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The Big Clearing Call - Huna & Angel Tarot Teleseminar

Trance Formations TM

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 8:30 PM - Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 11:30 PM (GMT)

The Big Clearing Call - Huna & Angel Tarot Teleseminar

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Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
If the Personal Readings are sold out or you want to reserve your slot on the next call
Use this ticket option if the Personal Reading and Huna Energy Clearings are already sold out for this month. You can also use this option to pre-book your Personal Reading Session for the next call if the dates have not yet been announced because the number of Personal Reading slots are limited and done on a 'first booked first served' basis. If you are unable to make the dates for the next Live Call I will still do a Reading and Huna Energy Session for you, and you will receive a copy of the mp3 recording.
Dec 31, 2017 £20.00 £1.43
The Big Clearing Call - PERSONAL READING Ticket
This includes participation in the live call, a personal Angel Tarot Card Reading and Personal Energy Clearing, and the opportunity to submit a question, and a copy of the mp3 recording. You can dial in via phone or listen in online via the Webinar option. If you can't make the live call I will still do a Reading for you as long as you are registered.
Ended £20.00 £1.43
The Big Clearing Call - LISTEN IN & GROUP ENERGY CLEARING Ticket Option
This includes participation in the live call, listening in to the live Angel Tarot Readings and participation in the Group Energy Clearing Sessions, the opportunity to submit a question (first priority for questions is for those taking part in the Personal Readings), and a copy of the mp3 recording. You can dial in via phone or listen in online via the Webinar option. If you can't make the live call I will still do an Energy Clearing for you as long as you are registered.
Ended £10.00 £1.01
60-Minute Private Angel Tarot Card Reading
This ticket is for a 60-Minute private 1-2-1 telephone or Skype Angel Tarot Reading with Marilyn Devonish.
Dec 31, 2017 £120.00 £5.63
FREE Tickets for my eNewsletter Readers Ended Free £0.00

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(Check back here for the next set of live dates if none are currently available.

There will be an mp3 recording available if you can't make the live date).


"Hi Marilyn! Many thanks for the Angel reading yesterday. Amazing insight!"


With this call I am combining some of, as Oprah Winfrey would say, my favorite things.  If you follow my eNewsletter and website you might have already taken part in some of my 'jaw dropping' (participants words, not mine) Huna and Access Consciousness Teleseminars.  And if you follow me on Facebook you might have seen or taken part in some of my 'spookily accurate' group Angel Tarot Readings.

You do not need to be on the live session.  I will do a Reading and Energy Clearing for you so long as you are registered.

During this call you have an opportunity to submit a question or energy healing request and I'll go through as many of them a I can during the call.  Realistically it will be the first 5-7 bookings that submit a question, thereafter I will do a group reading for those that don't get a personal reading, so you are advised to book early if you would like something more specifically tailored.

You can also enter a 'nickname' when booking if you would like to remain anonymous so that you can tell when I am referring to and Reading for you.   



We are usually working on issues around abundance, creating more flow, relationships, removing unseen/energetic blocks, and looking at next steps and actions. 

The Personal Readings and Energy Clearing Sessions typically take around an hour, and the we do a Group Reading and Group Energy Clearing for 15-20 minutes, and 5-10 minutes of Q&A

If you would prefer to take part in the private 1-2-1 live Coaching version of these calls, click here.




Below is some feedback from those who attended the first call that I ran:


"A massive thank you Marilyn - I'm very happy with that!


Loved it! Great way to have spent the latest one and a half hours of my life, can't think of anything else I could have done that would have been better!

Certainly spot on with the Tarot Card reading, I have spent a long time inwardly searching and now feel ready to walk the bridge with a certain confidence in my steps gained from listening to you this morning.…. as you finished the call the thought that came to mind was 'Get out of my own way!' - so that's telling me!

Thank you SO much, I always love to sit and bask in your energies and my heart is feeling full…...

Have a fantastic rest of your day… is the Carnival beckoning you again? x

more than happy for you to share…. just found myself singing the nursery rhyme 'Hey diddle diddle…' and when I reached the line 'the little dog laughed to see such fun' it struck me as a sign! it is all going to be such fun over the bridge as I suspect it was referencing the dog in the 8 of Raphael……"


Another said:

"Perfect, perfect, perfect x  More than worth a tenner.  Couple of funnines for you.  The second card you said for me was totally about what my thoughts were . . . . ."


Within an hour of the live call I received this:

"Marilyn I really can't make this shit up!!!!   HOLY CRAP!!!!  That was fast!!!!"

 Within a couple of days of my October call things started happening and I recieved this e-mail a couple of weeks later:

"Hi Marilyn 

I hope you are well! I mentioned when we spoke that I was really grateful for the changes that were happening in my home

I now have the keys to my " dream house for right now " in my hand and that came as a direct result of the Huna and Access Angel tarot call in late October. I had been umming and arring about what to do about my home which was a bungalow which we have now outgrown, and it conflicted with allot of areas of our together life. I was looking for inspiration in what seemed like an impossible situation and brought that into the call. Your reading was spot on, all about home and you had no direct knowledge of the subject. After the call That very evening I took immediate action searching the Internet to see what was out there. And there was something good! It ticks nearly every box and it's all happened in just 6 weeks !! It's AMAZING thank you !! 

Very best wishes always . . . ." 

I do what you might call 'cold readings' in that I don't necessarily know what people want to focus on, however when the e-mails and messages like the one's above keep on coming it's a wonderful reminder about the power and very unexpected things that unfold as a result of this work. 




 I have just listened to this as I was called out unexpectedly this morning.  AllI can say is Wow! as always you were spot on with my reading.  Thank you so much and for the huna etc.  Much appreciated, it was amazing."


As you will already know if you've listened to any of the Huna mp3 recordings, there are still massive energetic shifts when just listening to someone else and their issues, which is one of the things that I love about this type of work.  Also, as the quote above from someone who signed up but wasn't able to dial in live shows, it can still be 'spot on' and 'amazing' whether you are there in person or not.  


And, the energy also travels through the airwaves so you don't even have to join us live. 

Below is a summary from a participant who couldn't make one of my live Huna and Access Consciousness calls but listened to a recording instead:

Hey Marilyn

Just finished listening to your recording. (funnily I started listening to it about 2am, and finished around 3am).

Energetically, it was full on!

As soon as you had finished describing the explanation of the statement, and I gave my consent, I suddenly connected with this massive flow of energy (it may also have been because I then applied it directly to my health right after you had finished describing it).  But then as you finished describing Huna, and were about to start the 'actual' process, I figured I had better sit down, and really focus! (Was washing up dishes when I started listening!)

Anyways, as I connected, and you started the process there was so much inter-dimensional stuff I was connecting with, as well as all the other participants.  As outside of the dimension of time, I was connected to the same collective group energy and resonance, it was most surreal. At moments, I literally saw the edges of people's spaces.. or their energetic biosignatures, and holographic, multi-dimensional beingness, as the statements were unravelling, and things were shifting with each statement.

It literally felt as if you were addressing me directly, and that everything was personal, to me, and my issues, so definitely value in using and re-using the recording with others.

Happy to have a chat on the phone/skype if you'd like to discuss/connect with my experience of the recording in person.

Will keep you posted on anything related to the outcome/results, as I see them!

Thanks for sharing this.  Look forward to feeling the effects over time!!  I'm excited!!

Kind regards




During the readings I do online I'm not even addressing people directly, however this is a small taster of the feedback that I've had with the general group anonymous, and what are referred to as 'cold' Angel Tarot Readings on my Facebook page:


"Spot on you are very spooky!  Mine was 3 and yup it's all about daring to be different at the moment. Thank you  x"

"Spot on, thank you mine was no 3!!

"Thanks sweetie! Spot on as always lol x"

"I don't know how you do it. But your words are so spot on at such perfect timing. Thank you" 

"That's quite amazing.  thank you"

"Thank you Marilyn. Spot on. Could not be more relevant." 

"Looking at the other cards, none of the apply just number 3."

"Thank you very much for card reading number 3. Very exciting and quite true. Have a super day."

"#4 is so pertinent to my current situation hun! When I chose the card, I closed my eyes & it was as if the angels were shining down on it, so I knew how potent the message would be." 

"I thank you so much Marilyn Devonish for the wise words to define No2. It is so very true for where I am right now in this phase of my life. I appreciate you xXx"




"Thank you Marilyn for an excellent Angel Card reading today. I began with one issue in my mind, but decided to focus on another issue. I was amazed your reading was specifically answering my main intention and not the one I thought was right. In fact, I got the feeling the latter issue was more of a non-issue in the big scheme of things. Frankly, I was surprised how accurate your readings were as it pertained directly to my radio station, UnTangled FM. You highlighted important points about leadership and staying focused on purpose giving me brilliant clarity about my road ahead. Thank you very much for such an excellent reading. I am most happy to wholeheartedly recommend you as an Angel Card reader as soon as you are ready. Oh, by the way, did I say how impressed I was in your ability to get over 60 minutes of information to me in less than 30 minutes? Fabulous value! I wish you the best of success in this next phase of your life journey."
Love, light and infinite blessings,
Harun Rabbani,
Creator of Untangled FM Website:

"Thanks so much! That was gorgeous - I wasn't sure how clear I was (in terms of asking the questions) and yet what you came up with made so much sense on both business, love life and another personal issue levels. Love it :) And, by the way, even though today's the first time we've actually spoken, since I've got to know you a bit on Facebookwith your gorgeous mix of energy work and more corporate stuff, you've inspired me to bring more of myself into all I do. Thanks again!"
Eve Menezes Cunningham

"I heard Marilyn had started Angel Card Readings? What? That’s the question I asked myself – what’s an Angel Card Reading? Since I had no idea what this reading comprised of, I cautiously volunteered anyway. Marilyn explained how long it would take and what would happen. Lo and behold, and somewhat surprised, it was a painless process. But what truly amazed me about this reading was the uncanny accuracy. The reading highlighted where I currently am in my life and what’s about to come and to say that I am not excited is an understatement, in the least.
I also believe…no…KNOW…that as a guide herself, Marilyn is well suited for the role of being an Angel Card Reader and I can see her empowering other lives around her. I say may she long continue to do so. KWAME MCPHERSON (A couple of days after the reading, a particular event that showed up in the cards unexpectedly popped up out of the blue!)"

Kwame McPherson

"Having worked with Marilyn before, I know she is highly perceptive and intuitive, so trusted that the reading would be interesting to say the least! It isn't a case of the cards 'telling your fortune' it's all about them reflecting your current situation back at you, so you can clearly see what areas need to e worked on. Marilyn's interpretation of the cards is clear, concise and understandable, and she is adept at picking up the subtleties of your individual circumstances. I was reminded, as I often am, that when the angels want you to know something they create paths to it. Having the reading solidified my existing thoughts towards what I needed to be addressing and has given me the impetus I need to get back to it. Intuitive, charismatic and non judgmental, Marilyn made the experience wholly creditable and intelligent. Fabulous."
Lisa Howells




We will start with setting the energy, intention, and desired outcomes for the call.

I will then go through the questions submitted and depending upon the type of question and what is required do:

  • An Angel Tarot Card Reading
  • A Huna Energy Session
  • An Access Consciousness Clearing 
  • An intuitive energy reading


If you have a particular preference then do let me know in the question section when booking.  I will also do a tune in beforehand.




Once you have booked your ticket, Eventbrite will send you a notification with the dial in details and passcode.  You can either dial or listen online.  A reminder will also be sent 30 minutes prior to the call.  You will need either the PIN number or Password to dial in or log in to the online Webinar. 

Please note the conference line is limited so if spaces are sold out I will schedule another event. 




"I listened to the Huna clearing you sent yesterday not expecting anything.  I am very grateful to you as I have felt much more energised today and have been able to do a bit of clearing out - not a lot but it is a start.  There have been some very emotional endings recently so I now feel that with the clearing I am ready for new beginnings! Magic indeed!"

"Amazing results with my PTSD, just listening."

"Talk about Clearing statements and Huna breaths Marilyn, that was amazing!" 

"It was great to connect. I felt the energy and then it moving when Marilyn did her AC and Huna magic. Sparkling Love to all  you angels."




The calls run once every 4-6 weeks depending upon my schedule so save this link if there are no dates currently shown.  I suggest that you schedule an hour and 30 minutes for the call just in case people have questions that they would like to ask at the end, however if there are no questions we will finish earlier.  Please book your ticket using the booking option above.


Please note that it is a USA dial in number, however local UK, national, and international numbers are available from Instant Teleseminar.  You can also listen in online via the Webinar option. 




If you prefer to go into more depth and detail there is a live telephone or Skype version of this Big Clearing call where you get to experience the Angel Tarot Readings, Huna, Access Consciousness, and the new Core Issue Therapy and Soul Transformation Processes.  There are 3 options available and you will find further details at:





Have questions about The Big Clearing Call - Huna & Angel Tarot Teleseminar? Contact Trance Formations TM

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 8:30 PM - Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 11:30 PM (GMT)

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The Big Clearing Call - Huna & Angel Tarot Teleseminar
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