igor held space to ‘walk us home,’ effectively helping us to ‘remember’ who we are at our deepest essence.” - Genevieve

“Eye gazing is truly transformational, there are no words to capture it, it connects you to your soul, life will never be the same.” – Cheryl Hockey

“Eye gazing is waking me up to my soul, so how does that look in my life, my lifelong anxiety is shifting, my relationships are improving… try it, experience magic.”

"Beautifully run, safe space created from the beginning & loved the background of how eye gazing transformed your life. The energy of the room was out of this world!"

"It was really comforting, warm and relaxing, I felt how powerful the mindfulness that comes through holding eye contact and how it can really level me out, relax, make me feel really calm and peaceful in such a short period of time." Joshua

In the beginning I felt a bit of apprehension and nervousness, but when I got into it I felt really calm and at peace, I think people should be experiencing this as soon as possible!"
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Date and Time


Loft and Earth

70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Sydney, NSW 2022


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