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Join The Beauty Boost Membership for May 1, 2019 through May 1, 2020! An ENTIRE YEAR.

You're instantly part of a group of women who are looking to better themselves and link up with others doing the same!

Women of this group are passionate about health + fitness + adventure + FEELING good and living a life of intention and purpose. Women here are kind, compassionate and no bull-shit kinda people. If that’s all good with you, keep reading below about what it means to be part of The Beauty Boost Membership.

EVERYTHING THIS INCLUDES IS on the website and below <3 It doesn't mean you have to use it all...but just know it's here for you!


Everyday SHOULD be lived like it’s the last. But some days (let's admit it), it’s hard to stay positive and inspired on our own. SO, we created EveryDay Inspired (EDI) - a private Facebook community that brings you a new mentor each week with daily inspirational tidbits on health, wellness, empowerment, etc.. Some weeks may have action items and challenges for you to participate in, or just read along if that suits you. Bonus: A lot of our mentors give out fun prizes and giveaways! *Previously free to join, but now exclusive to members.


Every month we meetup for a workout/health gathering + brunch/dinner/drinks to create a space for women to meet one another, try something new and just have fun and live a little. *Membership includes complimentary tickets to 9 of these throughout the year. Your fitness class/excursion is always included. The optional restaurant food or drinks will not be included.


Hands down, the Beauty Boost weekend getaway retreats are some of our favorite offerings and we hope you join us at one! Because of this, we’ve created a single day retreat for members only that will be offered twice per year. We can’t tell you the whole itinerary but just know it’ll stay local and your first part of the day will be filled with fitness classes and meditation, empowerment coaching, adventure + hands on creations. The latter half of the day will be filled with spa style experiences, restorative yoga and a healthy dinner + wine…creating the perfect balance. Sounds nice, huh? *Membership includes this all-inclusive day retreat which you'll have two dates to choose from throughout the year.


We know by now that being healthy isn’t just working out and eating well. Our attitude towards ourselves and life, the thoughts we tell ourselves, and our mental state is HUGE for our health! Our empowerment workshops are offered a minimum of 6 times per year and focus on things like motivational chats, journaling sessions, vision boarding, mantra creating and more. *Membership includes tickets to 2 empowerment workshops of your choice throughout the year.


Our largest fitness events: The Taste of Fitness series. This includes various workouts from tons of local studios. In addition, we offer complimentary nail + braid bars at these events. Taste of Fitness Columbus is offered 4x per year, Cleveland 1x and Cincinnati 1x. *Membership includes a complimentary ticket to a TOF Sampler or TOF CLE/CINCY of your choice throughout the year.


You'll get an all-inclusive VIP party to socialize + indulge. We can't tell ya those secrets now but it'll be awesome..


We find Sunday is a great day for planning your week ahead and really getting inspired so that when Monday rolls around you’re ready to thrive. You will receive a weekly email filled with resources including: workouts, articles, suggested books, recipes, skill shares & more. Members will get turns (if they want) to “own” a week and create all of the content to send out so you get to really meet eachother + fresh ideas are always pouring in.


We all get stuck from time to time. It can be a big stuck like, “Oh shoot. I just realized I actually hate my career but have no idea what to do with my life.” It can also be just a little stuck like, “I like my life but I feel so tired and depleted all of the time. I don’t know how to manage my schedule or create days for better energy.” Whatever you want to chat on, your membership includes one initial email full of tough questions followed by a coaching call or video for up to two hours.


When you feel mentally and physically balanced you feel great. Then add on a group of women who are all striving for the same. Life is hard and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We go through different seasons of life and it’s SO MUCH BETTER when you have support and healthy relationships with positive women.


Based on your application form and geographic location, we’ll match you up in an optional small group of three to five women where you can chat and meet on a smaller basis for outings, workouts etc!


You’ll receive a special swag bag upon membership enrollment filled to inspire, empower and help you feel beautiful.


“How did I miss that retreat!?” “OH man, it’s SOLD OUT!” We hear this from you a lot. So now you’ll get early access to everything before the public! This also includes early access to the Large Taste of Fitness with a guaranteed Fit Bag upon ticket purchase no matter your spot in line.


If you want to join the monthly book club we're happy to match you with a group in your location!

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