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Registrations are closed
You will receive way-point instructions and directions prior to the event. Be patient. You know the general area. The exact location will be made clear to you while en route. Please be sure to read the event description carefully and plan accordingly.

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O.Z.O. Bugout Staging Location East S.D.

You will get directions to your first way point.

At that way point will be a box with directions to the other way points.

You Will Find The Final Camp From Way Point Instructions. You Will Get Those By E-mail 2 Days Prior., 91905

Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
You will receive way-point instructions and directions prior to the event. Be patient. You know the general area. The exact location will be made clear to you while en route. Please be sure to read the event description carefully and plan accordingly.
Event description





December 21, 2012 through December 23, 2012. (The number of nights is up to you)


Start Time: 12:00pm Friday the 21st (get there when you can).

End Time: You return/depart either the 22nd or 23rd, provided there is anything for you to return to... When you leave the group is up to you.


Registration for this Event / Simulation / Outing is limited. Space is limited. First registered, first served. This particular Outer Zone Overnight(TM) event allows children, wives, and pets. You, as an attendee and participant, are fully responsible for children, spouses, and pets in your care. Unlike most O.Z.O. events, there are no age limitations on this particular event. It is both "Kid" and "Senior" friendly. We encourage you to bring your family members on this outing.

Handy-capable persons are welcome at this event, however the location makes no special provisions for physical impairments in mobility. The terrain is that one would find in a standard rural camp ground. Handy-capable persons requiring power sources for respiration or continued mobility must be prepared to supply their own power. There are no immediate facilities available for advanced medical care at this event location.

Outer Zone Overnight(TM): "Exploration, Preparation, Celebration"


For this Outer Zone Overnight(TM) Adventure Trek, the imaginary history and timeline of events used for the last two years has been reset to present another possible future back-story and timeline as the motivation for an new series of scenario outings. This is, another O.Z.O. universe, with a different beginning of "apocalyptic" O.Z.O. history.

The New Timeline:

There had been, as there always has been, hype about the end of the world as we know it. This century, the hype has been around the date of December 21st, 2012, due to the end of the Mayan calendar and several misinterpretations of ancient tablets. Some looked more closely at the prophesies of the Hopi Indians, or vague references by Nostradamus, or looked to correlations to sun flares or runaway meteors and comets. While the threat of nuclear war seems a distant memory, and the nation had been encouraging prepping through tongue and cheek "Zombie Apocalypse" culture, the smoke screen has been deployed. What the masses were not seeing was the evidence of the oncoming social and economic collapse. They were not registering what was the daily news, or at least not seeing the signs in the daily news that were buried tenfold in meaningless propaganda that was pop culture of consumerism gone wild.

Humans are the only creature on earth that require money to live as a condition of their social structure, unfortunately, ignoring history, no one was really looking at the money other than those seeking to control it... and they lost control. The system was not breaking; the system had broken.

Banks and national credit ratings were being downgraded daily. Inflation had for a very long time, been disguised. There was an increasing shortages of tangible goods. There was an uncertain political and economic futures from an election that was too close to call, and flooded with errors in democratic process. All candidates swore they would be the financial savior, but it was no longer mathematically possible. There was continual de-valuation of national goods and services... people were still distracted by the media... and when they did ask or make protest, were told "Everything will be OK", or they were otherwise made silent.

By the time the general masses realized what had happened to the security of their bank investments, their savings, their 401ks and IRA accounts, their loses in stocks and the market, it was far, far too late. Hyper-inflation was unstoppable in less than a week. The banks froze the withdrawal of all assets. ATMs went black across the nation. The stock market shutdown after the largest recorded crash ever. Food, fuel, and materials prices skyrocketed. The nation shut down. A cheeseburger that was $6 a week ago was now, overnight, $86. Gasoline which had been at $5 a gallon was now $160 a gallon, if the service station had it, and if they still accepted the U.S. dollar. The great depression now looked like a holiday by comparison, all in a matter of days. People began to scramble to purchase anything they could, just to have some tangible asset before their money was worth nothing... it was not long before the shelves were bare, and what was left, money could no longer buy.

The urban centers were increasingly becoming unsafe... in just a few days, supplies to supermarkets all but stopped, and fuel could not be had at any price. The rioting started slowly, as did the dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions, all as the national relief efforts came too late, either because they were unprepared, or because it was by some grander design where the failure was necessary to advance new mechanisms of control socially.

Enemies to the nation took advantage quickly... Some countries called in their loans, making instant demands that could not be met by the administration. Terrorist cells began to systematically disrupt transportation and communications infrastructure. Rouge independent anti-government hackers took advantage, and cyber attacks were both from foreign and domestic parties. Flights were grounded internationally, as homeland security failed repeatedly and 6 planes were hijacked internationally. Train and bus service stopped after several fuel trucks were stolen and rammed into railway and bus depots. Major bridges were destroyed in some cities. People began flooding into Mexico and Canada, until they closed their borders...All in days.

It is the eve of December 21, 2012. The chaos has not yet entered full swing, but on Friday December 21st, "The Crunch" begins. Only a few recognize it, and only a few have any sort of plan. You, reading this, are part of that few.

The Event / Drill / Simulation:

You have seen and heard enough in the media. You have observed unsettling things happening in your very own neighborhood. You have made the decision to get you and your family out of the city as fast as you can, before the mad rush that will congest the roads. Hopefully, your plan is good, and you have enough supplies stockpiled and ready to stay out of the urban center until things hopefully calm down, or to begin a migration away from the urban life and chaos. You have had more foresight than most, and are better prepared.


You pack up your bug out bag, load up your vehicle with only your essentials and your family and pets, and head out to meet others in your group at designated waypoints and rally spots, hoping for safety in numbers and support from your community. You know not all will make it, and that time tables will be short. You don't know if you will be the first or the last... this is not exactly like the other "events" you have attended with this group... things seem very much more real than they have in the past, especially as you hear gunfire just blocks from your home as you exit your driveway. Around the corner, you see muzzle flashes in your rear view mirror. You laugh darkly with a lack of ease in your stomach as you read the small print on your mirrors frame "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".

You regret not filling your gas tank to capacity, and having a few spare cans filled and available, and hope you can find a place while en route to the rendezvous point that is willing to trade with you for fuel. You hope that the roads do not already have bandits lurking to ambush you. You are not really sure what it is going to be like once you clear the city and find yourself on the back country roads to your waypoints and rendezvous spots.


Event Location: Getting to Camp TEOTWAWKI

The rendezvous spot is an hour and 30 minutes east of San Diego proper, miles away from the main freeway, in an all but forgotten camping spot. From downtown San Diego, one could expect to drive 70 miles to final rendezvous camp. It is advisable you keep your vehicle as close to a full tank as possible.

You do not know the actual location yet. As usual with Outer Zone Overnight adventures and simulations, you will receive the final directions just prior to the actual event (about a week) through existing means of communication. This time, this could be a call, or it could be a letter, or an e-mail, or a special phone number to call, or a radio transmission at a specific time and hour. If you register, you will get the information. The O.Z.O. network you belong to will insure you know where to go. As a last resort of location knowledge, a permanent etching will be made at a previously disclosed waypoint.

As usual to an Outer Zone Overnight Event, there will be Waypoints of Interest along the way that will play into the theme of the event. The Familiar waypoint markers, and lock boxes with event relevant materials and information. You know what to look for.

The event location is at altitude (3,700 feet). The event is in December. PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR CAMPING IN A VERY COLD ENVIRONMENT. Some snow is possible. If your car is not four wheel drive, consider the possibility you may need tire chains. Snow could happen, even in San Diego County. Be sure your tent, sleeping bags, camper, etc are equipped to handle freezing temperatures. DO NOT use propane heaters in your tent. People wake up dead that way.

What is available at the location:

Rudimentary Toilets

Fire Barrels

Horse trails

Camping spots

A vantage point

Relative safety with your group

What is not available:

Assume there is no water, other than what you bring.

Assume there is no food, other than what you bring.

Assume there is no medicine, other than what you bring.

Assume there is no fuel, other than what you bring.

Assume there is no electricity, other than what you bring.

Assume there is no security, other than what you bring. (State Laws and Federal laws still apply)

Assume there is no road signs

Assume there is no cell phone or pay phone service

Assume your paper currency, and credit cards, are null and void. Be prepared to trade if you need something.

Standard vehicles can make the trip, however, as always, 4 wheel drive or higher clearance vehicles are preferred. Snow chains are a thought, if you do not have them already. Even if you live in sunny San Diego, this is something you should have in your car if you ever decide to bug out in winter.



4x4 trails

Horse trails

Hunting (with legal current permit)

Water sources (natural, untreated)


The fee is $12.12 per person.

$6 PER TENT OR SLEEPING QUARTERS VEHICLE USED, with an additional $6.12 per person going to the organization. The fees are split between the land holding entity, and between Outer Zone Overnight for administrative and maintenance costs of both organizations.

When you arrive at the final rendezvous camp site, you will seek out the O.Z.O. representative who will direct you to your campsite choices. If you are the first to arrive, this may be you.

Unlike other O.Z.O. events, this is a "camp where you can" in the designated spaces available, and the sites will have a little bit of space between them. You may have to walk a little bit to join the rest of the community after you set up your camp (1/10th of mile, depending). No more than 1 to 2 vehicles at any campsite, and no more than 1 to 2 tents at any campsite. The layout does not accommodate anything otherwise.

The O.Z.O. rep will record your camp number, and process your fees to the land holding agent once you've parked. Instructions for managing this will be made available at the waypoint before the camp site, in the event you are the first to arrive. There is no way to tell who else will make it.

Part of this simulation is how you secure your campsite, and work with others to secure theirs. The sun sets at 4:47 pm... So get there by 3:00 pm if at all possible, and have lanterns to setup in the dark if you are later.

Be prepared to help your neighbor setup in the dark if they arrive late. Remember, it is winter, you will be at elevation, and when the sun sets, the temperature drops 20 to 40 degrees. Seriously, have cold weather gear... We have done hot environments to death, but now we need to learn to face the other extreme, and live through it. Disaster rarely strikes in perfect weather.

Hydration is as important as ever. Hydrate with water, or be sick. This mild gain in elevation is enough to tax one's body, especially under physical and mental stress. Over hydrating with off-the-shelf supplements is no substitute for hydration with water. Over saturation of your bloodstream with sugars in a cold environment will make you ill at 3,700 feet, just as it will in warm weather. Native Americans had no such thing as Gatorade or Vitamin Water for thousands of years, and were healthier for it.

What you get from O.Z.O. on this outing:

The O.Z.O. HAM frequencies being used

The O.Z.O. FRS frequencies being used

The O.Z.O. Waypoint Guide relevant to this event

An O.Z.O. trinket

Provocative memories

The experience of other members of your group


Activities Possible On Site:

(There is no schedule per se, however, all of the following are plausible for execution on this outing by one or more qualified O.Z.O. personnel)

B.O.B show and tell from members (Comparison, discussion)

Fire Starting / Fire Craft (We challenge you to light your own camp without matches or lighter)

Water Purification (Tablets, boiling, purification pump, solar still)

Sentry / Watch / tactical discussions and activities (Those with highest experience will discuss with the group)

Campfire debates and stories (Talking Stick Passed)

Radio Show and Tell / Repeater Tests and monitoring of the "outside world" (Our onsite HAM operators will be attempting to receive updates from the outside world, and determining how far they can reach for information)

Information dump and "theoretical" planning (Review of Zingo cards, examination of available maps, discussions of how the group may reach out of state safe havens, and what those locations could / could not be).

Hikes to water sources or other trail exploration.

Participation in any of these events is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.


No official DJ, however some audio provided as power permits, to reasonable hours, provided we have established it is "safe" to run such audio without drawing attention.

Possible slideshow of OZO activity past history (setup / weather permitting)

Trail Hikes / land navigation / exploring and recording

Downtime entertainment as you can create and provide others safely (card games, horseshoes, who knows...)

O.Z.O. Achievement and Recognition Awards (If it is known that you have contributed to the success of the group, or that you have made efforts to improve your skillet and knowledge in the group, or had personal growth from group activity, you will be recognized for it. All are free to "elect" someone for "award" and recognition. Awards could range from the simple bestowment of a name or title by organization senior officers, to some other trinket selected by you or other group members. You could receive recognition / award for something as simple as starting your own fire without matches or lighter, to learning a new skill independently over the last two years. You may elect yourself for an award, if the achievement you have made is not commonly known by the group. This will occur at campfire discussion, as part of our celebration of survival).

Participation in any of these events is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

Contributing to the Event / Instructing

If you have a skill or activity that you wish to lead in this event, let us know now, and provide us your one page syllabus, plan, topic in advance (at least ten days). If approved, we will post it to the news updates for the event. If you want to present from the existing list above, provide us your plan write up. This is your organization, and hopefully, you have become a qualified expert on one of the above categories, or something else that can provide value to the group in a crisis situation or survival.

What exactly is this event?

This event is a bug out drill. It is an exercise in preparedness for ANY emergency one might face where they need to evacuate or re-locate with little to no warning. It is, a test of the self, of one's family, and one's ability to plan.

It is up to you to say "GO" and time your activities. Hopefully you have your equipment and necessities organized and at the ready, and you can get out of your house in under ten minutes from "GO". Let's see you put yourself to the test. Be honest, and record notes of your times, and share your experience with the group. You may have a bag ready and such, but have you ever actually said "GO" and timed yourself?

Record a Zingo scorecard on this trip. Once you hit the old highways, consider what is now important when the U.S. dollar has been made worthless by overnight devaluation to zero. What do you see that helps you short term, or could help you long term.

Begin the mental exercise of how you would truly behave in a world that is suddenly without rule of law. What hard moral choices would you have to make. What are you truly willing and prepared to do to secure the safety of yourself and your family, and what are the conditional markers that would dictate a change in your current morality. Be prepared to discuss this at the campfire.

This event is meant to provoke thought and action, and abandon the lighter fantasy side of other O.Z.O. events and focus on what happens when the fantasy becomes a dark reality with little to no warning.

O.Z.O. was founded as a Non-Profit for the purpose of education and community, and as it has used "dark fantasy themes" to provoke thought, action, learning, self-empowerment, confidence, the "fantasy" has always been the tool of initial motivation. The "dark fantasy" has always been a possible reality, just left of this one. Our goal has always been that when the dark fantasy becomes the reality, you can embrace it in confidence.

O.Z.O. is NOT an organized militia, political agenda group, religious group, or "Insert radical label here" membership. This group is a legal California Non-Profit operation under a mission statement. It is a collective of individuals transferring knowledge and skills in fantasy thematic settings to better enhance the learning process and provide practical application so that skills and knowledge become empirical, as opposed to merely unpracticed theoretical.

To learn more about Outer Zone Overnight(TM) please view outerzoneovernight.org and outerzoneovernight.com


Do not show up to this event with an unregistered friend. All registrations must be conducted online. This is for tracking purposes, and to ensure that you have read and have legally agreed to our safety disclaimer and liability waiver. The group size is set for a reasonable safety level... don't mess with that, please. No cash will be accepted at meet-up point for "late registration." If you do not have what is needed to register online, pay the money to someone who can for you, and register in your own name.

You must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that could potentially become an issue to squad members and staff. THIS INFORMATION WILL BE TREATED AS CONFIDENTIAL. Be aware, however, that event staff are empowered to deny access/attendance/participation to anyone for reasons of health and safety upon their best judgment. This is for your safety and the safety and consideration of all in attendance. If you have doubts of your ability to function on this trek, then please, we implore you to sit this one out. There will be other more appropriate events for you to attend that you will likely enjoy more.


This is an AT YOUR OWN RISK event happening. You are solely responsible for your own safety and those around you. You are responsible for your own insurance. None is provided for this event. You are responsible for your own legal choices and actions at all times. YOU COULD DIE AT THIS EVENT, AND THAT IS THE RISK YOU TAKE BY PARTICIPATING. OUTER ZONE OVERNIGHT ASSUMES NO LEGAL LIABILITY FOR EVENT PARTICIPATION.

The event is being held at a location that does have certain dangers... A location that cannot be insured or permit attained. Heat and sun or cold weather and wind, snakes, spiders, scorpions,or mountain lions and rabid squirrels, broken glass, rusty metal, holes in the ground, condemned buildings, toxins, dust, allergens...ANYTHING potentially dangerous may be at this site. it is all at the intended site and the backup site. YOU MUST PROCEED IN CAUTION, for both real and fictitious dangers at all times while at this event. Again, it is your choice to attend, and your responsibility to look out for the safety of yourself and others. It is a long and expensive ride to a hospital, but a cheap and easy

Date and time


O.Z.O. Bugout Staging Location East S.D.

You will get directions to your first way point.

At that way point will be a box with directions to the other way points.

You Will Find The Final Camp From Way Point Instructions. You Will Get Those By E-mail 2 Days Prior., 91905

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