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Teacher's Wellness Retreat

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Puerto Viejo, CR, Bocas del Toro, Panama and Panama City Panama

Caribbean Costa Rica and Bocas del Toro, Panama

Costa Rica

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This wellness retreat experience will begin July 10th, 2018 for three weeks. You choose: 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks


Rejuvenate, Restore, Reconnect, Replenish

Who: Teachers in need a relaxation n rejuvenation ready to treat themselves well over and over again.

What: Spiritual retreat for teachers to reconnect with themselves, nature and the world.

7-10 day retreat for teachers $1500

Where: San Jose/Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and Bocas del Toro, Panama.

When: July 10th - July 17th 2018

Why: As Educators we perform the most important job after parenting. We deserve to be taken care of and valued. We must been seen and heard and prayed over. Our goal is to Create a commUnity of educators and learning facilitators that practice extreme self care throughout our breaks in order to have the strength and clarity to provide excellent educational experiences. Once we return from paradise we will feel deeply renewed, refreshed and reenergized to serve everyday. The practices of self care and the love and connection from our greater community of educators will fuel us through the year. On this Spritual service retreat we will also share our passion for global education. We will share our skills and resources with communities that we visit.

Join Now:
Sign up for your service trip with a $500 deposit by Oct 15th, 2018.


Now is your time to relax and rejuvenate! Relax your mind, nourish your body and replenish your soul as you experience wellness in exciting new ways. On your trip, you will first and foremost relax. Imagine Soothing massages, nourishing foot rubs, calming natural views, refreshing waters, succulent fruits and other libations. Wake up to morning Yoga that awakens and fall asleep after yoga that restores and helps you unwind. Once you are feeling more relaxed and in tune with yourself, you can choose to engage in energizing activities that keep your blood pumping and make you feel more alive such as kayaking, surfing, hiking, ziplining, bike riding. Feel free to choose from many other exhilarating activities to help you feel more fully alive and burn away any stresses. Possibilities are endless on you self care journey and we recommend that you dive into additional wellness classes so that you can take home new self care practices to add to your tool box. This is your time to relax and rejuvenate, continue to find out about our suggested itinerary.



  1. Time to relax and unwind: Take time to rest. You accomplished another incredible year of teaching. You are a warrior. Time to rest and relax

  2. Time to rejuvenate: After deep relaxation, you will begin to reawaken to what brings you pleasure. Take time to explore activities that help restore balance, joy and excitement.


We will handle the logistics of the trip, including housing transport, activity and meal suggestions, so just relax and ultimately rejuvenate.

Pick Your Pleasure.

Choose one of the 3 trips listed below or two or enjoy the full 3 week experience.


  1. RELAX, UnWind and Live

The vibrant natural environment on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast will be where you enjoy the majority of your relaxation experience.

  1. Refresh, Rejuvenate and Serve

Journey to Bocas. Join us to begin or deepen your experience of wellness.. This is the time to continue to nourish your soul and relax your mind and body, We encourage you to explore energizing activities such as snorkeling, surf, scuba, nature hikes, cave explorations, chocolate farm tours and continued yoga classes, to really feel the exhilarating energy in your body

  1. Ignite Your Passion, Learn

Exploration time, join us in Panama City as we dig deep into an area of interest to you. Take time to volunteer on a farm that provides food for orphanages in Panama city, extend a hand in physical labor for an orphanage special for disabled children. Or, dive into Spanish lessons, learn about the ins and outs of the canal. Pick your passion and explore it further in and around the city.

Week 1: 7 days total


Day 1:

Arrive San Jose before 7pm, welcome dinner in San Jose.

Teacher Treats: journal n chocolate Read More

Teachers will arrive on their own* prior to our welcome meeting at 7pm. Upon arrival you will receive a special gift of pampering packed treats. Some products are local treats and others are made by our trusted partners who love to treat teachers with special care. The treats are designed to help kick off your self-care experience and initiate you into a sensual experience of extreme self-nourishment.. We look forward to sharing this refreshing experience with you. At dinner, the adventure begins. We will provide a general orientation about our upcoming experience, meet and greet one another and then head to dinner. Feel free to enjoy a night on the town or rest afterwards if you like..

*fly into SJO. *If necessary, we can arrange a private pick up or limo for your convenience.

Day 2:

Transport to Caribbean Chocolate Coast Puerto Viejo. In private transport.

Highlights: Teachers stay in healing lodge. Chocolate making experience. New moon ceremony

As a group, we will make our way to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to our healing lodge. We will take private transportation and will stop for coffee/snacks along the way*. *The journey is approximately 4.5 hours from San Jose. Once we arrive we will enjoy an energizing lunch followed by a chocolate tasting experience. Prior to dinner we will begin our new moon ceremony and circle up to reflect and bond with our traveling community.

Day 3:

Stay in Puerto Viejo pampering massages and Spa services. Meet with Teachers to learn new wellness practices.

This is your day for the pampering that you deserve! We start the day with our morning devotionals, yoga and breakfast. Then, we head to your scheduled pampering session. During the session we invite you to meditate on the fact that you deserve this, that self care is the most important thing that you can do for yourself at this time.

Day 4:

Continued Pampering. Go a little deeper in your personal self care. You may want to continue to practice yoga, eat well and indulge in a spa service or take a peaceful walk surrounded by nature. This is the day we encourage you to do deeper and to relax in ways we know you haven’t in far too long.

Day 5:

Re-Energize. Today is a great day in the journey to challenge yourself a bit and to do something that is energizing, such as bike riding to a great beak to kayak or surfing or ziplining. Something that will spark that passionate energy you have with in. The difference this time, is that you are doing this just for you.

Day 6:

Energize. Continue to explore nature and soak up the healing energy, fresh air and let the sun kiss you! Prior to our final night on the town, we invite you to attend our global literacy program where we will host a poetry workshop and supplies giftway.

Day 7:

Yet another morning to wake up with the sun and spend time pampering yourself. Today you may want to enjoy beauty services or you may want to take another healing dip in the sea. We head back to san Jose today and you may want to experience an adventure connection and raft back to the city. Or prepare to travel to bocas if you are continuing onto week 2.

Relaxation/Rejuvenation excursions:

Costa Rica: morning yoga, Chocolate massages, herb Garden walk, bike rides

Panama: snorkel tour, jungle hike to chocolate factory and beach


Healing Garden in CR and possible guest house in Bocas on the water or a comparable Hotel on the water in Bocas del Toro.


Week 1: Air fare not included, on the ground transport will be included. Private transport to/from San Jose to Puerto Viejo.

Week 2: bus to border, border crossing into panama, exit taxes, bus and boat to The islands, overnight bus to Panama City. (Depending on numbers Of people and budget a flight can be included as well.


total amount to raise: $1100 trip and$400



Week 2: 7 days total


Day 1 or 8

Day 1: We will take shuttle to Bocas early AM. settle in and PM night on town

Day 2: AM activities PM service meet the community

Day 3:AM act PM serve

Day 4: AM act PM serve

Day 5: weekends free day

Day 6: weekends free

Day 7: Travel to the city or fly to san jose

As an educator I understand how important your time off is, how much you need and deserve this time. I also understand that this is not just a time for rest and relaxation, it is also an important time for restoration and rejuvenation. We have created the perfect experience for what you need.

As a traveller, I know that you need structure and flexibility. That you want someone to plan and guide the experience but still want to explore on your own, when you feel comfortable. So I have planned a trip for you with an itinerary that includes free time to safely wander and explore. I understand that connection with the local community is essential for you so I have created a unique opportunity to share your gifts with the host community.

As a professional in the travel industry, I have created a unique trip just for you. I have worked as a travel professional for some of the best group travel providers and have a wealth of experience planning and leading trips for a diverse group of international travelers throughout Mexico and Central America. And have honed these skills to successfully plan and lead your trip.

Tour Highlight

Pampering and Service. What more can you ask for.

Payment Schedule
Down Payment of $500.00 due by Oct 15, 2017 Early bird disconunt
Remaining Payment of $1,000 is due by April 15, 2018
Payment plan available.


What's the refund policy?

* Cancellation Policy: If cancellation is made 6 weeks prior to the trip, there will be a
50% refund of total fees paid to date. There is NO refund for cancellations made within
6 weeks of the trip.

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Date and Time


Puerto Viejo, CR, Bocas del Toro, Panama and Panama City Panama

Caribbean Costa Rica and Bocas del Toro, Panama

Costa Rica

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