TERFs Take Back Abortion Rights: Only Women and Girls Get Pregnant

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Supreme Court of the United States

415 New Jersey Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20001

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Don't let the Supreme Court steal women's right to make decisions about our own bodies!

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Mississippi passed an extremely regressive anti-abortion law in 2018. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization sued in federal court. The District Court found that the law violated the Constitution, as interpreted in 1973 in Roe v. Wade. The state appealed and the 5th Circuit upheld the District Court’s ruling. In May 2021, the Supreme Court announced that it was taking up the case - a move that strongly suggests that it wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Oral arguments are scheduled for December 1.

We plan to be there, loudly proclaiming that abortion is a sex-based right for women and girls.

If you are unable to attend but want to help cover the basic costs of organizing, you can donate here. Any funds that are collected and not spent on basic organizing expenses will be donated to Vancouver Rape Relief.

FYI re travel and accommodations for participants:

The Supreme Court building (SCOTUS) is a short walk from Union Station, the main train station in D.C. It is your destination if you are coming to D.C. by train. Union Station is also on the metro red line, and a short ride into Chinatown, downtown, and Dupont Circle (all good places to hang out after the rally). Union Station also has a parking garage that is available to the public. If you are driving into D.C. and looking for parking, this is probably your best bet.

Event organizers have located the following hotel options for participants who are seeking lodging, either as individuals or for sharing. Each of the following hotels is close to SCOTUS:

Yotel offers 2 queens, and is one of the closest properties to SCOTUS.

Fairfield Inn & Suites WA offers a multiple bed suite package that includes parking and breakfast.

Other properties within 20 minutes of SCOTUS that also include a free breakfast are Capitol Hill Hotel, Residence Inn by Marriott (Capitol Hill, Navy Yard), Homewood Suites Hilton (Capitol Navy Yard), and Hampton Inn Washington (Downtown - Convention Center). Homewood Suites Hilton, Capitol Navy Yard is one of the most affordable options for single occupants, and includes breakfast within 20 minutes from SCOTUS.

Holiday Inn is also nearby. Parking and breakfast are at an additional cost.

Additional questions can be addressed to:

Pledge of Nonviolent Action

Wherever there is oppression, there is resistance. Across the breadth of human generations, resistance movements are the beating heart of history. Every human and civil right we enjoy was won for us by the stalwart efforts of the brave women and men who came before us.

One form of resistance is Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA). NVDA is a technique of waging conflict without using violence. It’s a way to confront power directly that relies not on weaponry but on the courage of the combatants alone. The technique has been used by the dispossessed across the globe because they don’t have the capacity to wage conventional war. But people without money, political power, or military might can fight and win using NVDA.

The goal of nonviolent action is to attack a regime or opponent group by getting people to withdraw their support of it. Once people withdraw their submission, obedience, and cooperation, the opponent has no power. That is the goal.

NVDA doesn’t work by persuasion or conversion. Its power is not in a claim to morality or a call to spirituality. It works by taking power away from the powerful.

Success depends on actionists’ absolute commitment to nonviolent discipline. This is because the technique works by making the invisible violence visible. When Bull Connor turned firehoses on children in Birmingham, AL, the daily degradation of Black people in the segregated South was exposed before the world: the invisible was made visible. Public support surged, President Kennedy pledged federal legislation, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the result.

When the Philippine Marines pointed their guns at unarmed civilians and the nuns stepped in to protect them, the brutality of Marcos’ regime was made visible. When not a single Marine fired, Marcos lost his authority over the armed forces, and he fled the country soon after.

Gene Sharp calls the phenomenon “political jujitsu.” Actionists can turn the power of an unjust regime back against itself. It only works if the protestors stay the course of nonviolent discipline.

Participants in this action hereby pledge to nonviolence in our speech and action. This is not a call to “love our enemy.” It is a call to fight him with the best weapon we have: his own violence. We will let the world see these men for who they are.

We will bring our righteous rage, our love for women and girls, and our unbreakable determination and turn them to the only strategy that can win us justice.

Participants agree to refrain from:

- Taunts and insults

- Threatening words

- Property destruction

- Physical contact of any kind. We will not physically touch members of our opposition for any reason.

- Moving forward into someone blocking us. We will retreat or hold our position, but do not advance into another person.

- Chasing anyone

We will:

- Sing

- Chant

- Link arms

- Sit down as a de-escalation tactic

- Ask another sister to step back if she is losing her nonviolent discipline

- Step back ourselves if a situation is overwhelming us

For more information about the theory and practice of NVDA, see the work of Gene Sharp:

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Date and time


Supreme Court of the United States

415 New Jersey Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20001

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