The Barnabas Group and CBMC Leadership Coach Training

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The Barnabas Group and CBMC Leadership Coach Training

Leadership Coach Training is a workshop focused on intentional development of coaching skills in Christian businessmen for real life change

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A Virtual Event - Full day of Training

Limited Availability - Registration closes two weeks before the training. Sign up Now.

What You Can Expect?

Kick-Off Full Day Workshop Day 1 - Runs from 9:00 to 4:00. Professionally facilitated with breakout discussion facilitated by a certified coach trainer. We discuss:

  • The Art of Leadership Coaching
  • What is Coaching - What it isn’t
  • Coaching Values - Living them out
  • The Practice of Leadership Coaching
  • Intuitive Listening
  • Powerful Questions
  • Goal Setting and action steps
  • Sustainable Change
  • Establishing a coaching culture

Peer-to-Peer Coaching Practice (7 weekly calls with your peer buddy) - You will have the opportunity to practice the coaching principles in a comfortable, non-threatening environment with a peer in the program. You will also have the opportunity to listen in on coaching conversations and experience coaching conducted by a certified Christian Leadership Coach.

Reading and Reflection Exercises - A specific agenda and format to walk you through concepts and exercises that reinforce the primary principles and skills of Christian Leadership Coaching - 7 weeks between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2.

Final Practicum Workshop Day 2 - Runs 1/2 day and will be set by the trainer and the team on Day 1 of the training. This workshop ties all of the concepts and practice together providing a rich leadership coaching experience.

For detailed event information, contact Marc Ottestad,

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From Phillip Kelley, Author, Communicator, Influencing the Influencers

“This is the second time I’ve participated in Leadership Coach Training and, although I didn’t think it could get better, it really did! To top matters off, because of the COVID-19, we did the entire 8 week course via ZOOM. I can say that, having experienced both the in-person version and the ZOOM version, it was just as effective. In fact, because other men from other cities participated, we gained various perspectives that we otherwise would not have had.

As I work with NFL athletes and world-class leaders, this training is literally priceless…I can’t recommend Leadership Coach Training enough.”

From Jim Hanna, Private Wealth Advisor

"LCT was practical training that I can use in my business, family, and really all life relationships. The content/curriculum was world class, and the format was even better. Over 8 weeks I was reminded, received feedback and actually practiced implementing the teaching. Ongoing connections with peers and the leader over this extended time helped me get so much out of this course. Thank you!"

From Tim Bonnell, Jr, Pres./Owner Aeris Insurance Solutions

"Leadership Coach Training helped me become a better leader, husband, and father. Through the process I learned that I didn’t actively listen well to others, so I wasn’t able to communicate with them in the most meaningful way. I discovered how to ask good questions that help uncover positive revelations and create progress and goodwill in business and personal relationships."

From Jim Marmon, Owner, Marmon Commercial LLC

“It [Leadership Coach Training] has given me a whole new approach to relationships. I used to think I had to have all the answers. There is a lot of pressure in that. Now I know how to ask powerful questions that help others to discover their own solutions. I believe in people again and actively search for ways and opportunities to coach them.”

From Dennis Wiley, Chairman, Jayhawk Fire Co.

“Leadership Coach Training has shown me the value of investing in another man’s life, and how simple it is to do. Moving from the transactional to the relational has energized my life. I have purpose, direction, and new skills to develop deeper relationships with my wife, kids, peers, and whomever God puts in my path.”

From Dusty Clevenger, Strategic Advisor, Clevenger Advisory

“Leadership Coach Training has helped me to see people as God sees them. In relationships with others, I have learned skills to help draw out the deep water of their soul, to be more of who God wants them to be. As a result, I am a better husband, friend, leader, and follower of Christ.”

From John Kliewer, Partner/Sr. Financial Advisor, Beyond Wealth Advisors

“Leadership Coach Training has taught me how to do for one that which I wish I could do for many. I desire to be the spiritual leader of my family and to develop intentional spiritual friendships. My purpose is to be the man God called me to be by creating the environment where each person I coach can fulfill their God-given potential.”