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Talents ASCEND Walkthrough

Walkthrough the process of creating a profile, sneak a peek at what employers see, and ask your questions.

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Join the Future of Hiring

We know time is important. The less time it takes someone to find their next career, the better it is for them, their family, and their community. We have translated thousands of miiltary and civilian occupations into the transferable skills employers are looking for. Our AI Powered platform removes the barriers of a resume and applying for jobs online. Our skills matching program makes the human connection using unique data sets and an algorithm. Here’s how our program works:

  1. Candidates Create a FREE skills profile based on your experience and/or occupation, education & training, licenses, and certifications.
  2. Complete your career preferences to indicate your desired work location, availability, and salary requirements.
  3. That’s it. Employers’ job profiles will be matched with you based on your skills and traits. They will contact you for an interview.

How We Got Here

Talents ASCEND started as Veterans ASCEND by a US Navy Veteran with 30 years of HR experience. Using her transition out of the military, and subsequent work in the Human Resources field, she learned a few things: 1) People may have a hard time translating their experience into a resume 2) People spend countless hours on job boards submitting resumes and never receive feedback. 3) Employers across the country can have a hard time connecting with the most skilled talent. 4) There is no "rigth" way to do a reume, and they are subjective. Lastly, 5) Factor in the limited time HR departments have to review resumes, and many people can be quickly overlooked for positions where they can use their skills to help a business succeed. The Talents ASCEND model addresses these hurdles by reversing the hiring process, decreasing time to hire, and allowing the employer to see how the veteran’s skills fit across the organization.

Subscription Pricing

Our service is completely FREE for all Candidates

Employers pay to become Members on Talents ASCEND. The subscription model is based on employee count.


Email us at FindTalent@TalentsASCEND.com for more information.

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