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TEDxAshesiUniversity 2021

At its core, the fundamental goal of TEDxAshesiUniversity is to foster and spread great ideas centered on the theme “Adversities as Assets".

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We have all faced challenges or misfortunes either in the past year or since we were born. Some of them have shaped who we are and how we see the world. Others have broken us and opened our eyes to where we fall short. The best stories are those where the true grit of the character is unearthed in the face of adversity. The theme, “Adversities as Assets" encourages speakers to explore the painful nightmares of their past, the ever-haunting mistakes of the present and the uncontrollable future that lies before them. The embodiment of strength comes in embracing our shortcomings and turning them into assets. We invite speakers to reflect on their resilience through their tough times and shine a light on their endurance. What’s next? It’s time to make your asset work for you!