The 8 Percent Presents: Unlimited Energy for Entrepreneurs

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8 Percent HQ

17 Yarra Street

South Yarra, VIC 3141


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The Number One issue for all high-level business performers is energy management.

Do you ever look at other entrepreneurs and think - "... if only I had that much energy, I could really take on the world!"?

We all need more energy - but personal energy is like a battery. As time goes on, the late nights, high levels of stress and poor sleeping, eating and dietary patterns do damage. After a few years in business, a lot of entrepreneurs talk about feeling tired all the time.

But of course, because they're high performers they push through.

They decide that it's just a product of getting older - everyone is tired, why shouldn't they be?

They push harder and try to out-work it - because that's always worked for them before.

They stick their heads in the sand as things get harder - they pride themselves on being tough and not complaining.

They drink caffeine like it's going out of style - and then wine at night to get down off the high.

What if - it was possible to retrain your energy levels so that the battery has more charge than it did before you started your business?

What if - the answer wasn't actually "eat less and exercise more" - but "eat more and exercise less"?

What if - the brain fog and tiredness weren't just a thing you have to deal with now, but something we could help you fix?

What could you do if you had unlimited energy?

How much more could you accomplish? How much more money would you make? How many more people would you reach? How much better would your relationships be with your family - and with yourself?

The problem is: there are plenty of people promising they can help. You've probably tried a whole bunch of different programs - diet, exercise, spiritual fulfillment. And while they've all helped a bit, you're still stuck.

There's so much misinformation in the marketplace - in no small part, because anyone can claim they know what they're talking about and then advertise it on the Facewebs.

There's a pandemic of bad research - research funded by corporate entities whose findings are hugely suspect.

There's also a pandemic of bad researchers - you can't believe everything you read on the internet. And neither should the PT who's giving you a meal-plan that worked for them or for someone they know.

Over the 3 hours of this free live event, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Feng-Yuan Liu, will discuss:

* The Secret of High Level Entrepreneurial Performers: the one secret they know about personal energy management that you're missing ...

* What PT's Don't Understand About Entrepreneurs: The very specific needs entrepreneurs have, that set their dietary requirements apart from normal employees.

* Why Duck Fat Fries Might Be The Answer: how one entrepreneurial client incorporated duck fat fries into her previously "Paleo" diet and why she says it's "The best change for my weight, health and well-being I've ever made".

* The Three Pillars of Entrepreneurial Energy: and why we guarantee you're missing at least one of them.

* The Answer to Mystery Symptoms: So many of Yuan's entreprneurial clients come to her because they have mystery symptoms that doctors fail to diagnose (or dismiss as "Just" stress). These can be anything from skin and hair issues, through to

* The "Calories In / Calories Out" Lie - why dieting and working out hasn't worked for you.

* The physical effects that the stress of running a business have on your body - this is why so many entrepreneurs struggle with their weight and their energy - and why Facebook is making you fat.

A light supper and snacks will be provided.

Attendees will also receive a FREE - "Unlimited Energy for Entrepreneurs" book on the night.

THIS IS NOT: some MLM "take a pill and you'll get better!" approach to life.

THIS IS NOT: "the food pyramid is right!" approach to diet.

THIS IS NOT: a crossfit / paleo cult. Nor is it a "Paleo is the devil" take-down.

THIS IS: peer-reviewed science that Feng-Yuan has spent a decade researching and then implementing with clients at her own clinic in Melbourne.

Even if you think you've "heard it all" - we guarantee you'll learn something new at this event.

If you're tired of "traditional" science - and studies that were clearly funded by lobby groups and businesses.

If you're tired of "bro" science - people who claim they understand the body, but who failed 10th Grade Science.

If you're tired of "general" advice - because, let's face it, entrepreneurs have a specific set of needs and constraints that regular employees never have to worry about it.

Then this free event is for you!

Book now - tickets strictly limited.

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Date and Time


8 Percent HQ

17 Yarra Street

South Yarra, VIC 3141


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