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Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy - 4-Part Series

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X Marks the Loft

405 Johnson Av

Brooklyn, NY

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Are you curious about Tantra? Have you heard about ancient techniques for exponentially expanded pleasure for you and your partner/partners? Are you ready to integrate your spirituality with your sexuality, and expereince higher states of conciousness through life force energy cultivation?

Heart-on invites you to a four part introductory series on Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy:

This series introduces Tao Tantra, also known as Healing Love - with a comprehensive immersion into the practices that prepare us for sexual energy cultivation. In Tao Tantra, sexual energy is recognized and revered as creative life force energy. This energy that creates life in every form of nature - is our common language with divinity! Through Tao Tantra we experience profound healing, increased sensation, immense pleasure, and expanded orgasms. It is a pathway to experiencing the fullness of life - merging the sensual and sexual with the sacred.

Part 1 on March 21st - Inner Smile

Part 2 on March 28th - 6 Healing Sounds

Part 3 on April 4th - Microcosmic Orbit

Part 4 on April 11th - Jade Egg Initiation (for female bodies)

Part 4 on April 15th - Cultivating Sexual Energy for Men (for male bodies)

The Inner Smile is a simple yet powerful meditation for cultivating radiant health and vitality. Learn to:

cultivate and direct chi, or life force energy

develop a sense of internal awareness in the body

revitalize the internal organs, glands, nervous system and the bones

experience positive feelings of well-being at the cellular level

The 6 Healing Sounds meditation is an alchemical practice that uses sound vibration to clear negative emotions and stress related to each organ system. This process helps to:

release excess heat from the organs

access the elements of nature to understand our human nature

transmute stress into vitality

gain emotional balance in daily life

The Microcosmic Orbit is the primary energy channel in the body. This practice will:

bring balance to the entire body

harmonize yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energy

develop sensitivity to circulate, refine and distribute chi

increase capacity to conduct and contain chi

Each of these three meditations is a transformative, Inner Alchemy practice. Together, they comprise a comprehensive self-care system for overall health, balance and well-being. With these practices, we develop internal awareness, an essential tool for Tao Tantra. These three pillars are the foundation to skillfully cultivate, circulate and sublimate sexual energy.

All 4 sessions include Chi-Kung movement, theory and practice of each pillar of Taoist Inner Alchemy, Q & A, and more. Delight in weekly suprises from the Heart-On Tantric Treasure Chest - a toolbox of yummy practices, Tantric philosophy, treats, techniques, musings and amusings.

Part 4 of this series is seperate workshop for male and female bodies. For female bodied-people, it is a Jade Egg Initiation. For male-bodied people, it is a Cultivating Sexual Energy workshop. These gender classifications are based on physical anatomy, rather than gender identity. Non-binary options are available as well as private Jade Egg Initiations for men. Please inquire for more details.

Jade Eggs have been used for thousands of years to channel sexual energy for health, vitality, and blissful, conscious love-making. Women experience these benefits and more:

healing from sexual trauma and negative sexual experiences

increase in libido and overall vitality

refined articulation of the yoni

expanded sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential

Cultivating Sexual Energy for Men is an introduction to the path of MultiOrgasm. It is where art, science and love-making merge. This special workshop covers practices for separating orgasm and ejaculation - the path to expanded, full body orgasms. Learn techniques practiced for over 6000 years, created by Taoist Masters and monks, who have passed them down for generations. These techniques were historically guarded as secrets to increase longevity, now recognized as scientifically proven Chinese Medicine methodologies.

enhance intimacy and expand pleasure

find deeper soul connection with self and partners

experience transformative healing

develop MultiOrgasmic potential

Energy Exchange:

The complete 4-Part Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy Series is $195. Early Bird rates are $165 with registration before Jan 30th.

Individual drop-ins are welcome for Parts 1-3, for $45 in advance, or $50 at the door.

The cost for Part 4 Jade Egg Initiation* / Cultivating Sexual Energy for Men is $75. *In order to participate, it is strongly recommended to attend at least 2 previous workshops of the series. Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Eggs will be available for purchase.

Partial or full work-trade options are available, please inquire for details.

This series is presented by Heart-On founder, Rachel Santos, certified Healing Tao Instructor, as taught by Master Mantak Chia, with specialization in Tao Tantra. Find out more about Rachel here:


Watch a quick 2 min video from the last Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy series here.

10% of proceeds from this series will be donated to Sanar Wellness Institue, providing transformative, trauma-specific holistic healing services to survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking and severe forms of gender-based violence.

What people are saying about these workshops:

"Rachel is an inspring, lively, fun and compassionate facilitator. I always feel held and expertly guided at her events. Rachel encourages everyone to do and share what feels comfortable for them, and I leave feeling connected to my body, my divinty, and to the women who shared the experience." - Valerie G.

"I can't wait to come back to the next event like this because I want to keep practicing. Thank you for the event. And for opening an avenue in my life toward healing and happiness." - Adam I.

"Hey Rachel, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything you're sharing with us in your workshop. You fuckin rock." -Matt R

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X Marks the Loft

405 Johnson Av

Brooklyn, NY

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