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TEDTalk Idea Pitch Workshop at Wright Foundation in Chicago

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Wright Foundation

445 East Ohio Street

Chicago, IL 60601

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The direct link to this page is TEDTalkIdeaPitch5.Eventbrite.com

Please scroll down for details. Note the deadlines in Chicago Central Time.

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Contact us at TEDTalkIdeaPitch@gmail.com

TEDTalk Idea Pitch Workshop – Wednesday, February 20

5:30 pm Door Opens for Check-In. Light refreshments. Networking.

5:45 pm Bonus Orientation: Everything You Would Like To Know About TED & TEDx.

6:15 pm Pitch Presentation and Feedback.

7:30 - 8 pm Networking.


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TEDTalk Idea Pitch Workshop

If you would like to know more about TED, TEDx and how to pitch your idea, this workshop is perfect for you. If you are in the process or just thinking about organizing a TEDx event, this workshop will shorten your learning curve. You will expand your knowledge base about TED and TEDx, and make some unexpecTED connections.

You are invited to attend or to pitch an idea worth spreading for a potential TED Talk.

Each presenter will have up to 2 minutes to pitch an idea; not deliver the actual Talk. Experienced TEDx organizers, curators, and producers, will provide feedback and suggestions to those who pitch their idea in a blunt and honest Shark Tank Style.

Space is limited. Anyone who is interested in pitching must register for a ticket and check the presenter option before noon on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, as well as observe the Ground Rules** To Pitch below.

The event organizers reserve the right to adjust the program as necessary.


With the popularity of TED Talks, many people are inspired to give their own. The very first step is to pitch the idea. You can start by "crafting" your pitch at this workshop. Delivering an effective pitch is a skill worth developing. Show up to watch, learn and participate in how to pitch a TED Talk Idea.

If you are a TEDx organizer or soon-to-be one, this is a must for you. Please come, watch and learn.

If time permits, TED Heads and TEDx Speakers will answer questions from the audience.

If you cannot make it, sign up for the opt-in ticket here so that you will be notified for the next event. If you have a ticket, you do not have to opt-in again.

This type of event tends to fill up quickly. if you could not attend, please alert us < TEDTalkIdeaPitch@gmail.com > so that those on the waitlist could take your place. They will appreciate your consideration.

Ground Rules* To Attend

1 This event is open to everyone. Please sign up early to ease the event planning. Each ticket is good for one entry.

2 Absolutely no refund for any ticket type. To transfer your ticket, see instruction on your ticket confirmation.

3 We are known for being punctual. Please plan to arrive early to get settled in. The door opens at 5:30 pm. The bonus session about the TED and TEDx begins at 5:45. The pitch session begins at 6:15 pm. The event concludes at 8 pm. See Program segment for details.

Ground Rules** To Pitch

This is your opportunity to pitch in front of a group and receive feedback from a panel of experienced TEDx organizers. This event does not guarantee the presenters the opportunity to deliver a TED Talk at any TED or TEDx event.

If you plan to pitch, please read all of the following carefully. The planning team expects you to honor the ground rules and timeline. Failure to do so eliminates your opportunity to pitch on Feb 20, 2019.

1 It takes a village to put this event together. The only way to minimize the stress for everyone involved is for the presenter to honor the timeline. If you are not able to show up and do your part, you surrender your opportunity to pitch on Feb 20, 2019. You can still attend as an audience.

2 TED Talk is all about the idea worth spreading. This is not to pitch a company, a product or a service. This is to pitch the idea that will benefit humankind. Everyone is welcome to pitch. You can pitch for yourself or for someone whose idea you admire and support.

3 Timeline for the presenters:

3.1 Before Wed Feb 6 noon - Sign up for a ticket and pick the presenter option.

3.2 Sat Feb 9 - Receive credentials for Conference Call and reminder.

3.3 Mon Feb 11 from 7 to 7:30 pm CST - Mandatory Presenter Orientation Conference Call

Please pay attention during the call and follow the instructions in order to be qualified. You will have a chance to ask questions after the orientation.

3.4 Sat Feb 16 - All Semi-finalists receive a confirmation letter

3.5 Wed Feb 20 Between 4:45 to 5 pm - Check-in for the Mandatory Site Orientation. If you are late, you surrender your opportunity to pitch. You can still attend the event. In the event the number of semi-finalists exceeds the time slots available, presenters will be chosen by lottery.

Tips and Insights To Pitch

Here are some suggestions from the TEDx Organizer Amy Segami, aka TED Head.

Amy was invited to speak at an inaugural TEDx event, attended TED Global and TED Summit. She is a TED Residency finalist as well as the founder, executive producer and curator of TEDxIIT, the longest running independently organized TED event in Chicago.

1 TED and TEDx Talks are about the idea, not about the speaker. Pitch the idea, not the speaker.

2 Present an idea that’s genuinely worth spreading and that you really believe in. Deliver with excitement, passion, and energy.

3 The idea can already have been accomplished, ongoing or simply a wish that will benefit society.

4 A disruptive idea and game changer is ideal. A blue sky idea or even a "moon shot" is exciting. Be creative, outrageous and original.

5 Address the questions: Why? What? Who? How? It's OK if you do not know exactly how to make it happen, yet. If you have an idea on how, mention it briefly, although that’s not necessary during the pitch.

6 Watch a few TED Talks before showing up. However, you are not giving a TED Talk at this meeting. You are pitching for the idea of the talk.

7 Google TED Talks and articles written about TED Talk pitches. e.g. Speak Your Way to Success: 3 TED Talks That Will Help You Become Better at Pitching

List of photo albums from previous Idea Pitch

TEDTalk Idea Pitch @1871 Nov 2, 2018

TEDTalk Idea Pitch @MetropolitanClub Mar 19, 2018

TEDTalk Idea Pitch @MidAmericaClub Jan 31, 2018

Inaugural TEDTalk Idea Pitch Dec 15, 2017

Host & Sponsor

Barbara Burgess, COO and Chief Vision Realization Officer, Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential

Emcee, Moderator and Pitch Master

Kamaria Campbell

The Panelists

These are the experienced TEDx Organizers, Curators & Producers who have also attended the official TED Events. Click the headshot will bring you to their LinkedIn profile. Click the event banner will bring you to their website.

Jessica Lederhausen - TEDxChicago TxC


Ryan McHenry - TEDxNorthwesternU

Amy Segami - TEDxIIT TEDxIIT


Arthur Zards - TEDxNaperville TEDxNaperville

Click the image to download the clickable Flyer PDF

Click the image to download the clickable Press Release PDF

What else?

You can sign up for the mailing list if you could not attend this event. Click here.

Absolutely no refund for any ticket type.

This type of event usually gets sold out fast. If you could not make it, you could exercise one of the options:
(i) Transfer the ticket by following the instruction on your ticket.
(ii) Alert the organizer and release your ticket. You will receive ticket karma to avoid embarrassing empty seat syndrome as well as letting someone on the waitlist to attend.

Wright Foundation is located at 445 East Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60601

For directions, contact the office (312) 645-8333

Ticket Schedule and Fee

Deadline for Presenters to sign up is before noon on Feb 6

Jan 9 noon to before noon on Jan 30 Early Bird $10

Jan 30 noon to before noon on Feb 6 Standard $15

Feb 6 noon to before noon Feb 13 Just In Time $20

Feb 13 noon to before noon Feb 20 Almost At The Door $25

After Feb 20 noon - At the Door Walk-in $30

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Wright Foundation

445 East Ohio Street

Chicago, IL 60601

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