The Gratitude Dojo - November

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1010 Southeast Water Avenue

Portland, OR 97214

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“Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” - José Ortega y Gasse

"The discipline of gratitude is the explicit effort to acknowledge that all I am and have is given to me as a gift of love, a gift to be celebrated with joy." - Henri Nouwen

Take 2 hours to feel grateful at the Gratitude Dojo," a fun, social gathering to practice gratitude. Choose from 12 different activity stations to recognize ("re-cognize", i.e. to understand again) all the blessings in your life and build your gratitude habit. Spend time and connect with other people feeling grateful too.

Practice what's good in your life. Feeling grateful through noticing all the gifts in your life is fundamental to being happy and core to a spiritual practice. Doing it with others elevates it. The event is free, so bring a friend! You'll smile, feel connected, and see a bigger story to yourself.

Bring your journal and a pen.


6:00 - 6:30 PM: Connect and socialize

6:30 - 6:45 PM: Gratitude Dojo Opening Circle

6:45 - 7:45 PM: Dojo Stations

7:45 - 8:00 PM: Closing Circle and Goodbyes

The twelve gratitude stations:

  1. Your Body is a Wonderland. Meditate on the amazing things your body does for you.

  2. Thank the Ancestors. A moment of appreciation for those whose choices and sacrifices brought you here today.

  3. Send One Your Love. Write a postcard to someone who’s made a big difference in your life. We’ll mail it!

  4. The Wing Beneath Your Wings. Recognize all the blessings of modern life that are easy to take for granted.

  5. Wheel of Life. Savor everything that’s going well in 8 different facets of your life.

  6. Money, Money. Be thankful for the money that comes into your life and what it brings.

  7. Happy In Spite Of. Are you “happy if only” or “happy in spite of?” (silent)

  8. Yum, Thanks! Savor the food that nourishes you. (silent)

  9. Who Loves Ya? Take a moment and feel the love others have for you. (silent)

  10. This Magic Moment. What’s beautiful about right here, right now? (silent)

  11. Mirror, Mirror. You may think affirmations are New Age. But they aren’t. (silent)

  12. Forgiveness. Is there a past hurt you want to let go of? (silent)

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Date and Time



1010 Southeast Water Avenue

Portland, OR 97214

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