Teyuna Tour in Philadelphia: Special Discounted Package of all 4 Events

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Treat yourself to this unprecedented opportunity to enjoy four days of sacred time with the Teyuna and Philadelphia community.

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Integrating Western Science & Teyuna Tradition Fundraiser:

The Full Philadelphia Experience

This is the first time the Teyuna will ever be in Philadelphia. Also, this is the first time in history that a Teyuna zaga (or female spiritual leader) will be traveling in the United States!

This special package is to encourage and support anyone who wants to share 11 sacred hours of personal and planetary healing with the Teyuna for the full set of four events, and a receive a discounted price.

Join us for all of the Philadelphia Tour Events!

  • Sunday, 9/8: Workshop on Earth Stewardship. This is the workshop that kicks off the research project. By attending you will be contributing live to this unprecedented moment in time!

Scroll down for an overview of each event

(click on event links to be directed to the individual event pages if you can't attend all four events)

Why is this Philadelphia Tour so special?

  • The Philadelphia Tour is part of a pioneering fundraising campaign to unite Western Science with Teyuna Tradition. It kicks off the first rigorous Western research into traditional Teyuna healing practices.
  • With your support we will be able to deepen our understanding of this sacred work and better share Teyuna healing practices around the world
  • Also, this is the first time in history that at Teyuna zaga (female spiritual leader) will be in the United States! We have a first-ever opportunity to experience in person a zaga’s perspective into the sacred teachings.

Event 1 - Teyuna Talk - Thursday, September 5th (7-9pm): The Feminine Principle

The Teyuna exist in deep communion with every living thing. Given their utmost dedication to the Earth Mother, the Teyuna hold the Feminine as absolutely sacred.

In their first ever visit to Philadelphia, gather with the Teyuna mamos (male spiritual leaders) and a zaga (female spiritual leader)to experience their sacred teachings of the Feminine Principle. Learn from their deep meditative listening, compassionate leadership skills, and service to the Earth Mother.

Event 2 - Teyuna Talk - Friday, September 6th, 7-9pm: The Four Vital Signs of an Environment

The Teyuna consider themselves an element of Earth rather than a separate entity upon it. As such, caring for Earth is caring for all of existence. The immutable law known to the Teyuna as Original Law, or Law of Se (Harmony) guides their way of life. When Mother Earth is balanced and healthy the Teyuna people, and ultimately the human race is guaranteed.

Mamos and zagas of the Teyuna are rigorously trained from birth to develop an intimate connection to Aluna, Universal Consciousness. Through a practice of deep meditative listening, they develop sublime inner vision, clear sentience, and profound healing ability. When understanding the health of an environment, the Teyuna listen to: the water, the trees / animals / humans, the air, the soil.

Gather with the Teyuna to hear their sacred teachings about listening to nature to encourage balance and promote planetary healing.

Event 3 - Workshop - Saturday, September 7th, 10am-2pm: Balancing Our Internal Waters

This is a special class that allows all participants to connect more deeply with the Teyuna, with their own internal waters, and with the waters of the whole group to promote greater awareness, balance, and healing.

For the Teyuna, the term “Segwa” literally means the knowledge of the principle or the fundamental wisdom. More metaphorically, Segwa can be a type of energetic seed that we plant to grow increased wellbeing and sacred benefits. In this session, the Teyuna will be sharing sacred wisdom and helping us connect more effectively with our own physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies. In a way, this session can serve as a planting of Segwa to help us integrate our bodies, connect with Nature, and promote greater oneness and wellness in our lives.

In addition to the sacred teachings, the mamos and zaga also will be playing music to activate deeper integration through sound. People attending these types of sessions tend to feel an immediate increase in personal wellbeing and will continue to notice improvements in upcoming weeks.

Finally, the mamos and zaga will be attuned to the broader needs of the whole group-- to the energy that brings everyone together on this day-- and will engage with this collective energy as well.

Snacks will be provided.

Event 4 - Workshop - Sunday, September 7th, 7am-10am: Earth Stewardship

This culminating class event is designed to honor the waters of Philadelphia, the growing Philadelphia community of earth stewards, and all who attend. Of special importance, this event forms the heart of Phase 1 of the research study to test the effects of the Teyuna’s work on the local Philadelphia environment.

You can be present and contributing at this pioneering moment in time!

More specifically, at the Philadelphia area water site (to be divined by the mamos ahead of time) we will come together to learn as a community of earth stewards. On this morning, participants will:

- Join the Teyuna mamos (spiritual leaders) to participate in a healing for the local waters

- Learn how to keep supporting this site and the Philadelphia waters into the future

- Discuss how to translate lessons from this class event into our own lives, into our own bodies of water

- Dream together ways to grow our community of earth stewards in Philadelphia and beyond

To promote further community-building, all who attend are welcome to join in a delicious potluck meal after the event.

To continue the momentum from this class, you might want to consider the Earth Stewardship Online Community Course with more information below.

What are other ways you can support from anywhere on the planet? Read on!

1. Mamo-Led Earth Stewardship Online Course

Sign-up for the first-ever Mamo-led Earth Stewardship Online Community Course! This course is for anyone on the planet looking to dive more deeply into their own healing practices for the earth, waters and communities.

This course meets online over 4 months and affords participants 12 hours of live interaction and wisdom sharing with the mamos. Click here for more details & to purchase tickets.

2. Individual Healing Session with 4 Mamos in the Sierra

There are just 22 of these powerful healings available especially for this fundraising campaign.

You as an individual will get to work remotely with 4 Teyuna mamos in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Columbia over a series of time. Click here to see more details.

3. Donate what you can.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

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