Telltale Community Night (Part II)

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A chance to build community with the Telltale family!

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Hey folks!

Do you love Telltale? Do you always mean to stop and say hi, but then get sleepy and run out the door as soon as the show is over? Do you have questions, but then you get too nervous to ask? Do you want to meet the performers, but then remember that talking to strangers is hard?


November 7th, at Ladd Taphouse, from 5:30 until I get sleepy, we will be having our second ever Telltale Community Day. This is a low key, chill event where folks can come and have a lemonade/beer/sparkly water and eat nachos and say hey to other rad people. This is when we really get to bust out the “community oriented” part of our values.

This will be a low pressure, drop in situation. Feel free to come when you’re able, and stay until you feel like it.

And yes—I will make limited edition buttons that you can only get that night! LIMITED.

Other things that might happen:

You’ll eat good snacks.

You’ll find that you’ve signed up for a future date to perform.

You’ll feel nervous and sit in the car for an extra five minutes before coming in.

You’ll meet your new best friend.

You’ll give some anonymous feedback in our feedback box and make the shows even better.

You’ll give someone a compliment that just really makes their day.

But if nothing else, you’ll make your world just a little bigger by trying a new thing AND GETTING A SPECIAL BUTTON!

Feel free to message us with suggestions and/or questions!

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