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The Business Of Money - The Wonderful Lies Of Money We live By (Pop Up Call...

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Debt, Credit cards, interest, making money, spending money, the future of money, having it, not having it.

What are the actual lies that we live by that drive us insane every single day, that we are not willing to look at and we are not willing to acknowledge, that if we were just willing to be brutally honest with ourselves and look at what is, when it comes to the business of money and how it works, will allow us to have choices and freedoms by not being affected by it, just by the willingness to be present with it.

So, in this call we’re really going to get into the depth of how this financial reality is purposely created in ORDER for you to be a victim of financial reality, so that other people may make money off your poverty.

And just to note, the poorer you are, the more expensive it is to live.

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