Tango Perspectives: Attachment styles and what tango can teach about it

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Tango Perspectives: Attachment styles and what tango can teach about it

Join like-minded community to learn from each other

By Ieva Kelpsaite

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 · 11am - 12:30pm PST



About this event

About this event

Tango Perspectives is a new space we are creating for like-minded people who want to share their professional and personal expertise, and who believe tango is a tool for personal growth and relationship development. It is a space to share knowledge and insights, one topic at a time and a simple plan: we warm up with a couple of questions, then the conversation takes over.

I posted a preliminary idea of this project on Facebook and I was taken by surprise for the amount and the quality of the response I got.

I had over 100 professionals from all over the world expressing interest to participate. They are life coaches, transformational coaches, psychotherapists, researchers, scientists, bodyworkers, ayurvedic practitioners, doctors, art coaches, relationship coaches and counsellors. Also, communication consultants, yoga teachers, anthropologists, embodiment specialists, philosophic counsellors, actors and singers, historians, long time tango couples who used tango as a tool to overcome challenges in life, tango teachers with a specialism in psychotherapy or life coaching.

I've listened to stories of some of you who impacted people's wellbeing in a big way, ending their illnesses and long term conditions through tango. I lack words to describe the people I met recently as a result of just one Facebook post.

This is the idea I have about Tango Perspectives:

Each month we will introduce a topic to explore. For this first time, we will approach the subject of attachment styles. What are they? What are healthy and unhealthy ways of interacting and behaving in relationships? How tango can help us understand this topic?

We want to make sure that everybody has got a chance to share. If there is a large group we might split it into smaller groups to facilitate the conversation around a specific question or subtopic and then share the main insights with the whole group.

What are the benefits to be part of this community?

Below are a few of my ideas but we can shape it together and add more:

  • Sharing your knowledge. We believe that expressing your ideas in conversation with others helps you gain new insight and re-shape your own views.
  • An opportunity to learn from others which will help you innovate your own practice by implementing new ideas with your clients/students.
  • You will be connecting with like-minded people within the tango community all over the world.
  • You will be making professional connections as well as new friends whom you can call any time if you need some advice.
  • If you want to take one step further, this will be a wonderful opportunity to help us shape this community and develop it so it responds to everybody's needs. e.g. we could be building on specific skills that you want to learn and start practising it.
  • Meet people who above all has got love for Tango and for what it is.
  • We will be producing high quality videos with core highlights of the discussion, so you can share widely on your own platforms.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at ieva@danceinconversation.co.uk

Me & Sergio can't wait to meet you soon!

About the organizer

Organized by
Ieva Kelpsaite

I am a relationship coach and a tango teacher. My purpose is to help couples live their life with love, joy and deep connection for each other regardless of everyday struggles. I provide them with tools, so they communicate with each other better. I guide them to find their vitality, passion and enjoyment – something we can lose when overwhelmed by life’s challenges. My approach stems from my own journey exploring body and mind connection through Tango. For me, practising tango is a gentle enquiry into your body, mind and soul that enables you to get to know yourself and in relation to the other. Tango has helped me to understand myself better and expanded my capacity to love and appreciate everything and anybody around me. It has been my road to happiness and I am thrilled to share this with you.