The Business Case for Secure & Accurate Elections in New Jersey

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Join us October 5th from 11am–noon ET for an important conversation on how election reform in New Jersey will strengthen representative democracy as well as the economy.

Elections are the cornerstone of our republic. Unfortunately, our election infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattacks. The ability of foreign or domestic forces to manipulate election results undermines voter confidence, suppresses turnout, and ultimately threatens our democracy. In order to help restore public trust and establish a healthy, competitive business climate, our elections must be fair, secure, and accessible.

New Jersey Election Vulnerability

Today, New Jersey is one of only thirteen states that uses paperless direct-recording electronic voting machines (DRE) — a dangerous situation, experts say, in the wake of Russian operatives trying to breach the election infrastructure of at least 20 states during the 2016 election. What’s worse, only one New Jersey county (Warren) currently creates a paper record of each vote, which is a fail-safe measure to assure election integrity. Until New Jersey switches to a statewide paper-based voting system and requires post-election audits, its elections will remain vulnerable.

Election reform is not a partisan issue — it’s a national security issue. Our October 5th discussion will feature leading election reformers and business leaders who are working to promote needed reforms in the way elections are run in New Jersey and across the country.

Business leaders have a critical role to play in advocating for improvements to how we conduct elections. Join us and learn what you as a business leader can do to improve election integrity.


For more information, contact Richard Lawton.



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