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The Future of Investment & Wealth Management | Executive Program | October

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Silicon Valley

1850 Gateway Drive

San Mateo, CA 94404

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(It is a sample program. Participating presenters and companies vary from program to program and cannot be guaranteed for any particular tour)

The Future of Investment & Wealth Management is a 5 day immersion experience into the WealthTech landscape of Silicon Valley.

  • Meet with executives of up to 20 of the most cutting-edge wealthtech companies and accelerators
  • Get advice from leading Silicon Valley experts
  • Connect to and learn directly from top innovators and practitioners shaping the future of investing and wealth management
  • Brainstorm approaches to turning disruptive threats into growth opportunities with Silicon Valley visionaries


  • MICRO INVESTING: Learn how micro-investing make investing manageable for young people on low incomes or with few assets.
  • DIGITAL BROKERAGE: Discuss the current state of digital brokerage, its challenges, and opportunities. Learn how to gain easy access to stock market information and investment opportunities with digital brokerage technologies.
  • ROBO ADVISORS: The robo advisory market is expected to reach between $2.2 trillion to $3.7 trillion in assets under management by 2020 and $16 trillion by 2025. Discover the newest trends in robo advisors.
  • INVESTING TOOLS: Learn about the latest investing and wealth management tools, such as price comparison engines and advice from networks experts and find out new alternatives to traditional advisors.
  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Explore the pillars of big data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and blockchain for wealth management. Visit companies that revolutionize the use of technolgoied to create innovative business models that were not possible before.
  • ROBO RETIREMENT: Meet with experts and learn about the future of investing for retirement through robo-advisors. Find out pros and cons of using a robo-advisor for your retirement investment.

(This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies. Subject to change without prior notice)


What is Wealthtech and where is it taking us? Why is it exploding now and what are the forces driving its expansion? These are the questions we answer on day 1 of our immersion program on The Future of Investment and Wealth Management. We explain how startups have capitalized on demographic trends, new technologies and favorable conditions in the financial markets to create new companies that challenge established wealth managers and investment advisors. Visits to startups such as Trizic and Wealthfront illustrate how these dynamics work in practice. We analyze the disruptive business models these companies deploy and see how they are able to cut overheads by as much as 50% compared to traditional wealth management and in the process attract new cohorts of previously underserved customers.


The journey continues on day two with an exploration of the limits of the wealthtech space as they exist today. How many areas of traditional investment and wealth management are being disrupted? What is the nature of this change and how fast is it moving? We answer these questions through visits to startups operating in a wide range of niches. We meet Sigfig and Personal Capital to learn how they do robo-advisory. At Addepar we see the innovations made possible by digital portfolio management. Micro-investing leaders Stash and Acorn, meanwhile, show us how through a strategy of investment in content they are educating, acquiring and retaining a new generation of customers.


Day three of the immersion program is dedicated to the technologies fueling the disruption of traditional wealth management. We hear from experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics and blockchain to learn what these technologies can currently do and what they will offer in the future. We visit Bitwise and Robinhood to see how they use emerging technologies to create competitive advantages and provide innovative, market-disrupting products and services.


Having seen and heard how digital is disrupting traditional wealth management on days 1 to 3, on day 4 of our immersion program we challenge attendees to turn words into action. Participatory workshops with leading Silicon Valley experts on design thinking, design sprints, venture capital and open innovation provide executives with the blueprints and frameworks they need to execute on innovation within their own organization. We look at how established wealth management firms like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are venturing into the wealthtech space through white-labelling, in-house product development and acquisition of tech talent. A visit and interactive session with Western Union offers an up-to-the-minute case study on how an established financial institution can turn into an important player inside the fintech ecosystem.


What’s next for Wealthtech? Day 5 brings the program to a close with its sights firmly set on the future. We learn about market trends still in their infancy and meet the companies seeking to capitalize on those trends. At ForUsAll and Guideline we see the cutting edge of fintech’s push into the trillion-dollar industry that is retirement assets. Motif, meanwhile, shows us what a company looks like when it puts ethical investment at the core of its product. We discuss which areas of wealth management are next in line for the application of emerging technology to reimagine the user experience and undercut traditional business models.


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Silicon Valley

1850 Gateway Drive

San Mateo, CA 94404

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