The Art of Sensual Intelligence: Awaken Sensual Depth & Intimacy

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Noe Valley, San Francisco

28th Street and Diamond

San Francisco, CA 94131

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"The Women’s Wake Up Club is a rare and beautiful space for women in SF to create conscious sisterhood."

-Brenda F.

"This is for anyone who believes that connecting deeply and authentically with other women will help everyone on their growth and consciousness paths."

-Lan N.

"In a fast moving and often competitive city, where people move through their days attached to devices in work hard/play hard mode, the Women’s Wake Up Club is a place for high caliber and high vibration women to come together and have a safe space to share authentically."

- Sara B.

"Just the kind of conscious community I was craving!"

-Stephanie T.


February Topic: The Art of Sensual Intelligence

Sensuality – our intimate connection with this world, ourselves, and one another – is a form of intelligence.

As we awaken and deepen our Sensual Intelligence, we cultivate more pleasure, vitality, and confidence – enlivening our relationships, our sense of purpose, and our connection with ourselves and others.

In short, Sensual Intelligence is access to our freedom...

  • Clearer decision making
  • Heightened ecstasy in our bodies
  • Deeper emotional and physical connection with partners
  • Greater empowerment to create what we want
  • More artful communication with others

Like all forms of intelligence, we can develop our Sensual Intelligence through play and practice

In this workshop you will:

- Tap into your body's sensations on the deepest levels, so you can experience vivid pleasure and aliveness

- Feel a deeper connection with your intuition

- Remember yourself as an erotic, joyful, sensual, and free creature

- Discover tools for sensual awareness so that you can access the and wisdom of your body-brain

- Develop and embody your sensual intelligence, so it goes beyond theory and into your life


Shawnrey is a romantic to her core, and not afraid to show it. Her joyful honesty comes from her Saggitarus sun, and her deep interest in all things emotional and feminine come from her Cancer moon. She is on this planet to help women and couples to awaken their pleasure and live vivaciously in their bliss. Whether with her Sensual Intelligence Workshops, embodied poetry online and in open mics, dancing and teaching others to dance their lives and their bodies.

Her credentials and experience? Certified as an Intimacy and Relationship counselor. Avid practicing and teaching sensualist (having taught numerous workshops and 1-1s in the areas of sensual massage, dominance and submission, and other things around desire and sensuality that are important, but scary for people), 18 years a dancer, performed for Justin Timberlake and Madonna, event energizer for conferences (magically getting corporate types, business folks, and even Wisconsin policemen dancing, in their bodies, smiling and connecting), long time meditator, and former yoga teacher.



The Women's Wake Up Club is a monthly in-person wellness gathering for women. Our mission is to bring education, personal growth work and community together as a vehicle for healing, happiness, full self-expression and fulfillment for women.

To “wake up” means to fully activate your potential and get out of your own way to do so. The desire to be awake is what connects us all.

We understand that waking up is challenging work, but in the end nothing could be more valuable and worthwhile and best of all, we get to do it together.

**Space is limited to 20 women for each gathering **

**Investment: $30 (includes dinner)**



  • You get to fully immerse in the company of women
  • It's a way to connect and be supported by women who want what you want: awakening
  • You get women-focused education and training on how to improve your wellness
  • You get to tap into a pool of healing, understanding, sisterhood and power
  • You get to tap into your power and create the life you want


  • In-person women-only gatherings
  • Healthy plant-based dinners
  • Guest teaching on women's wellness and awakening
  • Access to a private facebook group to continue to discussion and connection between gatherings

Your fee will cover the cost of meals and guest teachers. Each month will focus on a theme that is crucial to women's awakening. We will delve into topics around healing the past, accessing desire and intuition, conscious dating + relationships, sex + sensuality, living into your purpose and creating authentic sisterhood and much more. Each month there will be a guest teacher who will contribute her personal and professional experience on the topics we are exploring.



March 26, 2020 with guest teacher Maja Jerkic (neuroscience, transformation, taking a dream and bringing it into physical reality)

April 22, 2020 with guest teacher Irene McCalphin (sovereign embodiment, healing, queerness, mind, body & spirit)

May 28, 2020 with guest teacher and founder Michele Lynn Wellington (healthy dating, conscious relationships, healing, self-worth)

June 25, 2020 TBD

July 23, 2020 with guest teacher Stephanie Almanzar (conscious dominance, vision, desire, feminine influence)

August 27, 2020 TBD

September 24, 2020 TBD

October 22, 2020 TBD



January 23, 2020: Body Love: Redefining and Celebrating Our Unique Beauty with guest teacher Emily Kingsbury (body love, self-esteem, healing, empowerment)

October 24, 2019: Building Awareness & Feminine Influence with guest teacher Stephanie Almanzar (conscious dominance, vision, desire, feminine influence)

September 26, 2019: Date With Depth: How to Attract Love Without Losing Yourself with founder Michele Wellington - conscious dating, relationships, self-love, personal transformation

August 22, 2019: Deepening Your Connection to the Cosmos with Rebecca M Farrar (The Wild Witch of the West) - Astrology, soul-care, enchantment, cosmos

July 25, 2019: Magic School for Boss B*tches with guest teacher Cara Joy Brand - Human Design, intuition, modern magic, feminine rising

June 27, 2019: Love, Truth & Conviction: Healing for Modern Women with founder Michele Wellington - Innate goodness, self-awareness, healing, harnessing power

May 23, 2019: Sex, Money & Power: Finding Exstacy with guest teacher Briana Cavanaugh - Money, accounting, self-love, pleasure

April 25, 2019: Geomorpholgy & The Feminine with guest teacher Elyna Anderson - Myth, soul work, plate tectonics, rootedness

March 28, 2019: Exploring Archetypes: Igniting Desire, Vision & Purpose with guest teacher Stephanie Almanzar - Empowerment, conscious dominance, desire and visioning

February 28, 2019: Conscious Partnership with guest teacher Alexandra Stockwell - Passion, purpose, communication, relationships

January 24, 2019: Cycle Syncing with guest teacher Kate Hockett - Empowerment, self-care, creativity and productivity


For any questions please contact Michele at thewomenswakeupclub@gmail.com or call (860) 301-0180 and please leave a message. She will call you back within the hour.

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Date and Time


Noe Valley, San Francisco

28th Street and Diamond

San Francisco, CA 94131

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