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Tantric Sex and Relationship Workshop - a 4 week journey for couples and s...

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Scarboro Community Hall

1727 14 Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta


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Tantric Relationships - a 4 week journey for couples and singles

Create the relationships of your dreams!

New and Improved! I’m taking my tantric sex and relationship class to a whole new level!

More passion, more connections, deeper understanding and fulfilment!

For couples - this is the best thing you can do for the two of you - to deepen your relationships, reconnect with your partner, rekindle the spark between you two, figure out why things don’t work out as well as you were hoping they would and so much more

For singles - these are the tools that set the foundation for your future relationships. Learn to ask for what you want, what you desire, and what you need. Embrace your true self!

I wish I had these tools years ago - and now I want to share them with you.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover your Erotic Blueprint

  • Find your voice

  • Learn more about your sexuality

  • If you are in a relationship - you will reconnect with your partner on such a deep level and will take your sex life to a whole new level

  • For single people, you’ll have the tools and skills and clarity of what it takes to create a relationship of your dreams!

  • Identify your sexual blocks - and learn how to heal them

  • Create breakthroughs in areas where you are stuck (whether in the bedroom or in your communication)

  • Set personal boundaries

  • Learn how to ask for what you want

What’s included

  • 4 classes with Rovena

  • Weekly homework

  • Games and practices to take home with you (in the bedroom and beyond)

  • Techniques to improve your sex life

  • Flirtations techniques

  • Tools for bullet proof communication

  • Q&A time

  • Individual attention

For couples:

This is a 4 week journey that will help to deepen your relationships, reconnect with your partner, rekindle the spark between you two and so much more.... more as in sex! Tantric sex! Energetics of sex. Profound intimacy. Everything you wanted - and maybe weren't sure how to create. It's about falling in love again, and again and again with your partner, your relationship (and with yourself too!)

This event is open to all couples, if you've been together for 2 month or 20 years - you will learn something new about each other and your relationship, you will enjoy a deeper sense of intimacy and you will learn so much that you can bring home with you to make your partnership so much more fulfilling and fun.

For Singles:

In this journey you’ll get the tools to ensure your next relationship is a relationship of your dreams. How to attract the right partner. How to heal past resentments and hurts. How to clearly communicate your wants, needs and desires. We will define what a tantric relationship is. What is possible. You will define what’s important for YOU in your relationship - and learn how to create it.

Dates: 4 Thursdays, November 2, 9, 19, 23 2017

Time: 7 - 9:30 ( 10 p.m. the latest)

Conscious Investment: $200 per person; $350 per couple

to register:

Location: Scarboro Community Center, 1727 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

****COME TO THE FIRST CLASS ONLY (TO EXPLORE). $40 per person.**** You will be able to sign up for the series if there is still space.


PACKAGE DEAL: $650 – 4 week event AND 3 sessions with Rovena

TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP PACKAGE: $1250 - 4 week event AND 3 months with Rovena (9 sessions)

This event is for couples and singles of all genders and sexual expressions. We will talk about men and women, masculine and feminine - from a tantric perspective.

Class # 1 - November 2 (7pm - 9:30pm)

It's all about connection, communication and real fulfillment in your relationship. This class alone is guaranteed to deepen your connection with yourself (and with your partner).

We’ll also dive into your Erotic Blueprints or erotic languages (it’s like love languages, but in the bedroom) We speak different languages and how we express ourselves is lost in translation. This often is the biggest barrier to an ultimate fulfillment - that you are not even aware is there.

Class #2 - November 9 (7pm - 9:30pm)

It's all about Her. What do women want and how to give it to them? We’ll focus on her needs and desires, and also her hurts and frustrations. We’ll learn how to heal it. How to listen and to hear her, how to give her space that she needs. This class will leave her feeling adored, loved, connected and cherished.

And when the woman feels like this, when her cup is filled, she wants to give back… and this brings us to the third class.

Class #3 - November 16 (7pm - 9:30pm)

All about Him. Everything you wanted to learn but were afraid to ask. What do men want and why it is so difficult for him to communicate. We’ll learn how to give him space to feel appreciated and loved.

We will discuss topics like: Ejaculation control. How to last longer. Multiple orgasms for men, are they possible? Anal sex. How to share fantasies and desires.

In classes 2 and 3 we’ll explore your erotic languages or erotic blueprints even further. We’ll play with different ways of touch - and discover why we often are not receiving the exact touch we want and that turns us on - and sometimes don’t even know what our partner really really wants. We’ll talk about how to find your voice and how to speak in a way that turns your partner on. How to flirt.

This journey needs to start with honesty and trust - that can then turn to a sexual exploration. I’ll help you to create that space. And learn how to take it from the conversation to the bedroom.

Class #4 - November 23 (7pm - 9:30pm)

Let's take it all deeper. What is tantric sex? What is energetic sex. What is tantric relationship? What is holding you back? What is possible? How do we take what we learned and bring it into our lives? How do we create relationship of your dreams? Next steps.

No nudity, no sexual touch during the class… but there is homework!

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there will be homework practices that will help you make what you learned in class a part of your daily life. We'll talk about sex openly and honestly, we'll work through blockages and walls that are in the way of you enjoying sex fully. I'll support you in letting go of shame, guilt and fear about sex and relationships.

Learn how to please your partner, learn how to ask for what you want, and learn how to receive and to give fully.

Take this time for you and your partner. It's worth it. When you commit to each other and your relationship, miracles happen.

Who is this workshop for:

anyone who wants to learn about tantra, learn some amazing new things about relationships, learn better ways to connect and communicate and improve their sex life (even when it's great, it can always be better!!!)

Who is this not for:

it's not for couples on the verge of a divorce (you need deeper healing work first) and it's not for people who don't want to take personal responsibility for their relationship (if you'd rather be right than kind, this is not the right class for you)

Any questions - let me know. I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait

What other participants had to say:

"I can't express my full gratitude for the tantric workshop this weekend. It has transformed my life and It healed my fear of intimacy and allowed me to dive in fully to the love my partner & I have together."

"I feel like I'm falling in love all over again. Thank you."

"Thank-you Rovena, Your workshop was absolutely wonderful! We are so thankful. Have much to think about, to talk about. Very healing and nurturing for us on many levels. Amazing! "

“We’ve had conversations I’ve never had in previous relationships and because of that we’ve been able to explore areas of sexuality that I’ve previously kept to myself. It gives each of us the freedom and trust to talk about the most vulnerable of topics at times. We don’t fear those conversations any more - they get easier and easier”

"The workshop was great, thank-you! Already I feel we've both grown individually and as a couple thanks to the experience."

"Our communication has grown. We have grown. Our energy is growing daily. The things we have learnt from Rovena have been vast and many. We are stronger and we are much much lighter. "

Rovena is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher and the founder of the Calgary Tantric Community. She leads Women's Circles and teaches workshops on Thriving Relationships, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Rovena has studied with Master Tantra teachers around the world. She is proud to support people in creating the life and relationships they love. She helps couples and singles create and keep the magic in their relationships. She teaches Tantra as a path of Love and Joy and Freedom; living with an Open Heart, Awareness and Presence. She is the mother of 2 and is committed to bringing more love and joy to everyone around her.

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Date and Time


Scarboro Community Hall

1727 14 Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta


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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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