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Who's got 30 days to be perfect during the holiday season? Intermittent fasting can help fast-track the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Join us for 14 days of strict paleo and intermittent fasting, working up to a group fast of 48-72hrs.

Feast... on real food.

  • Committ to 14 days of whole, natural foods. Nothing processed. No sugar, alcohol, legumes, seed oils, grains, or dairy.


  • Committ to 14-16 hours of fasting each night. For example, you could stop eating at 7PM and start eating the next day any time after 9AM.
  • As a group we will first adapt to the new unprocessed diet. Then work our way up to a group fast of 48-72hrs, starting on day 11.


  • The focus is on re-feeding. The fast is important to cleanse the junky protiens, but the re-feeding is where we make a meaningful choice about how to rebuild our bodies. Only good quality, WHOLE food.

The Fast14 is a comprehensive approach to wellness.

This 14-day program provides the structure and support you need to make change quickly. Group accountability, personal investment, and expert coaching guide you through the process.

Developed by Sadie Hannah, a nurse practitioner and holistic wellness expert, this 14-day program is intense and effective.

  • 14-days to reset and remember

  • Followed by 4 weeks of free ongoing support to help you live it day in and day out

  • Join our community of graduates who support and motivate each other every day


How much is it?

  • $99 with early bird registration, until 12/4
  • $150 standard registration

When do we start? You have the option to start the evening of 12/7, but can choose to start as late as 12/9 if you wish. The longer fast will begin as a group on the evening of 12/17.

How do I register?

  1. Register through Eventbrite for free.
  2. You will recieve a Paypal invoice for the tuition. If you prefer to pay by check, contact the organizer.
  3. Once payment is confirmed, you'll recieve a confirmation and the call-in details.

Is this for women only? Not at all! This is a coed group.

How and when will we meet? We'll meet by conference call twice a week and daily during the longer fast. Call times are flexible and will be set to meet the majority of the groups availability. We'll meet initially for as long as it takes to answer all of the questions. Follow up calls are usually 15-30 min. You can join for all or part of the call.

Likely meeting times will be:

  • Monday or Tuesday evenings (6PM)
  • Friday afternoons (1 or 2PM)

Who should not fast?

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Children and adolescents
  • People with eating disorders
  • Type 1 Diabetics

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