The Difference Great Fathers Make in the Prevention of Sex Trafficking

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The Difference Great Fathers Make in the Prevention of Sex Trafficking

Come hear from two great men who are community leaders on the difference fathers can make in prevening sex trafficking

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This meeting is part of our "Engaging Men in the Fight Against Human Trafficking" workgroup that meets 3 times a year and is for MEN ONLY. The format is informal, like men meeting over coffee on a Saturday morning and is made up of men who are community and national leaders in the fight against human trafficking and also men who want to learn from these leaders. Fathers are never not needed - they are not incidental or optional. They provide the fences that keep predators and traffickers out of the lives of their children and provide the freeway to a thriving and blessed life. A great father models what a healthy relationship looks like to a daughter which protects her from exploitation. He shows his sons how to respect women which deters the sense of male entitlement that is driving sex buying. Everyone has a father whether present or anonymous and we are each impacted by our father in whatever way shape or form we have or don't have them in our lives. Everything a father says or does or doesn't say or do is understood by their children to mean something significant. What we as fathers don't know, hurts our children. Children are left vulnerable when no father communicates that they are worth defending, worth respect and love.

This workgroup will be co-hosted by Patrick Erlandson, who hosts a Father – Con workshop to equip men to be better fathers. Alan Smyth is the author of “Prized Possession, A Father’s Journey in Raising His Daughter.” Both Patrick and Alan will share the kind of fatherhood that makes a difference in the prevention of sex trafficking.