TAKE TEN 2022 Playwright Presentations

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TAKE TEN 2022 Playwright Presentations

Theater Masters is proud to present an incredible selection of new plays written by our winning TAKE TEN 2022 Playwrights

By Theater Masters

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Thursday, May 19, 2022 · 1 - 5:30pm PDT



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The TAKE TEN 2022 presentation will occur on May 19th at 4:00pm and 7:00pm ET via Zoom webinar.

The Presentation Zoom link will be sent out closer to the event time.

God and the Painter

by J.C. Pankratz

God demands a portrait. God wants something nice. Jamie wants something real.

Imposter's Eve

by Malique Guinn

A youngin’ with medium self esteem struggles to sleep before his first day of work. Ugh, please pray for this dude, and his brother.


by Zachariah Ezer

Deep in the Caucasus Mountains, there is said to be a path that turns whoever walks it white. Jo is the latest to make the journey, but the trials along the way—not to mention her cryptic guide— may be more than she bargained for.

the death card

by Forest Malley

A Virgo has decided it’s time to end things with her Taurus boyfriend, so she enlists some help from the spirits. Taurus begins to worry she can actually read his mind. The break-up is predestined.


by Emma Zetterberg

When you live at a pain level of 9.5 for too long, there's nothing you won't do to fix it. In this play, a patient exacts revenge on the medical system that wronged her and so many others.


by Alica Daine Benning

ani and beatrice, two young girls having a sleepover (or are they?), navigate the intricacies of female friendship while teaching each other self-love and acceptance in this surrealist dream play about femininity, love, cruelty, and compassion.​

...in daylight

by DJ Hills

In a town where daylight occurs for only seven minutes every year, a couple sees one another for the first time--in more ways than one.

Directed by: NJ Agwuna, victor cervantes jr., Jessica Holt

Casting by: Taylor Williams

Stage Manager: Kat Sloan Garcia

with scenic designs by Edward T Morris

Featuring an ensemble of 10 actors, TBA

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Theater Masters


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