The 5 Biggest Blockchain Trends, with Crypto Influencer Szczepan Bentyn

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Description - The 5 Biggest Blockchain Trends, with Crypto Influencer Szczepan Bentyn

This event is relaxed and fun, encourages conversations, and gives you the opportunity you've been looking for-- meet interesting speakers and startups, hear interesting talks, and network with other professionals.

Check out the link to our Entrepreneur podcast here!

Our event is designed for technology enthusiasts, not investors

Too many crypto or blockchain events are trying to sell you something. Our event is simply a speaker in the industry who is passionate about blockchain and wants to share his knowledge. Nothing is for sale before, during, or after our event. This is about meeting a Crypto Influencer and networking with other people interested in the industry.

VIRTUAL event -- Attend from anywhere in the world

This event takes place on a stage... a virtual stage where your character sits in the audience, can network with other attendees through "whispers" and direct conversations, and the audience can ask questions just like an in-person event!

We design our event to offer value. That's why high quality, experienced speakers and coaches attend our events and every event is sold out :-) After the talks, you have the opportunity to network with attendees. Along with free drinks and snacks (from your fridge, since you're sitting at home haha!), how could you ask for more?

Prefer a IN-PERSON event instead? We have a FREE event in London UK coming up

September 11th we have a free pitch workshop for startups, founders, aspiring founders or students. Free drinks too :-)

CLICK HERE for details, event is at Cass Business School by Old Street!

Speaker: Szczepan Bentyn

CEO | Blockchain Influencer/Youtuber | Personal Tokens advocate | Book author

Co-Founder of Personal Tokens

We are tokenizing people, and building an infrastructure for the new emerging economy wherenext to your "social media score" you will have your own personal token. That token will priceyour influence, trustworthiness, usefulness and social credit.


6pm - 6:45pm Szczepan Bentyn discussed the five biggest trends of Blockchain and his personal experiences in the industry.

6:45pm - 7:15pm Questions from the audience

7:15pm - 7:30pm Networking with other attendees in our virtual room!

8pm Event Ends

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