The Deathless

The Deathless

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Dharma Treasure Retreat Center at Cochise Stronghold

2126 W. Windancer Trail

Cochise, AZ 85606

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A retreat exploring the Deathless and how to realize it.

About this event

The Buddha realized the ultimate freedom and fulfillment which he called the deathless reality of Nibbana.

In this retreat we will explore our immediate experiential notions of death, change and self in light of the Buddha’s teachings to realize for ourselves this deathless, changeless nonself reality of Nibbana.


Have we known with insight that all experience is transient? Have we known with insight that our deeper sense of identity is beyond the mind? Have we seen with conviction how all of experiencing occurs within the timeless dimension of the now?

If so, we are likely well aware that our sense of personal self as a body-mind born to live and die is far from the whole truth. The Buddha realized and declared our real nature as Nibbana is deathless and inherently free.

We must likewise come to realize this – finally discovering the freedom from ignorance and suffering our hearts so desire. As ignorance subsides, fulfillment is fulfilled, and the heart’s desire is appeased and at peace.

In this retreat we will further encourage our aspiring hearts and meditative minds in practicing the Buddha’s instructions on ways of perceiving and experiencing conducive to realizing the deathless Nibbana.


Further establishing proficiency and confidence in our practice of liberating Dharma.


At the heart of the Buddha’s teachings are the instructions to practitioners for transcending the ignorance and grasping at the root of personal identity and suffering. For this transcending to happen a radical shift in understanding is essential. Using the power of our meditation and wisdom we see our sense of self with its attractions, aversions and delusions as a construct of misidentification and clinging to experiences.

As identification with the transient phenomena and grasping after experiences subsides, one discovers an imminent timeless dimension of ever present freedom right here and now intrinsic to our nature, intrinsic to reality. The Buddha called this dimension of non-ignorance and non-grasping the deathless reality of Nibbana.

Practitioners urgently aspiring for liberation and wholeheartedly following the Buddha’s instructions can and will come to directly realize this reality of freedom for themselves.


Preferably a prior acquaintance with the Buddha’s teachings on nonself emptiness and the four noble truths, and an urgent aspiration for awakening liberation.


You are expected to agree and conform with Dharma Treasure protocol of keeping the eight precepts and retreat schedule.

Study Material

The Island by Ajahn Passano and Ajahn Amaro

Lodging and Food

This is a "bring your own food" retreat, shared kitchen is available for preparation.

Please book lodging at: or by emailing

Example Schedule

5:00 am - 6:30 am- Morning meditation, Yoga/Tai Chi etc.

7:00 am - Breakfast and cleaning up, yogi task

8:30 am - Orientation

9:00 am - Dharma talk and practice

12:00am - Lunch + nap

02:00pm - Practise

5:00 pm - Optional tea and snack

6:00 pm - Practise

9:00 pm - Personal time and rest.


Ajahn Buddhisaro is an ordained monk in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah , and has trained in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and various western monasteries and retreats. He is currently on sabbatical at Dharma Treasure enjoying meditation retreat and beautiful nature.


Henrik has meditated in the mountains of Sri Lanka, the jungle of Thailand, and led forest monks on Tudong in the Mountains of Norway. He has meditated since the late ’90s, is a certified TMI teacher, and is interested in combining traditional Anapanasati and samadhi practices with dwelling in nature.

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