"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022

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"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022

ZahoroikoEntertainment takes the suspects and witnesses of a 1969 cold case murder back to the scene of the crime.

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The Underground Room at Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery 239 Blue Ridge Road Saylorsburg, PA 18353

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"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022 image

Now back in the Underground Room

In the "Notes" option for buying tickets, PLEASE type whether you would like to be Active or Passive.

An ACTIVE role person will be a part of the play, you WILL get lines, you may be a suspect, you may just be a witness, or you may be the murderer! Either way, you will get a few lines to speak. It is not hard and very fun to be a part of the play!

A PASSIVE role person will generally have no lines during the play and may just watch and take in clues! You will still get a special ID character for you to become during the night! This person may have the option, when called upon, to ask a question, spread a rumor or tell someone a secret.

All we be expected to help solve the puzzle and escape the room.

Knowing these numbers will influence how the play will be written and directed, to create the uniqueness each audience brings.

Our active major parts are picked first by earliest ticket purchasers.

The plays take place in the Underground Room just down the stairway in the center of the patio . A buffet dinner will be served at 6 PM, show gets underway shortly there after. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

The Escape from 1969 Murders !

Dr. Emmet U. Befurr has been travelling in time. He is about to make the biggest jump ever as he will take his time travel machine back to 1969. With him will be the major suspects and witnesses in an unsolved murder from that time. His goal is to find out who murdered his cousin, Ooblahdee Ooblahdah, at The Woodstock Festival. He believes that the group has always known more than they were telling. This play will be held in the Underground Room and be available to 36 people. Your group will be given a wireless microphone not to be shared with anyone outside of your group. One-hand mics will allow you to "ham it up" to the degree you feel comfortable. A special prize will be given for the best "hippie" costume.

Dinner begins at 6:00 and mystery starts around 6:30. Please try to arrive by 5:45 to pick your part and seat your group.

"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022 image
"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022 image

Prizes are given for best dressed hippie m/f and for Best actor/actress. Along with Best correct solution.

"The Escape from 1969 Murders" 12102022 image