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moulin d'orsennes

36190 Orsennes


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A spiritual deepening of your relationship and a playful journey into the infinite possibilities of love.

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The course ‘Tantra meets Kama Sutra’ is a spiritual deepening of your relationship and a playful journey into the infinite possibilities of love. Together with your partner you will go through a journey where you explore different techniques of intimacy, deepen your love of life and discover parts of yourself and your partner that you haven’t met yet. Through exercises, and positions learnt from the Tantra meets Kama Sutra you will discover new ways of sensuality by being conscious, communicating honestly and allowing yourself to let go.

Tantra meets Kama Sutra meets Tantra...

This spicy course offers couples a playful step into the different facets of Kama Sutra: the science of love and sexual unity. The art of making contact, attracting, seducing, touching, hugging, kissing and the ‘positions’. Tantra is a spiritual journey to become one by setting oneself free, and connecting to the other. Understanding Kama Sutra from the Tantric point of view will help us to discover the art of making love in a divine way; two souls connecting, transforming erotic energy into the state of infinite consciousness.

The Kama Sutra is brought together by Sri Sri Vatsyayana around 350 BC. from various existing works. "Eroticism is first and foremost a search for pleasure. The goal of the techniques in love making is to reach a climax ... a look into the divine state, infinite delight." Tantra gives us the spiritual tools to take us from the view of the divine state and into the timeless experience of unity, ecstasy and total bliss.

Course content

Tantra - Yoga teacher Wim Molinello and his partner Chandra Benjamins will take you on a sensual journey through the Kama Sutra. We designed a cycle of Kama Sutra postures which align with Hatha yoga poses. The poses build up gradually, opening the chakras and activating the breath to enhance the experience of intimacy. We focus on heart connection, transformation and awareness of the now through Tantric exercises, meditations in which we dance, move, breathe, laugh, scream and deeply relax together.

At the end of the week, you and your partner have a cycle of love positions in which you can move smoothly, in harmony from one posture to the other, creating a deeper and deeper experience of connection and a love to simply BE.

The weeks program will slowly be built up with a variety of exercises from the Kama Sutra and Tantra yoga theme of the day.

Some course components are: circular breathing with your partner, energetic chakra meditations, contact dance, sensory stimulating massages, breathing from the genitals into the heart, Kama Sutra duo yoga workout with love positions.

Daily schedule

Teachings take up 5 to 6 hours a day.

10.00 - Morning program followed by lunch and a break

15.00 - Afternoon program followed by a warm evening meal

21.00 evening program such as play party, love temple, mantra chanting, ecstatic dance...

The week starts with an opening ritual on the first evening. Halfway through the week there is a free afternoon to fill in by yourself; go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, lose yourself in a book from our library, swim in our lake, sweat it out in the sauna, or simply lounge in a hammock and daydream about life. The week will be closed as a group on the final evening. After breakfast the following morning it is time to say goodbye.

Importantly, there is time and space to process whatever you have experienced throughout the day. Questions are never too much, and can be asked to Chandra or Wim.

Who is this training for?

The course is suitable for couples of any specification. Experience with Tantra is not required, but it is preferable to have an open attitude towards nudity, playfulness, sexuality and spirituality. A trust in yourself and your partner, and being able to expand your boundaries is important to achieve depth. There are group and partner exercises. There is the possibility to exchange partner during the exercises, it is not necessary, but it gives a great opportunity for another experience.

Important to know

- There is no specific clothing code. For some exercises are practical to be naked. If being naked is a 'no go' for you, it might be better to overcome this fear first.

- There is no sexual intercourse during the course. There is intimate contact with some exercises.

- Sadhaka offers a safe and accessible environment for you to develop spiritually and to grow consciously.


The Tantra meets week Kama Sutra in France is taught by Tantra and Yoga teacher Wim Molinello together with his life partner Chandra Nanda Dasi.


Book your stay at the Sadhaka center in France: info@sadhaka.nl

6 person room (mixed male-female): € 490, -

4 person room (family room): € 520, -

3 person room (family room): € 565.-

2 person room (couples): € 625, -

1 person room: € 725, -

Bring your own tent: € 520, -

Bring your own caravan/camper: € 545, -

1 or 2 person ready-made tent: € 565, -

1 or 2 person ready-made caravan: € 615, - 

Prices are p.p. all in, including course, 7 nights, meals, fruit, coffee and tea, and evening activities. Alcoholic drinks for a small fee.

To subscribe:

Click here to subscribe: https://www.sadhaka.nl/index.php/en/subscribe

Or sent a mail to info@sadhaka.nl

One week too short? Extend your stay with a full board stay, or a week course.

Sadhaka holidays

The venue for his event lies in the beautiful green heart of France www.sadhaka.nl easily reached by train in 2,5 hours from Paris airport. Sadhaka is a small-scale course center for creative and spiritual holidays in France. The initiator is the couple Chandra Benjamins (art teacher) and Wim Molinello (yoga teacher).

At their 5 hectare domain Le Moulin in the midds of nature they created a wonderful healing place where you feel easily welcome, safe and at home. Rest is absolutely assured here. The spacious house and cozy terraces offer relax area’s, private/shared rooms and bathrooms. Beyond the terrace and hammock corner the site opens out to a vast green area comprising of open meadow, orchard and camp field. Solar panels provide hot water and electricity at Le Moulin and the veggie, fruit and berry garden most of the conscious vegetarian food that is served. The water from the tap comes from a natural source, we bake our own bread, make flour and muesli from organic grain, provide fresh kefir drinks, home made peanutbutter, nutmilk, and have eggs from our own chickens,

The hammocks and art sculptures are at the site to enjoy. And YES we have a sauna! For a swim you just jump in the lake with clean swimming water or take a dip in the small river that surrounds the whole area.

SADHAKA program 2019

July 2019

Combi week Yoga and art 13.07 - 20.07

Zelfexpression in Dance, Yin Yoga & Meditation 13.07 - 20.07

Photography course 13.07 - 20.07

Art week 20.07 - 27.07

Tantra Yoga course 20.07 - 27.07

Ten Chi Nin Yoga 20.07 - 27.07

Anti Burn out holiday 20.07 - 27.07

Yoga Festival 27.07 - 03.08

Combi week Yoga and art 27.07 - 03.08

August 2019

Tibetan Tantra massage course 03.08 - 10.08

Tantra Yoga course 03.08 - 10.08

Art week: nature & model study 03.08 - 10.08

Shiatsu massage & Pranic Healing certified training 03.08 - 10.08

Tantra festival - dive deep 11.08 - 18.08

Tantra meets Kama Sutra 18.08 - 25.08

Tantra & Shibari experience 18.08 - 25.08

For more info, check online: www.sadhaka.nl

Subscribe now: info@sadhaka.nl

Sadhaka enjoy - share - celebrate life

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moulin d'orsennes

36190 Orsennes


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