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Join us for a tour of our Artificial Intelligence-powered Talent Sourcing platform, and see how your company can join the #FutureOfHiring!

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We all understand that time is valuable. The less time it takes a Veteran to find their next career, the better it is for them, their family, and their community. Reducing hire time for employers is critical to business fluidity and success.

We have translated thousands of military occupations into the transferable skills employers are looking for. Our AI Powered platform removes the barriers of a resume and applying for jobs online. Our skills matching program makes the human connection using unique data sets and an algorithm. We open the door for service members, veterans of all eras, military spouses, veteran spouses, and working age dependents to connect with employers intentionally hiring our community for their skills. Here’s how our program works:

Employers create unlimited job profiles listing the required skills for your jobs. Our program matches job profiles to the candidate’s skills profile with the highest percentage of match criteria. You, the employer, then review your matched candidate profiles. Once you’ve viewed the candidate’s profile, you unlock the contact information and reach out to the candidate with the confidence they have the skills you are looking for.

How We Got Here Veterans ASCEND was created by a veteran who is also a certified HR professional. Taking from our transition out of the military, and our subsequent work in the Human Resources field, we learned a few things: 1) Veterans can have a hard time translating their military experience into skills for the civilian sector hiring process. 2) Veterans spend countless hours on job boards submitting resumes and never receive feedback. 3) Employers across the country can have a hard time connecting with veterans even if they are close to a military installation. 4) Employers may not understand a military resume and how a veteran’s military experience translates to the skills they need for their company. Lastly, 5) Factor in the limited time HR departments have to review resumes, and veterans can be quickly overlooked for positions where they can use their skills to help a business succeed. The Veterans ASCEND model answers the call, reversing the hiring process, decreasing time to hire, and allowing the employer to see how the veteran’s skills fit across the organization.

Membership Pricing:

100% FREE for Candidates to create Profiles

For employers, our membership model is based on employee count. Monthly and Annual options are available. We provide unlimited match reviews of true CANDIDATES, not applicants.

Questions? Contact us at for more information or visit our Website at:

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