The Dream Monetizer Blitz - 7-day Money Making Challenge (BLUEPRINT)
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The Dream Monetizer Blitz - 7-day Money Making Challenge (BLUEPRINT)

The Dream Monetizer Blitz - 7-day Money Making Challenge (BLUEPRINT)

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Jamaica, Online

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Turn your Dream Idea into a Money Making System

THIS IS FOR YOU if you have a dream or a big idea but do not know how and what systems to implement to make money from it. Rosanne shares with you her expertise on how to:

  • Go from an 'Idea or Dream' to making increased significant income (if you take action)

  • Create a system complete from startup, to sale, payment and client follow up. The fortune is in the follow up!

  • Create a Dynasty and not just a business enabling you to have a more balanced life as the systems used will allow you not to have to be physically present at all times in order to make money

  • Create a sustainable business platform in a conceptualized format to ensure maximum profitability and market stability.

  • Create Multiple Streams of Income from One product or service

This challenge is for big dreaming entrepreneurs and purpose driven professionals who are tired of doing things that don't work and make barely any money but want to get in front of the RIGHT people and create change in their lives. So go get your business bestie and LET’S ROCK THE WORLD.

The Dream Monetizer Blitz is ......

a 7-day Money Making Challenge which gives you the blueprint to manifesting and monetizing your dreams. While dreaming or having a dream is important in keeping our life goals, turning our dreams into a reality is even more important. Without dreamers we would not be here today with the conveniences of life as we know it. Everything that we use and have for our convenience was one day, only a dream in someone’s mind, but they had to take action to become wealthy from the dream and change the world. SO GET UP OFF YOUR BEHIND! stop wasting your dream and start living it.

IT IS TIME TO create an impact serving the world and watch the Money Run to You! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah I know...what if? But I can't ........


  • procrastination

  • lack of confidence

  • uncertainty about the systems to use to make your dream work

  • slinging the “what if?!” mantra

  • fear of failure

  • not enough money

Stop you from manifesting and monetizing your dream?! Seriously?!

As I tell my children and clients daily there is NO SUCH thing as "I can't" it does not exist in our vocabulary! Toss that phrase and pretend you never heard it. OK?!

Don't worry! I DID IT TOO! Told myself all those lies, making little or no money, barely able to get 1(one) client, having no impact in the first year of my business. It all shifted into abundant opportunities when I got up off my behind, stopped making excuses and got serious, taking immediate action by implementing my “dream money-making blueprint” which I used to:

  • Create & Monetize my CEO Dream Lifestyle

  • Write my Bestselling Book

  • Get featured on prime National and International Media within 6 months of my book release

  • Attract clients who were ready and willing to pay me for the “juicy specs” on how to monetize their dream

  • Save Money and Time

  • Live in Purpose freely

Now guess what? You can STOP grinding 24/7, working so many late at nights, getting burned out and finally START making money and getting a steady flow of clients. You don’t have to stress yourself out working so hard and making zilch anymore. I'ma drop it like it's hot! The truth really is, most new entrepreneurs don’t know where to start to launch their business successfully and are afraid to ask for help. No worries....I’m here to give you the blueprint. Baby, all you gotta do is click here now to get it. Now, I’m closing the doors on all this goodness in less than 9 days (SPOTS ARE FILLING FAST). It's in your best interest to stretch forth your fingers and secure your spot now.

Here’s a snippet of what you will get:

1. How to Activate your Dream and get paid for it NOW.

2. The Procrastination Cure

3. Gain the confidence to boldly make an impact on the world stage

4. The Blueprint to BUST your Dream Into a Money Stream (Once you do it once you can repeat it for every dream or idea you get and make consistent money)

5. Systems that cut costs, save time and leave more money in your pocket

Learn how to monetize your dreams, turn them into an exponential money stream as you create a dynasty and a life of significant abundance. Challenge yourself to dream again today for only US$297.00. This challenge is a US$3,000.00 value dream busting money making strategy program which I am giving away to you today for only US$297.00. Plus! Guess what?! (Don't tell any of the other business strategist I am doing this, please.) This is not done by other strategist at this price but because I love to see others succeeding and happy, I am giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity and have even included some RED HOT bonuses like:

  • A free 2-hour Business Profit Booster Strategy Session

  • An opportunity to showcase your business or product at one of my upcoming events (can you believe it?! FREE - you always have to pay for promos. Always!)

  • The Art of Making Money Flow in Purpose Guide

“Too often, we miss out on opportunities in this life because we were too busy waiting for them to fall into our lap that we missed them tapping on our shoulder.” ~Daniel Willey

Join us, were starting this challenge on Thursday, December 1, 2016. Registration closes on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 12:00 Midnight CST (GMT -5:00). Seats fill up fast for this challenge so don't delay in registering. Remember opportunity only comes but once......

VISIT for more information!!! LOCK YOUR SEAT TODAY!!!!

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Jamaica, Online

St. Ann 00000


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