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The Awakened Heart Retreat

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325 North Lomita Street

Burbank, CA 91506

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Join us for a transformational weekend retreat on emotional elegance, non dual deep mindfulness practice and how to create conscious, loving and passionate relationships.

The retreat will be led by former Buddhist monk, Beloved Teacher and Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers, Michael Gregory and Davita Moodley, Conscious Relationship Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

A life of suffering is one that is driven by the unconscious mind. A truly meaningful and joyful life and relationships are created with conscious awareness and emotional elegance. In this powerful retreat we will share compassionate wisdom and life changing techniques that have transformed thousands of lives.

In This Retreat You Will Discover:

The empowering practice of emotional elegance and how to be completely free of Anger, Anxiety, Guilt and Depression through scientifically proven mindfulness techniques.

What a deep practice of mindfulness and non duality as a living experience really is and how it can awaken your life and relationships to the highest possibility.

How to imbue your life and relationships with limitless loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

What Annata Or Not Self is and how this will free you from suffering.

To recognize and make conscious the repetitive selfing archetypal patterns that play out in your life and relationships that ultimately sabotage your happiness and awakening.

Making the unconscious, conscious and integrating this wisdom into your life to experience great freedom and joy.

How create a conscious, loving and passionate relationship that become a sacred space on your path to awakening.

What To Expect:

High intensity, interactive, direct and ego clearing teachings and discussions, filled with humor and heart.

Profound Guided Meditations and transmissions of rare practices.

Contemplative written exercises and practices

Guided mindfulness based hypnosis


Friday Night Public Talk:



4 Sessions

8am - 8pm


2 Sesions

8 - 12pm

It is proffered that you attend the Friday night talk, but if you have absolute schedule difficulties let us know and you can attend Saturday - Sunday.


This retreat is open to all, but spaces are very limited so please sign up ahead of time. We are offering this retreat on a generosity- donation only basis and we ask each attendee to consider what these teachings mean to you and consider the costs involved in holding a retreat. We have suggested donations below but these are based upon personal capacity and generosity. If you would like to donate more feel free to do so, Mindfulness Meditation Centers functions on the generosity of its member. If this is not within your range than donate as much is possible for you. If you are going through financial hardship and want to attend it would be our honor to have you as our guest, please email us.

The system of Dana is an ancient tradition is Buddhism and is said to be the most spiritually cohesive way to experience and benefit from teachings. When a practitione truly meditates on their heart and these teachings and gives with true generosity, gives to to the teachings as an offering of themselves and their practice then a beautiful space opens in the heart for transformation.

Email Davitamoodley@gmail.com if you have any further questions.

Suggested Donation:

$ 250 - $450

We look forward to you joining us for this heart awakening retreat.

About Michael Gregory:

Michael Gregory went from being an Investment Banker to becoming a Buddhist and the Leading Teacher in the field of Buddhism and Mindfulness for the last 20 years.

He was ordained in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, and later ordained in the Tibetan tradition in Sikkim where he entered into long retreat in Tibet and Tailand. Later he was asked to return to the US by his Tibetan teachers to teach Buddhism in the West.

Michael Gregory has been the Executive Director of the Mindfulness Meditation Center community in California, Colorado and Florida since 2000 as well as the Beyond Therapy counseling community. He has actively practiced Buddhism and meditation for over 25 years and has joyfully instructed a continuous stream of practitioners of all levels and backgrounds in North America, Thailand and India.

Michael is well known for his direct, powerful, and often humorous teaching style stressing insight, mindfulness, concentration (jhana) meditation and practical, liberating practices. He places special emphasis on the application of Equanimity, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Joy in daily life.

He is now married and offers clear and empomeeting insights on how to bring Buddhism and Mindfulness into modern life, relationships and how to be in this world but not of it.

About Davita Moodley;

Davita is Conscious Relationship Therapist and Mindful Hypnotherapist. She guides others to discover and harness the power of mindful awareness and to heal past subconscious wounds and step in radical self love and awakening. She is bringing forward a new paradigm of conscious, loving and passionate relationships that act as a vessel to self realization.

She is devoted to a bringing forward a path of awakening heart and mind through powerful practices of Hypnotherapy and Non Dual Mindfulness.

She specializes in matters of the heart: family trauma, and relationship issues: self worth, self love, self confidence, healing from a relationship ending, removing subconscious relationship blockages, commitment issues, relationship insecurity, anxiety, jealousy and fears of abandonment and learning how to turn pain into compassionate awakening and conscious relationships.

Davita shares her journey from suffering and difficult relationships to the joyful life and beautifu, conscious and loving relationship she now experiences and lives.

If you have questions:

Contact Off-site Retreat Coordinator Davita Moodley:



Class capacity is limited. If a cancellation is necessary, please inform us as soon as possible prior to the retreat, so that your seat can be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Policy and Days Prior Full Refund:

30 Days: Full Refund

14 Days Prior: 50% Refund plus 25% Processing Fee.

7 Days and Under:

Transfer of Donation to Your MMC Account that can be used for Another MMC Retreat.

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Date and Time


325 North Lomita Street

Burbank, CA 91506

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