The Best Day Of My Life

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The Final Rites of a Believer 10 Week Course Feb 16 - April 13 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Timings: Tuesday Nights 7 - 8 Beginning Tuesday February16

Base Text: What the Living can do for the Dead by Dr.Shahrul Hussain (Included)

The believer must understand that there is a symbiotic relationship between inner peace (sakinah) and living a life with the End In Mind. Ironically, it is death that gives meaning to life. And preparation for death that inspires a good life.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has taught us that “Death is a gift for a believer” (Hakim, Baihaqi,& Mustadrak). This is not only because of what is promised after one has passed, but also because of the harmonious and focused lifestyle it encourages while one lives.

Naturally we value life and therefore have an aversion toward death. We don’t like talking or thinking about it. However, learning about death is pivotal in developing a healthy God-conscious, principle-centered lifestyle. Additionally, studies of this nature enable us to face and prepare for this inevitable phase of our lives and are effective in alleviating large amounts of stress.

The title of this course “The Best Day of My Life” has been taken from a lengthy supplication of a Bedouin Companion (May Allah be pleased with him) that was rewarded and endorsed by our Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon Him) when he prayed:

اجعل خير عمري آخره، وخير عملي خواتيمه، وخير أيامي يوم ألقاك فيه

“Make my final years the best years, my last deed my best deed and the best day of my life the day I meet you (Allah)”

In summary, some of the primary areas that this course will Inshallah cover are:

What it means to live with The End In Mind.

How to pen a personal mission statement.

The final moments and days of The Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon Him) and some accounts of the final moments of the pious ( May Allah’s mercy be upon them)

Rewards for bearing an illness

5 rights of a believer

6 etiquettes of visiting the sick

Visiting people of other faith

Is treatment mandatory, preferred or optional?

The difference between wishing for death and preparing for it

Journey of death

The phase of the grave

The Meaning of Bid’ah and its different types

When a person is dying


The Immediate rights of the deceased

The Subject matter of Euthanasia - Does one have the right to die?

Scenarios with respect to withdraw life support

How is death determined

Autopsy and postmortems

Introduction to transplants and blood transfusions

The etiquette of offering condolences

Rites of people of other faith

The Funeral prayer

The Burial and etiquettes of burial

Keeping in touch with those who have passed

Donating rewards to the deceased (Isal al Thawab)

What it means to keep an updated will

Atonements, debts and expiations


Online Event

Refund Policy

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Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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