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Croydon Conference Centre

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United Kingdom

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This is an exciting news and we want you to be very much a part of it!

We would love to invite you to our third annual conference and STAR AWARD on the 18th of June 2016 and please read the information attached.

We very much want you to be a part of this Conference as we celebrate top 100 women making a difference in our community locally and globally.


LIFTEFFECTS hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and provides a speaking platform for those extraordinary people to share their stories, with the intention of planting the seed of hope, passion and encouragement in every person there to reach for their dreams, believe in themselves and help others become great. The atmosphere is one of passion, commitment, determination, persistence and leaves both the speakers and the audience with one question what difference have I made, what can I do to help. The ethos behind LIFTEFFECTS is what makes it so incredible.

The intent of the conference is to transform, support, build and champion causes as the speakers share their intimate, personal, family and business stories without holding back.
Sandra Nelson who set up this world-class Conference is the founder of LIFTEFFECTS says that it is not about the glory or fame of a person but is about recognizing that the greatest gift we can give is by telling our stories so people can learn from it. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of stewardship to leave things better than we met it and the greatest purpose and dream is that which involves helping people without such there is no true purpose or dream. If such is the mentality of many not about individual glory or fame our world will be better because everyone is helping and supporting.

LIFTEFFECTS recognizes that every person that has sacrificed their time, money and energy to help someone to stand while still standing is a true star and such people are usually given a recognition star award for making a real difference in the lives of many and our world. It is open to diverse audience and recognises the strength and beauty of differences amongst us.

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARD is an exclusive global event that hosts over 300 women from all over the globe in attendance and for this year we will be recognising 100 Star women that have made a difference in their community all around the world as well as supporting four charities on the day.

Come join us to celebrate these women on the 18th of June 2016 at the Croydon Conference Centre Croydon Greater London from 11am to 6pm.

We have incredible line up of speakers and performers as well as food and drinks will be provided on the day .You will definitely enjoy yourself and the day.

Speakers for 2016:

Justina Mutale-African wman of the year and Global Influencer

Karen Johnson-Autobiographer of Out of this Corner

Mandy Sanghera-Human Right Activist

Muzvare Betty Makoni-CNN HERO and advocate for Girls Education

Adaobi Nwubani- Journalist,writer and author of award winning book " I do not come to you by chance"

Jenny Andersson-Chief Change Maker

Waynett Peters-TV Talk show Host

Sherry Ann-Dixon-Founder women on the Cross Road

You will be expected to come in an all white or green attire and arrive on time for an 11am prompt start. Is an event worth spreading and attending that will stay in your memory for a long time.

10:00am to 10:50am will be tea time, get to know me time, exhibition set up for exhibitors , registration and settling down for our kick off at 11am.

I would like to encourage you to check out your travel time ahead of time as to avoid Croydon traffic that could hold you up but once you map out your travel journey that will not be a problem.

There is parking at Q-park car park with a discount for conference attendees visit Croydon Conference Centre website for more information on travel arrangement, bus and train routes including parking and hotel accommodation which is discounted at 20%.

Please visit our website WWW.LIFTEFFECTS.ORG on how to book your ticket/s for the Conference and STAR AWARD. Click on register and it will take you right to the registration portal.

Please spread the word and tell a friend to tell a friend and we look forward to hosting you on the day.

Kind regards
LIFTEFFECTS Organising Team 2016

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARD 18th June 2016 theme " I AM POSSIBLE" is a Conference that goes beyond race,colour and religion and embraces our differences as our strength and we understand that inside each of us the RED BLOOD flows regardless of your race.It is definetly an event worth attending .

Read the 2015 The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARD review by Annika Spalding of Nubi Magazine.

Annika Spalding
Posted on May 20, 2015

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference promised to give VIP treatment to each female attendee and it did not disappoint.

Held in Fairfield Halls, Croydon, this grand event had been beautifully prepared in anticipation of over 250 people attending for the inspirational talks and iconic awards ceremony. With ceiling-to-floor white drapes against the walls, fresh flowers, Lift Effects table centrepiece, a giant screen and stage at the front and all staff members wearing white and green to match the Lift Effects colour scheme, this indicated that this was very much a prestige affair.

After registration, each woman was given a bright yellow wristband, which read, “I am a graced lady.” Sandra Nelson, the organiser of the event and CEO of Lift Effects, personally greeted each woman as she entered the main room, which was a lovely sentiment.

Led by ushers to their allocated tables, guests were given programmes for the day ahead and invited to network with the women around them throughout the day. There were exhibitors towards the back of the enormous room; local, national and international entrepreneurs gave a brief intro about their products and/or services, including natural skin care, healthy eating, books, photography, life coaching and more. One that stood out to me particularly was Jackie Morrison, who was previously a health visitor for 35 years but left to pursue her passion for photography. Now she takes photos that document the beginning and end of life, from pregnancy to death. Her concept of funeral photography is interesting; mainly about celebrating the life of a loved one and capturing their cherished moments and putting these images in a photo book for the family to enjoy after.

The opening speech by Free Your Mind’s Natasha Benjamin, who shared her journey with a great deal of emotion and vulnerability, caused many guests to shed a tear. Her talk was very heartfelt, as she detailed her experiences of childhood domestic violence, which resulted in mental health, and finding herself through writing about her illness. Having written about her story before, I found that actually hearing her story again in person was a completely different experience and she is more incredible than I first thought.

There was a beautiful vocal performance from a 12-year-old Tamara the Diva, an inspirational little girl with a heart condition who has proven that her illness will not conquer her dreams. Her performance of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” created the perfect atmosphere for the event itself. It was very empowering for other young girls who were also at the event.

Founder and Managing Director of the R.E.E.B.A Awards, Ms Ché (a.k.a The Boss Lady) gave a very energetic and motivating talk. She asked: “Are you ready to do this on your own?” Encouraging women to build strong support systems and to step out of their comfort zones in order to achieve, Ms Ché was adamant she passed on her entrepreneurial lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Don’t do stuff for free! If you change mindsets, you change people and change the environment.”

Dion Johnson, Women’s Leadership Development Speaker and Coach at her self-titled company, gave a very animated talk about spending her life hiding behind a mask. Her bright and vibrant personality shone through as she shared her experiences of wearing a glass eye and dark glasses to cover up her facial disfigurement; her ‘mask’. Dion told the women in the room: “You are beautiful. You are different. Your difference is the point.” This powerful message shared by an inspirational woman, about embracing authenticity and self-love, moved the room to tears and a standing ovation.

Keynote speaker Jillian Haslam began her talk by asking “Do we really rise by lifting others?” She authored the book ‘Indian. English’ which details her experiences of growing up in extreme poverty in post-colonial India. Having lost 4 siblings to malnutrition before they were 6 months old, Jilian’s childhood was far from picture perfect. She lived with her family on a plastic sheet, under the outdoor stairs of other people’s homes, sometimes for a day or two, or until they were asked to move on. She highlighted the importance of the extraordinary people in her community, who kept her and her family alive with simple acts of kindness. Now an award winning entrepreneur, with businesses in the UK and in India, Jilian’s story is now being made into a film.

When a humble Maureen Worrell took to the stage, the room erupted in cheers and applause before she had even said one word. She stood firmly in her truth, a survivor of childhood domestic violence and sexual abuse, and read an extract from her book “The Journey of I & I.” Her testimony was incredibly moving and emotions in the room were high as she stated, “Nobody tried to help me… Did they suspect I was suffering and chose to ignore it?” While she was sexually abused, her mum was also experiencing domestic violence, leaving Maureen to focus on protecting her siblings from harm. “I set ‘Peace of mind’ as my goal and worked towards that. Those words changed my life.”

Refreshments were served throughout the first half of the day. Any empty jugs of water and dirty glasses were quickly replaced, excellent service by the staff who made sure guests had more than enough. Prior to lunch, we indulged in ten minutes of Zumba, led by a very active 77-year-old Joy. A late lunch was served with a selection of jollof rice with chicken, salads and pasta served to each table and seemed to please all the guests.

The final keynote speaker was Her royal Highness Muzvare Betty Makoni, who gave an amazing and very powerful speech. She gave a detailed talk about her childhood in Africa and her journey to where she is now. There was domestic violence in her family home but as a child she urged her mother to call the police, only to be told “We don’t speak in public.” Muzvare’s mother was brutally beaten to death by her father in front of her, her final words “Betty, look after the children.” She witnessed this at 8 years old and immediately took on the stresses of looking after her siblings in a harsh world. As she spoke, Muzvare was consumed with emotion as she revealed that one brother had drowned because she was too small to save him. She was still just a child. She worked to pay for education to get herself out of her village, “I told myself that education would be my liberator.” This talk was incredibly insightful and Muzvare finished on an equally striking note, “The safety of the children means the prosperity of an adult. Let’s turn history around. There’s so much that comes with the power of giving.”

After a whole day of talks, the final speaker was event organiser Sandra Nelson, who was touched by the amount of people in the room, a combination of (mostly) women, children and some men. She shared some motivating words of her own, clearly an extraordinary woman in her own right, “You could have been doing so many things today but you chose to be here… If you can hope, you can have what you hoped for.”

There were a total of 101 nominations made by the public for the Star Awards, with 62 star awards winners on the day. The Mayor Of Croydon, Manju Shahul-Hameed, handed the awards to the winners, who were joined on stage with their supporters. I had travelled from West Bromwich with Marcia Spence, Founder & CEO of Successmakers, Phoenix Newspaper’s Women’s Business columnist and Newstyle Radio’s “On The Couch” host, who also received a Star award. After receiving over 6 nominations, she was presented with the Star of all Stars Award and crowned by Her royal Highness Muzvare Betty Makoni. Believe me when I say this phenomenal woman is more than worthy of this extraordinary award!

Once oversized cheques were awarded to charitable organisations, Girlchild Network, Glowing Future and Remedia Trust Foundation, as well as the charity of choice by the Queen of all stars, the overwhelming and inspirational event came to an end.

It is fair to say that I was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted by the end of it all, and I returned to Birmingham with a lot of information and words of wisdom to process. In one day, I had listened to painful but motivating testimonies from women of all backgrounds and ages, networked with amazing and insightful change makers, and finally met some of the women I admire.

Do I feel like I received VIP treatment at this event? I’d say I’d have to be a very important person to be in a room with so many extraordinary women who are willing to share their stories. The next event is scheduled for 11th June 2016, make sure you’re there…

Book your ticket now ,2015 was a sold out Conference and definitely this will be the same story.This is a conference worth attending and worth spreading where every lady is celebrated.

This conference is different from what you have ever known as the experience speaks for itself,it is one that involves us all,a conference of the people ,by the people and for the people.Get involed by spreading the word.


Watch out for more updates.............................................................

Date and Time


Croydon Conference Centre

5-9 Surrey Street



United Kingdom

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