The Club Sneak Peek: Bill Murray in the comedy classic MEATBALLS!

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The Secret Movie Club

1917 Bay Street, 2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90021

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The Club Sneak Peak: Bill Murray in the comedy classic MEATBALLS!

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Part of our THE CLUB SNEAK PEEK, STAND UP CINEMA, & BEING BILL series. Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 7:30p, The Club, 1917 Bay Street, 2nd Floor, LA, CA 90021: MEATBALLS (1979, Paramount, dir by Ivan Reitman, 35mm or DCP, 94mns)

*Special Note: In January 2020, we’re beta-testing & previewing “The Club” our new 99 seat theatre & creative arts space in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. All tickets for all shows will be $10. We would love to have you attend, have fun with us, give feedback. Please be aware that these shows are sneak peek previews so there may be kinks to work out, some stopping & starting, as we put the finishing touches on the Club ahead of our Grand Opening February 1, 2020. But you will get to see it ahead of anyone else. Only buy tickets if you’re okay with some possible rough edges!

*Extra Special Note: The Club is devoted to developing fun, creative movie and live event hybrid events that celebrate cinema and creativity. Meatballs will be preceded by a short 25 minute prologue of three stand-up comedians each doing 5-8 minute mini-sets on a theme we set based on the movie. It could be misfits, summer camp, sex comedies, whatever.

We are designating 2020, the year of celebrating the amazing, strange, winding, genius career of Bill Murray. We’ve curated a series of 12 movies, (screened mostly chronological order) to chart the growth of one of the United States’ greatest film comedians and presences.

We kick off with the movie that made Murray a star, the 1979 misfit summer camp mini-classic Meatballs. Directed by Ivan Reitman (who would later steer Murray to even greater fame in Stripes and then super-stardom in Ghostbusters), Meat Balls is one of those movies that (along with John Landis’s Animal House) set the template for a whole series of 1980’s comedies where a band of misfit (fill in the blank) lead by a charismatic rule breaker take on a group of much better resourced, posh, rich (fill in the blank).

Here though, we get a surprising amount of heart with the raunch. Murray, in his first starring role, is Tripper Harrison, the head counselor of the z-budget North Star Camp filled with nerds and outcasts who couldn’t get into or afford the more expensive summer camps.

So of course they have to take on their rivals at Camp Mohawk in a competition where the North Star campers are severely outmatched in every way.

Murray set the template for the character he would play through the mid-80’s (before the first of his many amazing evolutions): the wise-cracking, ironic easy going iconoclast who, beneath it all, actually has a pretty sensitive heart.

Of the almost 45 years of Saturday Night Live alumni, nobody could have predicted in the late 1970’s, that it would be Bill Murray who would go on to have the most long-lasting, varied, adventurous, daring, beloved career. And here in 2020, Murray is still making movies at an amazing pace, still choosing surprising roles, still working to flex his muscles, and discover new corners to expand his range.

Join us at the starting line of Camp North Star where the career of Bill Murray is about to begin!

best always,

Craig Hammill

Secret Movie Club President & Programmer


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Make sure you read the street signs! A few streets are permit-only parking. We don’t want any Secret Movie Clubbers getting parking tickets.

There are many great public transportation options near the Vista & Los Feliz 3 including a Metro subway stop at the Vermont/Sunset station which is about 4 blocks from the Vista Theater.

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Date and Time


The Secret Movie Club

1917 Bay Street, 2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90021

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