Texila e-Conference Knowledge Series (TECKS) #16

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"Facebook marketing"

Takeaways :

1.Learn what strategies successful marketers use.

2.Learn how to prepare powerful marketing strategies.

3.Learn how to create sales funnel.

4.Learn how to start any business and start earning.


Nilesh komatwar , a multifaceted , is a talented serial entrepreneur with a strong sense of influence in digital marketing . He is the founder and CEO of DigitalNil .

He is a certified trainer from Maharashtra govt and chatbot expert , Nilesh started taking interest in Digital marketing in his college years and carved a niche for himself in the domain. He is known across marketing community for his strong motivational skills, versatility and expertise in marketing.

He is known to charm his peers with his aura of confidence and leadership qualities.Being versatile and compliant, he is ready to take risks.He brings ideas to life , with an ability to perceive and redefine concepts differently. His excellent work ethic, patience and optimism leads him to success in all endeavours.


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