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The Indian Guinness 3500 World Record Event

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Washington County Fair

12300 40th Street North

Stillwater, MN 55082

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Indian Bike Week is an 8 day Event. SUNDAY to SUNDAY, but ,On Saturday August 21st, 2021, Indian Motorcyclists from around the country and around the world, will gather in Stillwater Minnesota for the Largest gathering of Indian Motorcycle in this history of Indian Motorcycle. Though this event is not affiliated with Indian Corporate or Polaris, this event, for the riders by the riders, will set an unprecedented goal to not only beat our previous record, but Harley's record of 3497 bikes in 2019. "We're gonna beat'em by 3." Prepare yourselves, and get ready to get into the record books. HISTORY IS COMING!!

(((PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!! Tickets are Non-Refundable! If you register and are UNABLE to attend the event for whatever reason, your shirt and patch will be mailed out to you after the event. The reason there are no refunds, is because we still have to order your Shirt/s, and order a #'d Patch, which are yours once you register, so please be sure that you are 100% committed to this Historical event. This event is CIRCLED around a charity to help with Children's school supplies, 1st Responders, Military and a Children's Hospital. Money for cancelled attendance will go to the costs of the event and the Charity. You will get a tax Write off regardless)))

THIS IS AN INDIAN MOTORCYCLE EVENT. Though we are open to all different brands, and riders and enthusiasts, we will be limited on capacity for the event, where we ride, and reservations for everyone attending. If you have a friend (non passenger) that you would like to join, please make sure you register them as a guest. Everyone is limited to one guest besides a passenger. Although we appreciate any and all support for the Charity event, we will not be able to accommodate everyone. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER as an Indian Guinness 3500 participant if you are not on an Indian Motorcycle. ONLY the Main registrant can add you as a guest.

LAST UPDATE 9-5-20 :


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INDIAN BIKE WEEK for August 15th-22nd, 2021, in Stillwater Minnesota at the Washington County Fairgrounds and THE INDIAN GUINNESS 3500 so far.. To Register: Www.Indianbikeweek.com


WHERE TO STAY: The Sky-Palace Inn, in Stillwater Minnesota 2190 W Frontage Rd, Stillwater, MN 55082 651-430-3990

Indian Bike Week was Started in 2016, and in 2016 We Set a Guinness World Record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whV0nTpVlgw&t=201s

In 2017 Indian Bike Week Continued the Tradition and BEAT the Guinness World Record we had set the previous year.

We raised over $200,000 for the event and donated over $20,000 To School supplies, The Shadow Warrior Project, and to Police and also the Fire Department. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8hmGIdVdmo&t=755s

What happened to the other $180,000? Event costs, Food, Celebrities, Merchandise. The Normal other things that go into an event of this magnitude.

Sadly, in 2017 The dealership closed due to an Ownership Dispute.

In 2018, Indian Bike Week was put on hold.

In 2019 Indian Bike Week kicked up some dust and reignited the tradition.

In August of 2020, 16th-23rd, the Indian Bike Week tradition continued with the foreshadowing to THE INDIAN GUINNESS 3500.

The event for August 2021 is as follows:

And to Register: www.indianbikeweek.com

This event is being held in Minnesota... and NO not in Minneapolis.Don't worry, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin is Beautiful and we do a lot of Wisconsin Riding in the hills and Valleys.

This is the tentative schedule for Indian Bike Week 2021 (check back for updates):

Sunday August 15th10am Welcome Ride to Vino in the Valley12pm ArrivalDepart 2pm4pm-630 Arrival Stillwater Tiki Restaurant (private function)7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucks

Monday August 16th8am Ride to Osceola Indian Engine Assembly Plant Tour (Tentative)9am Arrival11am Departure to Wolf Creek1145 Arrival2pm Departure to Rollercoaster highway3pm arrival to Friendly bar in Star Prairie(Pee Pee Stop) 5pm PD Pappys (Private Function)7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucks

Tuesday August 17th630am Spirit Lake Tour Ride (Tentative)10:30am Arrival1:30pm Departure5pm return Arrival530pm Dinner at Quacks at Marine on the St Croix (Private Function)10am Departure to Weston For those that DIDN'T GO to the Indian Factory12pm Arrival.2pm Departure5pm Arrival at Quacks7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucks

Wednesday August 18thMilitary, 1st Responders Appreciation Day9am Departure to Lake Pepin11am Pickle Factory (Private Function)1pm Departure2pm stop for gas3:30pm Airport Hanger for Food, PhotosMilitary appreciation6pm Departure for fairgrounds, social hour, music, food truck

Thursday August 19th3 separate Tours planned leaving at 3 different times of the day7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucksFriday August 20th3 separate Tours planned leaving at 3 different times of the day7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucksCelebrity meet and greet

Saturday August 21stGuinness World Record Event"THE INDIAN GUINNESS 3500"Line up from 9am-12pm12pm Departure1:30pm Arrival2pm Final count Announced4pm Auction for Gillette Children's Fund4pm-10pm Celebrity Meet and Greet7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the fairgrounds, Music, Food trucks

Sunday August 22nd9am-11am Ride for Children's school Supplies11:30pm-1pm School Supply dispersal and pictures1pm Motorcycle Giveaways for National And attendees2pm-5pm Meet and Greet pictures with celebrities

Monday August 23rd8am-11am Farewell breakfast

Originally our event was called the Guinness 500. We never actually hit that # but we DID still set a Guinness World record. TWICE. It took a lot of effort.So 3500? WHY 3500?? Well.. Lets go back to the Harley record for a moment.When Harley set their eyes on the prize, they weren't looking to beat an Indian Record.They were looking to beat a record that was set on the other side of the world by Harley.And low and behold they did it with 3497 Bikes. Why 3500? Cuz We're gonna beat'em by 3 and hit that 3500 # Hence the Indian Guinness 3500.

Can you imagine?? All that work they put in just to get beat by 3.In August of 2021, we will have an 3 Indian Motorcycle Giveaways,Motorcycle vendors, Music, Camping, Bonfires, food Trucks,On site showers, Charity Auctions, Fair Grounds, PM Beer GardensMovie Celebrities, Hotels, Daily Rides,Indian Custom Bike Show, Military and First Responders Appreciation dayand so many other things.

It will take a year of planning. But we will need you to commit to coming.We will ask that everyone registers early. And you will also need to understandthat there are event costs, and that not all money collected will go to charity.But the money we do collect at the Auction, 100% of THAT money will go to Charity.Who are we contributing to? We will be contributing to Kids that cannot normallyafford school supplies in the community as we have in the past. These are identifiedschool children by teachers and social services. We are donating to the poorest Native American Reservations as we have many many times in the past. We are donating to First respondors such as Fire, Police, and EMS. We are donating to the Shadow Warrior Project as we have in the past. We are donating to all Branches of the Miltary where their is a need.

And we are also donating to families of fallen soldiers as we did recently. The money we collect goes to help people who are in difficult situations or need a little push in the right directions.

We support education, First Responders and Military. We will also be donating to the Gillette Children's Fund and hospital which helps kids around the world who are suffering from a medical ailment. THAT is who we are contributing to. BUT WE CANNOT DO THIS EVENT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REGISTER.

How much does it cost? To Register for the Guinness 3500 will cost you $100 per driver and $75 per passenger.Driver and rider separately. Why? Well the Rider will also get a shirt and patch.And the Rider gets to participate, and the Rider gets to meet the Celebrities, and the Rider also gets to get their Guinness World Record Certificate for Participating. Although theycount bikes, not people, we need to be fair to everyone. Doesn't matter if they don't drive a bike. They are going to have fun, and we will ensure that everyone participating gets their Moneys worth. We will also be creating a unique Guinness World Record Shirt.Instead of numbering shirts this time, we will be numbering patches.. This way you can put it on your Guinness shirt or vest or Jacket. We will also have an option of a black shirt or a grey shirt but we will not be making T shirts for the Guinness world record event.

We will be adding updates to this event as we begin the hectic planning process.

If you would like a shirt but will not be able to attend, you can still register for the shirt. The registration will still cost $100. REMEMBER... It will go to the 2021 event and to the charity pot. We will be making donations this year to help those in need.. and also filling the tank to make sure we can get THE GUINNESS 3500 Rolling for next year. Yes, we WILL have Celebrities in 2021. Stay tuned for that.

In the past we have had Tommy Flannagan from Sons of Anarchy, Danny Trejo (Machete), Emilio Rivera, Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC, Rusty Coons from Sons of Anarchy, John Munro, son of Burt Munro from the Worlds Fastest Indian, And We've also had Mark Giest who was in the Benghazi Incident. Hopefully we can have them all back again and more!

Are you still here? Did you make it down this far? Good, you'll be in the know.

Do you have an Indian Motorcycle? Make sure you Join this group!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2058686517568258/ if you do own one!

So please check back for more updates. as we will be adding to this thread!We hope to see you next year!

(This event is for the riders by the riders and has no affiliation with Indian Motorcycle or its corporate entity)

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Date and Time


Washington County Fair

12300 40th Street North

Stillwater, MN 55082

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