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The Gift of Empowerment

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Give a gift with meaning to someone you love.
Kat encourages those who find themselves stuck to experience confidence resulting from connecting their head and heart, to ultimately find mental and emotional peace.

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90 Minutes of coaching
1 Personalised coaching plan
48 Hours unlimited emails post session
15 Minutes accountability call one week post session


EXCLUSIVE access to my new self-guided programs and live workshops.

Treat mild cases of anxiety, depression, insecurity, and loneliness

At peaks like these in your life, it takes a “Screw this” moment where you grow tired of feeling helpless and low, and will do anything to fight for your right to celebrate life again.

The secret is knowing only you can find the clarity and grounding you’re searching for in life.

Ultimately, this is a solo journey and you have to believe you handle it.


Self-Guided Life Coaching

  • A personal analysis of your thoughts and emotions to understand your inner dialogue
  • 4 confidence boosting values instructed by certified life coach Katherine Alexiss
  • Scientifically proven strategies to improve mental + emotional wellness and break cycles

You’ve had “AHA!” moments.

What you need to highlight are life's “HAH!” moments.

HAH! (head and heart) moments encourage you when things fall into alignment and grant you mental and emotional peace.

It’s a labor of love that set’s you on a mission to pick yourself up, transform your mindset, and feel empowered to push forward.

A HAH! moment is found in the humor in those moments when you look closely at the sum of your experiences.

There were dozens of mini victories, answered prayers, and peppered miracles revealed to get you through the challenges.

HAH! moments allow you to trust that with faith, you will always be guided, with a coach you will be empowered, but always know that the goal is to learn that you are enough to support yourself in the pursuit ofyour own happiness.

Sounds like happiness, right?

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Practice four steps that break repetitive mental and emotional cycles.

This self-guided life coaching program is a labor of love designed with you in mind, with tips and actions pieced together to challenge you to your max, so you hold yourself accountable, push past your limiting beliefs and courageously act in the pursuit of your own happiness.

End Result

Clarity connecting your head and heart to build your self-confidence, worth, and fulfillment in your life with full mental and emotional support from yourself.

How? You will have the right train of thought to trigger the actions to powerfully find solution if it repeats.

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