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The fight for trans rights: past, present and future

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A discussion series for socialists and supporters of trans rights to learn about the history and contemporary movement for trans liberation

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Session 1 – The Roots and Characteristics of Transphobia.

Discussions around trans rights have become far more prominent over the past decade. With this, we have seen a rise in transphobia on both the left and the right. But where does transphobia come from? What forms does it take in different sections of society & how can we use this knowledge to combat it?

Session 2 – A History of Trans Rights and the Feminist Movement

In response to trans rights entering the mainstream, some parts of the British feminist movement have shown opposition. The citation of an inherent conflict between women’s rights and trans rights is often claimed with a basis in Radical Feminism. But what exactly was Radical Feminism? What has it actually said on the issues around trans rights? And do those on the left that are often named as TERFs (“Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”) have much to do with the ideological legacy of Radical Feminism?

Session 3 – “Berlin’s Third Sex”

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the first modern gay movement was born, flourished and was eventually crushed. The founding of the Weimar Republic saw the establishment of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexology), an institute which; largely through Hirschfeld’s research, coined the term Transgender. The histories of gay and trans people are not always easy to separate out & there is much that is interwoven and shared in the history of the two groups. This talk will discuss the way in which German society viewed trans people & how this fed into their eventual persecution at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Session 4 – Trans Rights and the Labour Movement Today

In both the Labour Party and the trade unions, transphobia is prominent. Local Labour parties in Haringey for instance have both passed motions in support of Women’s Place UK (WPUK), an organisation set up for the purpose of opposing advances in trans rights. The Morning Star, the Stalinist newspaper funded by many of the trade unions frequently publishes articles broadly opposed to trans rights. Why is this and what can we as Socialists do about it?

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