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TEDxJacksonville 2016 Adventure: JEA Water System Process, Ridenour Plant A...

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JEA Water System Process, Ridenour Plant Adventure
February 7, 2017 at 9:30 am – Tour is 90 minutes with 20maximum guests.

Jacksonville’s Drinking Water System

JEA delivers more than 107 million gallons of water each day to our customers. We regularly test the water we send to customers to ensure its safety, as outlined by federal and state regulatory agencies. Our state-of-the-art
technology monitors our water supply grid to bring fresh, clean water to your home. We work hard to help our customers learn how to conserve Northeast Florida's most precious resource, the Floridan aquifer, so that we may continue to benefit from it for generations to come.

Water System Process
The JEA drinking water system consists of wells, water treatment plants, the distribution grid of pipelines, and finally the customers’ meters. We operate approximately 135 artesian wells that withdraw water from the

Floridan aquifer, about 1,000 feet below land surface. The fresh, clean water is pumped from the well fields to one of 37 water treatment plants, where it then flows through an aerator to remove the sulfur (rotten egg) odor. The water leaves the reservoirs and is disinfected with chlorine per health regulations before it enters over 4,300 miles of water lines for distribution to our customers.

Ridenour Water Supply Plant
Located in Arlington East, Ridenour is the heart of JEA’s water system. It monitors all 1,400 lift and pump stations and 50 water facilities all the while it produces close to 5 million gallons of water a day.

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