The DesignOps Global Conference 2020 - Live Streaming!

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The Hilton

Beetham Tower

303 Deansgate


United Kingdom

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The DesignOps Global Conference 2020

'Closing The Loop! ResearchOps, DesignOps & Digital Transformation​'

This conference serves as a platform to share new ideas, practices, approaches to research, design and development operations. The conference has a focus on important issues facing researchers, designers, developers, product owners and business leaders working at the cutting edge of digital transformation and innovation in distributed teams, working remotely where collaboration and scale is important.

Coronavirus COVID 19 Annoucement.

We recognise these are difficult times and that there are a series of travel restrictions and limitations on movement as a repsonse to the Coronavirus COVID 19 and these are currently impacting attendees ability to come to the conference. We want you all to be safe and healthy in these troubling times and we are closely following the advice provided by WHO, CDC and the UK Government.

Over the past few weeks we have been reaching out to delegates, speakers and sponsors to discuss possible ways forward. We have received resounding support to go live stream the event!

Our plan is to now turn this conference into a live streaming event on May 28, 29 and have online collabortive workshops on May 30. We would like to stream three days of presentations, panel discussions, and collaborative workshops as well suport interactive networking opportunities.

The event will be held on Thursday May 28, Friday May 29 and on Saturday May 30. We plan to stream speakers and their presentations, using a secure login to access the conference video stream on a device of your choice. We also plan to hold the workshops online as remote, interactive collaborative sessions where you can learn from the world's leading UX and UI designers, research practioners and thought leaders how they are transforming design practices at scale within their organisations using #DesignOps, #ResearchOps (#ResOps) #ContentOps, and #DevOps and the #EnterpriseOps to create compelling customer experiences, new products and innovative services.

Live streaming passes are available for the confernce and your conference pass will give you access to streaming too!

Speakers announced so far:

Keynote: JONA MOORE, VP of Technology at frog

Keynote: Dylan Field , CEO of Figma

Keynote: SARAH DRUMMOND, Chief Design Officer at Northgate Public Services

Keynote: JOSE CORONADO, VP of Design Operations and Head of DesignOps at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Featured Speakers and Workshop Facilitators!

DAVE MALOUF, Snr Director Strategy and Operations - DesignOps Northwestern Mutual

ERIN FIGUEROA, Senior Director, Program Management at Slack

PATRIZIA BERTINI, International DesignOps Lead at Intuit

JON REIDY, Head of Digital Design System Operations at HSBC

ZOE SEAMAN, Head of Design Operations at CapitalOne

EDEN LAZANESS, Head of Design and Innovation at Kings College London

PETER FOSSICK, Consultant, Writer and Coach

KATHERINE WASTELL, Head of Digital Design at The Co-op

DAVE CUNNINGHAM, DesignOps Manager at The Co-op

LONA MOORE, Design Community Lead at Exxon Mobil

SCOTT KIEKBUSCH, Designer & Author

KAELIG DELOUMEAU-PRIGENT - UX Development Manager at Shopify

MATT BEANEY, Service Transition Lead at AutoTrader Group

DANIEL STILLMAN, The Conversation Factory

The Programme

Day 1 | Thursay, May 28, 2020

Session 1 | DesignOps and the 'Ops' Enterprise - Changing Cultures & Developing Practices

How can ‘Operations' enhance the way people in organisations work together and develop practice communities to deliver better design, products, services, experiences and outcomes. How do organisations adopt Ops practices and scale? How do 'Ops' support better internal work flows, facilitate agile ways of working, increase adaptability and streamline processes? How does ‘Ops’ help organisations develop people with the right skills, supporting the casting of teams and develop a more adaptable and collaborative especially in a remote and distributed organisation?

09:00 Welcome to DesignOps GC2020 Peter Fossick

-Jose Coronado, VP & Head of DesignOps at JP Morgan Chase & Co

Engage, Grow, Amplify – The Strategic Value of Design Operations in Organisation Transformation

-Erin Figueroa, Senior Director of Program Management at Slack

Scaling in Hyper-Growth: Lessons at Slack

-Patrizia Bertini, International DesignOps Lead at Intuit

Applying ResearchOps and DesignOps in globally distributed teams.

-Dave Malouf, Senior Director of Strategy & DesignOps at Northwestern Mutual

Remote Teams First

-Zoe Seaman, Head of Design Operations at Capital One

Small d. Big O – A journey through Design Operations

-Lona S. Moore, Design Community Lead at Exxon Mobil

Developing Design Communities & A Design Career Framework

- Tim Loo, Executive Director (Strategy) at Foolproof & Guest To be announced


Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with questions from the audience!

SESSION 2 | Closing the Loop - From ResOps to DesignOps to DevOps

How do 'Ops' help teams connect, co-create and collaborate to design better products, improve services, and enhance customer experiences. How do we measure the impact and value of design. How do the different communities of ResearchOps, DesignOps, DevOps, StudioOps, CreativeOps and ContentOps close the loops and enable people, teams and the organisation to work together to deliver better strategy, apply insightful research, and deliver delightful customer experiences. How do we improve interactions with customers while working on an industrial scale in a wide variety of cultural contexts, each with unique and diverse set of requirements, across the globe?

- Dylan Field, CEO of Figma

Designing great products and developing design systems using Figma

-Jon Reidy, Head of Digital Design System Operations at HSBC

Design Systems On An Industrial Scale

-Katherine Wastall, Head of Digital Design & Dave Cunnigham, Designops Manager at The Co-op

Design Impact Frameworks – Quantifying The Value Of Design

-Eden Lazaness Head of Design & Innovation at Kings College London

Developing CX and Research Operations for a International E-Learning Platform

-Bassel Deeb, DesignOps Manager at ClearScore

Operationalising Design – From Zero to Hero!

-Alisan Atvur, Senior User Research Lead at Novo Nordisk

User Research & ResearchOps in Pharmaceuticals R&D

-Mateusz Horak, Head of DesignOps at Nordea

Design Operations vs Enterprise Agile Software Development

-Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with questions from the audience!

Day 2 | Friday, May 29, 2020

Session 3 | Service Design, Digital Transformation and Ops

How do we deliver digital transformation in different types of organisations within the private and public sector using 'Ops?

How do we adapt and adopt ‘Ops’ as we change the ways we work and shift behaviours, change cultures and optimise organisations? What are the design methods, ways of working, processes, mechanics, roles and new competencies we need to adopt to ensure teams are delivering change in organisations and creating experiences that users expect? How does InnovationOps, BusinessOps, StrategicOps and CreativeOps using business design and service design deliver service equity, experience equity and brand equity?


Conference Registration

Reception Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester.


Welcome to DesignOps GC2020 Day 2 - David Iball

- Sarah Drummond, Chief Digital Officer at Northgate Pubic Services

Designers ≠ A User Centred Organisation - Designing User-Centric Services in the Public Sector

- Peter Fossick, VP of Service Design at Factotum

Prototypia - Adaptive Cultures and InnovationOps

- Roman Schöneboom VP, UX Design Systems Lead at Credit Suisse

Business Transformation and the Value of Design

-Paul Bailey - Successful Digital transformation within Government or 'Designing for Blind Dinosaurs with Sausage Fingers'

-Matt Beaney, Service Transition Lead at Autotrader

Transformation – from Print to Digital; from Waterfall to Agile & Devops

- Scott Kiekbusch, Author & Senior Director of Program Management at Allegion

The Opportunity Backlog Framework

- Daniel Stillman, Author and Consultant at the Conversation Factory

Designing Conversations

- Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with questions from the audience!

Session 4 | (PM) The Future of Design & Ops - AI in Design

Session 4 | (PM) The Future of Design & Ops - AI in Design

How do we deliver better customer experiences (CX) through better design practices, adaptable and scaleable design systems while improving design standards? How do we support flow with optimised toolchains and smarter software? What are the trends shaping visual and interaction design? How is 'natural interface' such as conversational interaction and intelligent bots changing how we need to think, the practices we use and skills we need? How is AI shaping research and changing the way we work? What is the future of UX, UI and the tools we use?

Keynote - Jona Moore - VP of Technology at Frog

-Tony Beltramelli, CEO & Founder of Uizard.io

AI and Cognitive Systems in UI Design

- Andreas Refsgaard, Interaction Designer and Artist

Creative Machine Learning - Unconventional Connections Between Inputs and Outputs

- Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent, UX Development Manager at Shopify

Design Systems Ops and Design Tokens

- Speaker To be announced!!

- Speaker To be announced!! Watch this space!

- Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with questions from the audience!

17.30 - Closing Remarks Peter Fossick

Workshops Day

Day 3 | Saturday, May 30 2020

Workshop Day

Please submit an outline at https://designops-conference.com/workshops

Website: Https://www.designops-conference.com

Important notice: Please note we do nopt offer refunds and this has been our policy since the conference started in 2019.

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Date and Time


The Hilton

Beetham Tower

303 Deansgate


United Kingdom

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