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Stop Hiring Employees Like Your Forefathers

Our mission is to stop business leaders hiring the same way their fathers and grandfather hired over the last 100 years. In fact, we want to help business leaders get into the 21st century to find, hire, and retain Top Talent. Poor hiring and other personnel choices have the largest financial impact on business value and health than any other cause. The consequences of poor choices for business is not good, action is required.

The Talent Challenge

The Talent Challenge is risk free way to see for yourself how business leaders can make better employee talent choices. In fact, we believe once you experience what your forefathers didn't have, "You'll never go back to the way you were hiring - Never." This is how it works:

Step 1: You pick an employee. We want you to pick someone you know already. We don't care if it is a new employee or an employee who has been there 30 years. We just want you to know the person so it at least makes this a little challenging for us,

Step 2: We Assess. We will send you a link for your employee. The employee will log into the link and complete the assessment. We will never meet, talk to, or have the employee complete a separate questionnaire - everything we know will be provided to use by the assessment,

Step 3: You Tell Us What You Know. We will schedule a meeting and you will first tell us what you know about the employee associated with the employee's job. Also, if you have used an assessment tool previously on this employee, please feel free to include that information, too,

Step 4: We Tell You More. We will then tell you what we know about your employee in terms of the employee's job. We will know more. But you can always try to be the first to beat our challenge.

Your Benefits

  • Your forefathers will be happy you took a step towards business value,

  • You will learn a lot about an employee you thought you knew well.

  • Over 100,000 businesses use us - check out a short list.

  • The assessment we use for this challenge uses 5 sciences.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee.

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