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4741 Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 91607

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~ ~ ~ Space is limited. Please book early. ~ ~ ~

What if you could take control of your career? What if you could tap into your unique strengths, skills, talents, interests, and imagination -- and turn it all into powerful stories? What if you could design projects that serve your career -- and then actually make those projects happen?

Welcome to the Actor's STORY Workshop

In this brand new 8-week roll-up-your-sleeves adventure, we'll blend an exclusive combination of acting, improvisation, writing, creativity, and story mapping exercises... to imagine and then develop projects born out of your unique talents and interests.

We'll identify your noteworthy skills and passions, and then use them to build strong, marketable stories that simultaneously serve your goals -- all with an eye toward real-world production. You'll imagine and explore... experiment and improve... play and create... and get razor-sharp targeted notes and feedback to refine your stories and project ideas.

Over these 8 weeks, you will discover and workshop:

  • The Actor's Story development process
  • How to tap into the source of your unique creativity
  • Simple techniques for harnessing unlimited great ideas
  • How to develop any idea into a complex story
  • How to use (and how to avoid) story formulas, for impact
  • How to enhance ideas and projects that serve your career
  • Writing techniques that tap into the core of a character
  • A method for creating and performing powerful dialogue
  • How to identify and avoid ideas that work against you
  • Customized techniques based on your unique style
  • A systematic way to build your reputation and fan base
  • How to follow through with the projects you develop
    ...and a whole lot more.

This is an active development workshop -- part acting class, part writing incubator, part hands-on business development and strategy workshop. In each session, you'll experiment, play, interact, imagine, create, perform, and get personalized notes for improvement.

We'll discuss, talk out, walk through, and play out your ideas, your stories, your projects, and your plans. We'll tap into your passions, identify your talents, and exercise your creativity. And as you work with other actors' projects, you'll gain a whole understanding of story.

Whether you want to create mainstream stories or avante garde arthouse fare... whether you want to meticulously script an epic movie or partially improvise a Mumblecore film... whether you want to develop for big budgets or micro... we'll infuse real-world business considerations from the producer's perspective, to develop powerful and entertaining projects — and practical strategies for implementing them — that serve both the audience... and your overall career goals.

Development with an Eye on Production

Throughout the workshop, each participant will flesh out the bones of a film project, born out of their unique passions, interests, and talents. Each week, we'll workshop your ideas and discuss your scenes (and how to get more out of your potential), and continue to shape your project through a variety of exercises and activities.

While it may not be possible to produce all of the film projects developed through this workshop, that is our goal.

But since it's impossible to guarantee it -- this workshop will focus on developing the tools, the insights, the knowledge and the understanding of how to do it. Each participant will always own their own work, and be entitled to do with it as they please.

At the end of 8 weeks, we will assess our progress, review the projects, and determine (as a group) which ones warrant production and/or further development. You'll get detailed notes to work on throughout the holidays, and then we'll re-assess the projects again in the new year.

Then again, maybe you'll be the one to make your film over the holidays...

This workshop will run twice weekly, and is currently scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7 to 10pm, between January 22nd and March 15th. Please note that workshop dates and times are subject to change for scheduling purposes, and will be finalized prior to the start of the workshop.

About the Teacher

Jeff Bollow is an award-winning filmmaker, best-selling author, public speaker, and film festival organizer with over 35 years in the film industries of the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. He has written two books (Writing FAST and a book for Apple), delivered a TED Talk, and developed a YouTube channel on screenwriting and story development with over a million views.

Starting as a child actor in LA, Jeff appeared in dozens of film, TV, TVC, radio, and theatre projects, including Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Columbo, and many others. As an indie filmmaker, he won IFC's New Filmmaker Award for his first short film, Australia's prestigious ATOM Award for his first educational program, and he has directed television in New Zealand, and plays in Australia.

When he couldn't find material to produce in Australia, Jeff began teaching screenwriting Down Under. Over the next 20 years, he built FAST Screenplay -- the world's most comprehensive step-by-step screenplay development system -- to guide writers from idea to the sale. He has taught tens of thousands of writers in over 50 countries.

Jeff's passion is directing and producing, and his goal is to build an independent film studio that produces 3-6 films per year.

A Statement from Jeff

"Bottom line: Why choose this acting workshop? Because it's time to harness the creative power actors uniquely tap into.

When I was young, I fell out of love with acting. Well, not acting so much as the business of acting. I never stopped loving the craft, but I felt increasingly disempowered by it. Always waiting for someone else to like me... to choose me... to allow me to do this job I so enjoyed.

Instead, I threw my passion into production. I've done every job in all aspects of development, production, post-production... even distribution. I took control, and started making my own short films, and then longer projects, and eventually feature films. When I moved to Australia, I had an idea that absolutely inspired me: I wanted to build an independent film studio to make 3-6 films a year... with lots of filmmakers and people who were as passionate as me. The only problem? I couldn't find any viable projects to produce!

That's when I started teaching would-be screenwriters how to write material I could actually get packaged and made. But that became an enormous rabbit hole. Sure, the further down it I went, the more I learned about creativity, writing, storytelling, and filmmaking... but the further I also got from my passion -- actually making films. Trying to help and teach writers became a full time job!

Well, now that I've returned to Los Angeles, my home town, I've begun reconnecting with my roots. And I've started to think about how I might combine all these skills I've learned -- how to blend the years of acting, improvisation, and hands-on creative work I used to do (and teach) with all the story development knoweldge and skills I've come to understand so deeply.

This new adventure -- "The Actor's STORY" Workshop -- represents a new vision, and a new way for all of us to take charge. I've always been inspired by Robert Rodriguez, and later by the Duplass brothers, and that whole indie generation that just got out there and starting making stuff. Well, the truth is, we really have no excuses anymore. The world is wide open. There are no roadblocks, other than those we put up for ourselves. So I've decided that the time is right to DO this. Now. Today.

I would love to have you join me -- even if it's only for the free evening. I would love to share with you my ideas, my experience, my vision, my passion, and my discoveries. Whether you join me beyond that or not is entirely your call. There is no pressure, no sales pitch, no gimmicks. I want you to take what works for you, discard what doesn't, and carve out the unique path to your one-of-a-kind career. I want to find 'the actor's story' inside your imagination, and help you bring it to life.

Here's to your continued success, always.


Discover the Blueprint!

To ensure that we get off to a powerful start, we're putting together an introductory session for anyone interested in the Actor's STORY™ Workshop.

On Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 7pm, for three inspiring, empowering, and info-packed hours, Jeff will guide you through the background, the concept, and the core ideas of the Actor's STORY™ Workshop.

Seating is limited. Please book early!

When you sign up for the Actor's STORY™ Workshop (on this page), you automatically get a FREE seat in the introduction evening. But if you'd like to come discover in person what this is all about before committing to the 8-week workshop, click the link to book your seat in the $10 intro evening. (Just note that this ongoing workshop is limited to 20 participants.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask at

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4741 Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 91607

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