The Agile Manager - Kansas City, MO
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The Agile Manager - Kansas City, MO

The Agile Manager - Kansas City, MO

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Centriq Training

8700 State Line Road

Suite 200

Leawood, KS

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The Agile Manager: Formerly Managing Agile Environments

An Integral Approach to Designing Breakthrough Agile Environments

Why This Class?

We all know by now that no matter how great your agile implementation, it all ultimately hinges on how well your management and leadership not only gets Agile, but how able they are to create the organizational environments needed for it to grow and thrive and, ultimately, to ignite truly great performance across the organization.

The Agile Manager is specifically designed to help managers in the middle (director-level and down) develop the awareness and know-how needed to create organizational environments that give your Agile teams what they need to truly grow and prosper.

Who this Class is For

Managers who have direct responsibility for the performance and development of agile teams and programs and who want to significant deepen their capacity for managing and leading agile transformation.


This is definitely not an introductory Agile class. Attendees must have basic training in Agile, such as Scrum or Kanban, and should be currently managing an Agile implementation, or preparing to do so.

Outcomes the Class Will Produce

By participating in this workshop, you will

  • Know and “own” your role as an agile manager: when to step in and direct a team, when to step back and let a team make its own decisions, when to coach, when to mentor, and what to pay attention to across the broader organizational environment.

  • Have a deeper understanding of the agile process architecture and where you can fudge things and where you can’t.

  • Learn how to use professional coaching skills to have 1-on-1 conversations with direct reports that help them grow as leaders.

  • Learn how to maximize product life cycle profits by managing the delicate balance between focusing on customer value, on the one hand, and managing technical debt, on the other.

  • Learn how to apply systems thinking tools to characterize and resolve your greatest organizational challenges.

  • Understand what it means to empower your teams in ways that does not require you to abdicate your responsibility as manager to the larger organization, or your leadership.

  • Understand yourself better as a leader in an agile environment.


The Agile Manager is oriented around an Integral model of organizational and change work that offers a comprehensive, systemic view of organizations and organizational change.  This model and approach provides managers with the key levers and dials they need to create highly adaptive Agile environments.  The workshop’s main topics track this model.

  • Maximizing Product Lifecycle Profits: Managing technical debt while maximizing the delivery of customer value; the integrity of agile team practice; understanding the phases of agile team development and knowing how to best support the team where they are; the deeply interlocking nature of agile practices.

  • Growing Other Leaders: The difference between a person’s ‘inner’ game (their level of emotional and cognitive development) and their ‘outer’ game (the skills, competencies and abilities they are able to practice regularly); key skills of professional coaching to help others grow their inner game; learn how to effectively engage in pivotal conversations; honestly assess your own leadership capacity using the Leadership Circle Reactive-Creative framework.

  • Resolving Impediments So That They Stay Resolved: Problems and impediments reveal organizational impediments that otherwise go unseen; detecting the hidden dynamics of systems behavior that generate organizational dysfunction; learn to use systems thinking tools to uncover and remediate those hidden dynamics.

  • Creating a Culture of Shared Vision, Purpose and Alignment. Learn an extremely compelling model for deciphering the cultural make-up of your organization, and how to leverage some of your greatest cultural ‘deficits’ for the greater good of your Agile transformation; learn how to leverage the latest in relationship systems intelligence (RSI) technology to more powerfully influence how groups and teams can work together.

Some Questions You Might Have

  • How do I know if this class is for me? This class is specifically designed for managers who know the basics of Agile and who are managing in an organization in which one or more agile teams or programs are up and running.

  • How is the material presented? The class is highly interactive, fun and experiential, combining work in groups, practice in pairs, whole group conversation and brief presentations of key concepts and distinctions.

  • Who are the instructors? The instructors are senior trainers from Agile Coaching Institute. As with all of our trainings, there are two instructors for every class, providing a highly provocative and dynamic learning environment. Instructors are highly seasoned agile coaches and consultants, each with at least 12 years experience coaching large enterprise Agile transitions, and the managers and leaders who lead them.


Length: Three days

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm each day with a lunch break.

Cancellation Policy

We make business decisions based on how many people have registered for a given class.  If you must change or cancel your registration, please know that it impacts everyone.  Still, we know that sometimes things happen.  Here's how it will work if you must reschedule or cancel:

If you notify ACI at least 20 business days prior to the class, you may receive full credit for a future ACI class  -or- a full refund.

If you notify ACI less than 20 business days prior to the class, you may receive credit for a future ACI class minus a $25 rescheduling fee  -or-  a full refund minus a $100 cancellation fee.

If you notify ACI less than 5 business days prior to the event, you may receive credit for a future event minus a $150 rescheduling fee plus any additional expenses incurred for catering and event charges resulting from your cancellation. No refunds.

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Date and Time

Centriq Training

8700 State Line Road

Suite 200

Leawood, KS

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